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  1. Give it a try. I'll stop bumping this thread every few months when sh*t gets done, I promise. ;) IMPORTANT EDIT: I am making a small tweak to one of my maps. Please hold. :) EDIT #2: After a little bit of thinking about it, I have decided to make the Cyberdemon fight at the end of Castle Bloodletting slightly less optional. I also added a bit of a nasty surprise to the fight on Hard Difficulty! Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?55kh52cmmw2ekvq
  2. Sorry to necropost, but I'd rather do that than create another thread with little reason. I really hope V1.1 comes out eventually. I have friends that I would like to show my levels to, but have been waiting for the bugfixed version.
  3. Bump. Any news on Version 1.1? It sounds like it was almost done over a month ago.
  4. Yep, that's a mistake on my part. Probably left over from before I understood how the secret sector tag worked. Definitely feel free to remove that secret tag on the window. Has there been any progress on the bugfix release? The last post in this thread was half a month ago.
  5. Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't been around lately. I've been really distracted by other projects and real life. I haven't done any mapping in months and I'm concerned of whether I'll be able to do any soon. I'll see what I can do, though.
  6. TOMORROW!? Well, there goes my plans for having my Map 01 candidate done by the start date, but hey, it doesn't matter because I'M SO EXCITED! :D I also must shift my priorities. I have been spending most of my time working on the first episode of a Web Series that I've created, but this is now a higher priority. See you all in the new thread!
  7. I'm definitely in for NOVA 2, if I'm allowed to participate. I've already started working on a Map 01 candidate that I am calling "Reveille". It takes place at a UAC barracks that DoomGuy is stationed at when the demons mount a surprise attack. I'll try to keep working on it so that it might be ready shortly after thread launch.
  8. Hey, Suitepee. When is Part 3 of the stream coming? I've been waiting excitedly for a while now!
  9. Arjak

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    Wow, this actually looks kinda cool! I wasn't sure if this would be any good. Now my hopes are raised slightly. Maybe I'll pre-order it when I get the cash.
  10. While we're reporting bugs, Suitepee, during his stream, found a major bug in Hell's Furnace that renders the map impossible to finish. After you enter the Yellow Key door, it slams shut behind you for the fight, and is impossible to open. This is fine in itself, but there is a secret which teleports you back outside the door, making the map unwinnable.
  11. I watched the first part of your stream, Suitepee, and I loved it. I really appreciated your positive comments on my map, Sewage Processing. It's almost always a good feeling to be appreciated for your work, so to hear you praising things like my monster placement and the sewage secret made me a happy man. Hearing you call that part "diabolically cunning" made my day! The sewage secret was one of the first ideas I had when making this map, actually. I thought it would be a neat idea as I had never seen a secret like that in Doom before. I never intended it to be done the way you did it, though, as you probably realized when you found the radiation suit secret, but it was quite badass to see you charge through, taking the damage like a champ. I'm glad you enjoyed Sewage Processing. I hope you'll like my next map (Map 20) even better. Let me know when you do the next stream, so I can watch!
  12. I await the release with great excitement. It feels good to be finally done. :D By the way, thanks for changing my credit like I asked. I was just too proud of this to be credited with just my username!
  13. Upon reading the text files, I've decided I would like to change my author credit to include my real name, like some of the others have done. Please credit me in the text file as: Collin "Arjak" Pierce
  14. Well, it looks like the missing pieces are finally coming together. We might actually make this deadline! All jokes aside, I just want to say that I am truly grateful to everyone who made this project a reality; everyone who put so much effort into making this the best megawad it could possibly be. It really has been a pleasure working for and with you all. While the last two years of work has been tiring and probably even frustrating, I am so proud that it has paid off and that I got to be a part of it. Kildeth started this project off with a simple concept. And now, two years and a quarter later, I feel we have achieved something more than just a simple realization of that concept. I feel we have created a symbol of perseverance. Our hard work has paid off more than we should've believed possible. I never realized before how much work it must take to put together such a large-scale project such as this. I made my maps for this project a long time ago, it feels like, and though I did work on them almost up to the end, the fact that it took so long for people to finally have a chance to play the final product has not gone unnoticed by me. Looking at my maps, it already feels like looking at old photos of myself. I feel a little disconnected, and question some of my choices. I've learned a lot in the process of making these maps, and I feel I've learned a bit since then, as well. I look at my maps and wonder: If I had the chance to make these maps again, how different would they be? Would the layout be any different? Would I have been able to detail it better? Would the fights be more challenging? Would I have been able to create that epic climax that I envisioned for Castle Bloodletting, but was too inexperienced to actually create at the time? I'll never get the chance to answer those questions, and it's probably better that way in most cases anyway. A completed WAD in the /idgames archive is like a monument of history in the Doom community. What we have created will hopefully last a long time, which will allow us and others to scrutinize our work, possibly a bit too harshly sometimes. It's easy to look back and say, "What were they thinking when they came up with THAT?" In the moment, we make a lot of choices; some good, some bad. I hope we can look back on this project and remember when we were mapping newbies with fondness and nostalgia. I feel like I've just graduated from my first year of Doom Mapping University. Soon, I'll be ready to start my sophomore year. Until then, thank you all once again. I'm looking forward to the release of NOVA, after so long. I hope NOVA 2, if the time ever comes, is just as fun to work on, if possibly a little more efficient. See you then.
  15. I played a bit of the newest release, and with a little IDCLEVing, I can confirm that the new skies are working, at least on my end. Bravo, Plums!