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  1. I hunted it down with Wayback Machine, that first error is what that's from. Also while I've got you on the phone "memory=entryrrrr/////" is life EDIT: A YAML checker says that that whole section around line 659 is fine, so don't know what's up.
  2. So I just noticed there's a "d64_editors.zip" file included in the TC bundle with a .cfg file inside it that's apparently meant for Doom Builder. I went ahead and installed the original and put the .cfg file in place, however I get this error: There are no spaces there lol EDIT: Just tried the same thing with Doom Builder 2: I'm attaching the D64_builder.cfg file to the thread. D64_Builder.zip
  3. Hey guys, so just out of boredness I was playing through Doom 64 TC and the associated expansions The Reckoning and Redemption Denied in the original modified Doomsday engine (which is just awful let me tell you), and I noticed on a few maps I was unable to get 100% secret completion no matter how hard I scoured the map. It seems like more of a glitch than me not actually finding all the secrets. So I thought, eh I've never gotten into Doom map editing, maybe this would be an opportunity to load the maps up in Ultimate Doom Builder and check out some things. Specifically, I was following this video's example on how to locate and decrypt secrets. However, in UDB when I load up the TC, all sector effects are listed as "unknown" and there aren't any secrets listed when I search for type "9": Any idea what gives? EDIT: I should say that I load the wads in with game configuration "Doom: Doom 2 Format" since the game is based on the original Doom2.wad, maybe that's wrong?
  4. John Stalvern wai- okay just making sure
  5. Waddayaknow, that did it. Adding "wait 1" between each command used all the items in quick sequence. Thanks!
  6. So I'm playing Hedon: Bloodrite which uses a fork of GZDoom and I'd like to be able to use multiple items at once without having to press five keys at the same time. I could bind these specific items to something easy like Y-U-I-O-P but I want to see if I can do this instead. I found this Reddit thread also asking the same question, however when I enter a bind manually into the console (and confirm it made it into the config file) as: bind O "use InventoryPotionofStoneskin; use InventoryPotionofHaste; use InventoryAmuletofShadows; use InventoryElementalRing; use InventoryChokeroftheBeast; use InventoryPotionofMight" The only item that gets activated when I use the "O" key is the last item, Potion of Might. Am I doing this wrong or is what I'm trying to do not feasible?
  7. Cursed Lemon

    I just realized that I literally never use SSG anymore

    This but unironically when playing Brutal Doom 64 They somehow took it from the best weapon in the game to the worst lmao
  8. Cursed Lemon

    Doom 1 E1 unrealistic space

    Everything has to be bright and cheery at first so it can be dark and ominous later :B
  9. Cursed Lemon

    Is DOOM 64 the best looking N64 game?

    I mean Turok 2 looks pretty great
  10. Cursed Lemon


    Guys Guys, omfg I was just at a gas station after spending all night at the bar It's like 2:00am and the attendant had a book out on the counter he was reading I jokingly said "hey that looks like House of Leaves" because the text was all sideways and shit He was like, "yup" Then he was like, "so I'm assuming you've played that Doom mod" alskdjfa;'lskdjf;alksdjf;laksjdf;laksdjf;laksdjfjfkdelsjf;'lsdkfjas;ldkfj
  11. Just curious if this is a thing, I've been playing Hedon a lot and it's great, however the AI allies tend to get stuck in places or otherwise just don't follow as intelligently as one would like. Is there a command that can summon your active allies on the map to your general proximity? One that I could possibly bind to an arbitrary key?
  12. Cursed Lemon


    Does anyone know if the following event can be re-triggered: Or if you don't get it on your first try, are you boned for the rest of the playthrough? EDIT: Well I guess it says "continuous"
  13. Cursed Lemon


    Not sure why it wouldn't work then, you should just be able to specify "-file myhouse.pk3" in the arguments field.
  14. Cursed Lemon


    Put "myhouse.pk3" in the same directory as gzdoom.exe, then drag the .pk3 file onto the .exe
  15. Cursed Lemon


    But are you able to