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  1. Glassyman

    The /newstuff Chronicles #303

    Good reviews this time even if some of them are a bit too short. But a screenshot of the pimp mod in my map lacks.
  2. Glassyman

    Flash movie: Randomania (NON-DOOM RELATED)

    ROFL! Please make more!
  3. Glassyman

    Doom 19th Best Tech Product of All Time

    Right! The list is false!
  4. Glassyman

    Doom 19th Best Tech Product of All Time

    What? Only position #19? Doom is the best tech product ever!
  5. Glassyman

    not much polys

    Great work!
  6. Glassyman

    New Skulltag Coder

    Two coders are better than one.
  7. Glassyman

    End Game

  8. Glassyman

    How can i put my own music in a wad with slumped?

    Instructions:Open your wad Create a new lump with the name of the music that you want to change Click to "Import" button and select your music file
  9. Glassyman

    End Game

    Please, ban him.
  10. Glassyman

    End Game

    Me too. Jokes should be abolished.
  11. Glassyman


    It sounds cool and looks interesting.
  12. Glassyman

    End Game

    LOL! Today is April Fools' day. Nice joke! The game will never end!
  13. Glassyman

    Imp WIP

    I agree. The imp should have more detail.
  14. Glassyman

    The /newstuff Chronicles #302

    Sorry, it was reviewed in #301. I modified the wrong number in my first post. They don't work properly for me...