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  1. Skeetz

    Cannot save maps- Error 5

    Vbrun? I installed some other DLL, but not that... EDIT: Great, I just opened my WAD, and it turns out the map was deleted. I had only just started it, but it still upsets me.
  2. Skeetz


    I use GZDoom.
  3. Skeetz

    Cannot save maps- Error 5

    Alright, so I had just begun working on a new map, and decided to save my progress. All of a sudden, I get this error: Error 5 while saving map: Invalid procedure call or agrument This, obviously, keeps me from mapping. Can anyone help me out? I did a search, but nothing came up. Also, it should be noted I a on Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I did everything instructed in the sticky above, and I still get this problem. EDIT: Ok, now, I also get "Run time error 5" whenever I try to go into 3d mode or even test the wad.
  4. Skeetz

    Doom Builder on Windows Vista - How To

    Also, you might want to add that running it as Administrator might fix some problems as well.
  5. When I first tried to install Doom Builder on here, during installation, it said it couldn't install some DLL or something, so I just hit ignore after hitting retry a couple of times, I just hit ignore. So I start Doom Builder, and when I hit New Map, I get the error: "Run time error '53': File not found: msvbvm50.dll" Then the program crashes. so, I uninstall Doom Builder, then reinstall it- this time the error does not come up during installation, but when I try to make a new map again, I get the same thing. I think it should be noted I am running Vista Home Premium 43-bit. Any idea what's wrong here?
  6. I could get mine in if someone could point my to a tut on how to make key colored doors.
  7. How about just Doom World for the name?
  8. Btw, once we have a name for the WAD, I'll be more than happy to make the Titlepic.
  9. Well, imho, ZDoom specific stuff would probably be okay, as long is it doesn't deviate to far from Doom. They could be used to add a few nice touches in maps; for instance, the lava falls in mine could have the top of the falls sloped, so it doesn't just look like a flat wall with lava flowing down it. What if we could use them, but it needed approval? In the meantime:
  10. Wait, if it's gong to use ZDoom, why can't we use slopes and such?
  11. Ok, I'll get right on finishing it for the Wad.
  12. Well, they are weapon sounds. However, I can probably make pain sounds for the monsters. What are the bosses? Also, is there room for my map?
  13. Hey, is it to late to join? Sort of a hellish themed map, using only Doom II textures.
  14. Would you guys be interested in some sound effects? I have a few laying around that I made before.