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  1. OobyDoo

    Unused DOOM tracks

    I've actually been thinking about asking Prince about this lately. This is absolutely amazing! Oh, and I like un36. :P
  2. OobyDoo

    32 in 24

    New map! http://www.box.net/shared/k9aqh8xda8 Name: Gun Punishment (thanks name generator :) Music: No Build time: About one hour Description: An SSG only map with a wood/brick theme. May be hard to navigate because of repetitive texturing. Uh... lots of copy and paste.
  3. OobyDoo

    32 in 24

    http://www.box.net/shared/ay7c57sy6i Name: Brown building Music: No Build time: About one hour (with some delays) Description: My first speed map. 8) Has lots of brown. Maybe a tad too small for 8 players. No chainsaw or playtesting. :(
  4. OobyDoo

    2002 Odyssey Music

    You can download the midis off the creators web page: http://www.geocities.com/paul33_au/mus.html :)
  5. OobyDoo

    A couple of questions

    2) I'd put both wads in a zip file and then drag it onto the exe. Or you could merge them together with XWE or something.
  6. OobyDoo

    What lump do i have to replace to rename my level?

    Found it! http://www.plas.nl.tp/downloads.html
  7. OobyDoo

    What lump do i have to replace to rename my level?

    I have this program "DoomWord" on my computer. Don't know where it come from or where you can download it though... you can make both small messages (like pickup messages) and big ones (map names) in different colors. Cool. Makes all this stuff alot easier. You don't need to use paint at all. Try Google it!
  8. OobyDoo

    Strife wads

    Anyone knows where I can find some good Strife addons? Is there even any pwads for that game out there?
  9. OobyDoo

    Did anyone ever notice this?

    I've always wondered why there is a second marine in that pic. :( Isn't Doomguy supposed to be alone?
  10. OobyDoo

    I have to know this "monsters" name on english

    The Groak. <3 Always loved that one. EDIT: I mean the Groke. :P
  11. It's from Final Doom (TNT). I don't know if it's got any name.
  12. OobyDoo


    I'm surprised how well the DM maps play. :o
  13. OobyDoo

    CTF in DoomBuilder

    I've got a ZDaemon CTF configuration... don't know where I got it from though. :o About the sound, if you add zvox2.wad (or some other vox wad) to your server/game you'll hear those "Blue flag taken"-and-stuff sounds. If that's what you meant.
  14. OobyDoo

    CTF in DoomBuilder

    In the file configuration, choose doom2.wad for the Skulltag configuration instead of skulltag.wad, since that's not an IWAD. That should work. :)
  15. OobyDoo

    Want to submit something?

    plz can i have map19 I may be new to this community, but I'm a big fan of Freedoom. And I've got a half-finished map that are supposed to look like map19.