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  1. farhaven

    A WIP wad for Legacy

    it is a native version, the makefile included in one of the latest svn checkouts worked for me without need for patching.
  2. farhaven

    A WIP wad for Legacy

    I can confirm that on my Intel Pentium 4 (3Ghz) with an ATI Radeon X700 and 512MB of RAM at a resolution of 640x480 GZDoom runnning on a Gentoo Linux kernel version 2.6.23 seriously drops in performance when entering the room with that towers. Before, everything is fine, as is afterwards, but in that room my FPS bareley reaches 10 FPS. Is this different in Legacy?
  3. farhaven

    How to control an event such as this

    are you using (G)zdoom or skulltag or any other port that supports doom-in-hexen format maps? if so,assign a special to a monster. when that monster gets killed, the special is executed. if your port doesn't support maps in hexen format,you could mess around with map07's special boss action, but that only raises all floors with tag 666 (as far as i remember). was that quick enough?
  4. farhaven

    OpenGL ... (ZDoom)

    the first one cleanly uninstalls your old drivers and the second one delivers new official drivers from nvidia
  5. farhaven

    Shelter.wad-My first wad

    looks definitely interesting. Will this map be limited to GL-ports?
  6. farhaven

    Skulltag 97D Preview

    skulltag is quasi-open,as new zdoom features and bugfixes get transferred to st and back every once in a while as graf zahl has access to st's sourcecode. it's basically Gzdoom with an enhanced network support.
  7. farhaven

    I Give Up On Trying To Map: 2 - WIP

    nice one :) can you upload it somewhere? I'd really like to play it
  8. farhaven

    Doom via Quake2 engine?

    do you mean this program?
  9. farhaven

    Doom via Quake2 engine?

    woah, that screenshots look f***ing awesome. I whish I could map that good for quake :D
  10. farhaven

    Editor help

    then my suggestion would be to build the nodes for your map and try it again in whatever sourceport you use. if the problem persists, an upload would be the easiest solution to get your problem fixed.
  11. farhaven

    Editor help

    to help you,i have some questions: 1) What editor did you use? 2) What does your map look like inside the editor's map layout window? 3) What steps did you take to create such a room? 4) Did you build the map's nodes? (e.g. with ybsp,zennode,zdbsp,etc...) 5) Could you upload your map somewhere and post a link?
  12. farhaven

    ZDOOM cameras and deep water

    to be more precise, the syntax for camera textures is as follows: CAMERATEXTURE <NAME> <X-RES> <Y-RES> [<X-Scale> <Y-Scale>] where <NAME> is the name which you have to use in your map, <X-RES> the horizontal resolution and <Y-RES> the vertical resolution of the texture. If you define <X-Scale> and <Y-Scale>, the texture gets scaled to fit that size,for example to get a resolution of 320 x 240 on a surface of 64 x 48, you'd use CAMERATEXTURE CAMERA1 320 240 64 48
  13. farhaven

    Scripting question

    the n:x notation only works for playernames,so you would need to enter the name static.
  14. farhaven

    some random maps im working on

    dude,these maps look fucking awesome. please tell us when you upload them,I can't await to play :)
  15. farhaven

    What Program is easy to use to edit Doom?

    gaming on linux is absolutely no problem (there are native binaries for all versions of doom and quake,for example), but to be honest, Lindows is an insult for everything called Linux. It doesn't try to show Linux's strengths but it covers them for making Linux more like Windows (read: I have tried it once, but that "experience" only lasted 2 hours,then I got sick of it)