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  1. Getting shot by former humans before the fucking door even opens halfway
  2. Cursed Lemon

    Playing Doom 64: Absolution (Outcast levels) in 2019

    Now that we've cleared all that up...any suggestions on Absolution? :B
  3. Cursed Lemon

    Playing Doom 64: Absolution (Outcast levels) in 2019

    Just to be clear, you're claiming that Kaiser has gone three years without being aware of Doom 64: Retribution?
  4. Cursed Lemon

    Playing Doom 64: Absolution (Outcast levels) in 2019

    Somehow, I feel like Kaiser might already be aware.
  5. Cursed Lemon

    if doom 64 had multi player?

    Gotta echo this. Duke Nukem 64 was an absolute blast to play and so was Goldeneye despite its gimpy controls. Doom 64 could've absolutely benefited from both having a multiplayer and marketing it properly.
  6. Cursed Lemon

    Playing Doom 64: Absolution (Outcast levels) in 2019

    Haha, it's me! I love me some oldschool Doom, you can catch me on ZDaemon sometimes and also literally any iteration of Doom 64, one of my all-time favorites. Happy you like my stuff, bud! I'm trying to put up new stuff, I have a covers of Majora's Mask moon theme, Goldeneye Cradle theme, and Mass Effect wards theme in the works, plus a couple of other things. I saw the original release thread for Retribution and saw that you were the one who put it together, fucking superb effort and I downloaded it as soon as I saw it! I was wondering whether it was kind of a nod to Kaiser in the sense that maybe he didn't want all his content moved over or something of that nature. If you port over the new stuff, I'll be on that quick. Yeah I figured that Absolution was running on old technology and it wasn't going to be very feasible to get it up to speed. I've run through just about everything I can find on the Doomsday engine but it doesn't seem like it lets you do too much in the way of tinkering.
  7. Cursed Lemon

    "Artificial Difficulty" in video games / Doom?

    I think a lot of people are missing the meat of the gripe here. Artificial difficulty implies that the difficulty arises from a change in the gameplay that is boring or unrewarding. As has been mentioned, simply multiplying enemy stats is a good example of this because it's an increase of difficulty that is completely uninteresting; it doesn't inherently change the gameplay in a meaningful way, it literally just makes the game take longer. An argument can be had as to what kind of elements fall under that term, but the sentiment in and of itself is entirely valid. If a game increased the intelligence of its AI but took care to do so in a way that felt organic and continued to allow the player to dictate the pace/direction of the action based on their choices and ability to read patterns or think critically, that would be a worthwhile level of difficulty. If in an FPS, the game simply commanded its AI enemies to rush a player every single time they reloaded or looked in a different direction, that would be needlessly frustrating and not worth the time to figure out the asinine, glitchy trick to winning.
  8. Hey guys, so I wanted to go back and revisit Doom 64: Absolution because I hadn't played the Outcast levels in a while, and I really enjoyed the new content. It seems that the new enemies/items weren't incorporated into Doom 64: Retribution, so the only way to relive those is to go straight back to 2005 about it and get the original Absolution that runs off the Doomsday engine. However, I'm running into problems using Absolution that are really cutting into the experience. 1. I can set the resolution 1920x1080 in the control panel, but it always defaults back to 640x480 the next time I play it. 2. The FOV is stuck at some number quite suboptimal (I'd prefer it to be 90), and the program ignores the FOV I set in the config file as well as refusing to let me set it in the console. 3. The aspect ratio is squished for some reason, as you'll notice in the GIF below (look at the shape of the door). Any tips on getting Absolution to run properly in 2019, or if the new content was ever added to Retribution? I'd love to see those spitting pinkies again.
  9. Cursed Lemon

    The worst DOOM levels ever?

    Any level that doesn't have "Mouth For War" playing over it. BWAWK BWAWK BWAWK
  10. Cursed Lemon

    DOOM64 EX problem crashing

    In the meantime, Doom 64: Retribution is always an option!
  11. Interesting! I'm not hip to compiling code from source (or anything past MAKE - MAKE INSTALL anyway), so I guess I'll have to spend a little time and figure out how to make this work. Thanks! EDIT: Funny that the referenced thread asked literally the exact same question as mine.
  12. Hey guys, feel free to move this to the appropriate section if necessary. I used to love playing Blake Stone, but today it's kind of a chore given that the controls are especially primitive and don't work well with special bindings in DOSbox. I figure the best possible way I could expect to play the game is if someone made a conversion for a Doom port. Does anyone ever know if this was attempted?
  13. I play through coopbuild and IAUC all the time. :)
  14. Cursed Lemon

    Fruity Loops Express Edition

    You don't need a keyboard at all, I've done everything in Fruity Loops by hand in the piano roll. That sounds incredibly tedious, but you can get really, really fast at it considering that FL's piano roll is better than any program out there. If you are interested in getting a MIDI controller for the artistic aspect of it all, something like this http://keyboards-midi.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-KeyRig-49-USB-Keyboard?sku=700932 is all you'd really need. :)