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  1. Cursed Lemon

    Doom 64 is flawed

    I mean maybe I'm alone in this but I would trade being able to aim by myself for looking down at an item and discovering that the 2D sprites are, incredulously, two-dimensional.
  2. Cursed Lemon

    Doom 64 is flawed

    Nothing except, you know, having mouse look.
  3. Cursed Lemon

    Doom 64 is flawed

    Beats me, I played it for about five minutes then went back to Doom 64 EX to cleanse my pallet lol No mouselook having ass shit iTs AbOuT aCcUrAcY Well I guess we should pillarbox the motherfucker and force people to play in 240p30
  4. Cursed Lemon

    How big is your "Doom" folder?

    18GB of Doomy goodness
  5. Cursed Lemon

    What do you miss about Doom?

    I miss when people actually played ZDaemon :B
  6. Cursed Lemon

    Doom 64 is flawed

    Doom 64 is one of my favorite games of all time and I can't relate to pretty much any of these complaints Except The motherfucking chainsaw collision problems I play either Doom 64 Retribution or Brutal Doom 64 nowadays depending on my mood and thank actual god they fixed that problem.
  7. Cursed Lemon

    Do you consider mouselook as a cheat?

    I mean, isn't autoaim kind of a cheat more than mouselook? lol
  8. Cursed Lemon

    Patching IWADs these days

    Gives me a "file not found" error. Not sure what file it's looking for. EDIT: The patcher @Andromeda linked seems to work just fine so this is no longer an issue, but it's just curious that the utility that Chocolate Doom directly points me to doesn't seem to work as intended.
  9. Cursed Lemon

    Fireblu2 is the better fireblu texture.

    ♫ Fire...blu...3, tho ♫ To the tune of "Despacito"
  10. Cursed Lemon

    Patching IWADs these days

    Someone has graciously provided me a fresh copy of 1.9 DOOM.WAD, but just out of curiosity, how did you accomplish this? I just gave it a run but I couldn't quite complete the process. I installed DOSBox to my desktop to avoid user permission problems, then put 12_19drp.exe and doom.wad in the DOSBox directory. I then ran the following commands: mount D C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\DOSBOX~1.74- D: 12_19DRP.EXE This gave me the following files: PSHELL.TXT PATCH.RTP PATCH.EXE PSHELL.EXE PSHELL.CFG I then ran: PATCH.EXE doom.wad Which gave me the following error: Could not find the Patch File 'DOOM.RTP' I then attempted to rename PATCH.RTP to DOOM.RTP, which then told me: error ept0015: Old File does not exist Little stumped!
  11. Cursed Lemon

    Patching IWADs these days

    I just thought I'd give Chocolate Doom a shot, seemed fun. However, it won't run my version of doom.wad which apparently is 1.2. I set about looking for a WAD patcher but Ladopato gives me a "file not found" error when I try to select the WAD file (runtime error 53, possibly Visual Basic related?), an IWAD converter located here doesn't convert pre-1.9 WADs, and the utility that Chocolate Doom points me to (located here) seems to be a 16-bit application I think? Either way it won't run on Windows 10. Help?
  12. Cursed Lemon

    Doom 64 - how to play it?

    Then why did Nightdive add free mouselook to both Turok ports (to quite fine effect, I might add) instead of giving us a clunky look-up/look-down button scheme? Because that would be dumb. It would've been dumb in 1998. Mouselook is as integral a quality-of-life improvement as increased resolution/framerate, unless we should be playing this at 320x240 and 30FPS. And yes, I missed autorun in the bindings somehow.
  13. Cursed Lemon

    How would you rate Doom 64 mapset against vanilla ones?

    Oh shewt, this guy. Heck yeah I'm a Doomer, Doom 64 is top-5 favorite games material for me. Peep me on ZDaemon every now and again too, although if I play another round of Chillax I'm going to lose my shit.
  14. Cursed Lemon

    How would you rate Doom 64 mapset against vanilla ones?

    I think they're fantastic. There's all kinds of nuggets of genius throughout the game that, for its time, were super creative. The pit of spectres in Alpha Quadrant, the former human crossfire room on The Terraformer, the entirety of Dark Citadel which is my favorite Doom map ever, the frenetic action on Watch Your Step, fighting across the eerie infinity of In The Void, so on and so forth. I think the secrets are pretty creative sometimes as well, the way to unlock the invulnerability and megasphere powerups on Watch Your Step is definitely unique.
  15. Cursed Lemon

    Doom 64 - how to play it?

    Now that I can finally log on to Doomworld again Doom 64 EX still works fine for me, I know some other people have had problems with Windows 10, and technically it's the premier way to play Doom 64 on the PC since it actually utilizes the N64 ROM (for example, Hell Knights and Barons of Hell will actually fight each other). Retribution seems to have pretty much nailed it as well (don't know if it uses Doom2.wad or the N64 ROM as a base) as I can't really find any appreciable difference between the two. GZDoom as a base has some nice interpolation options that make the older textures look much better, plus the usual flash and flair, and Vulkan support. Doom 64: Absolution contains extra assets that Nevander hasn't yet ported over to Retribution, but unfortunately it's not very playable as it uses an ancient version of the Doomsday engine. For example, if you try to set your resolution as 1920x1080, you are forced into a garbage FOV that you can't change. The aspect ratio is also kind of borked for some reason, and there are also some problems with hit detection. Not recommended. Brutal Doom 64 looks/sounds amazing (the ghosting sprites for the Nightmare Imp and Spectre in particular), but obviously is a refreshed experience rather than the original. You can choose between "classic" and "tactical" mode, which basically means normal Doom gameplay vs. the Brutal Doom changes like reloading, melees, and an assault rifle instead of a pistol, that sort of thing. If you want something fancy, this is it. Honestly though, I would go buy the official port as a token of respect to Kaiser who is responsible for both Absolution and Doom 64 EX. I haven't bought it myself yet so I don't know how it plays or what its feature set is, but if Kaiser worked on it, by default it's going to be good. EDIT: So I looked up some things about the official port. Having direct support for framerates higher than 60 is nice as is having a dedicated in-game FOV option. But I question some odd design choices like changing the sprite for medipacks, and also...no mouselook. lol That's kind of silly. There's also next to zero customization of the game experience, such as alternate difficulty options (like fast monsters), adding a crosshair or upscaling the sprites (including weapon sprites); anti-aliasing the environment is nice but I'm not really concerned with the smoothness of the lines on the floor. Also, no "always run" option, which is excruciating. This is a short step up from just playing the damn game on the N64.