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  1. AgentOrange

    4 megawad ideas

    either i missed something, or (insert somethin stupid/funny here)...but i could've sworn this thread was titled "4 Megawad Ideas", yet i only see 3 wut is this 4th idea?
  2. AgentOrange

    4 megawad ideas

    like pretty much everyone else, i like 1 and 2...but of course u could mix 1 and 2 together, and maybe even each has a boss battle at the end... If i had to pick 1, i'd pick the Constant Threat, for even though music does mean a lot, game play is still a must, and that's just the kind of gameplay i love. Also yeah, i've been gone from here quite a while, i know u guys missed me =P. I have my weapons mod that i'll be using for KillZone almost completed, just working out the bugs right now, should have it ready sometime this week.
  3. NVM found out heretic already has a beastie.....well i've never played heretic or hexen or strife so i dunno anythin a bout those games.....
  4. AgentOrange

    New monsters

    if you have a wad with its own new monster (such as one from the realm667 beastiary with DECORATE, SNDINFO, and the sprites), merge it into your data wad / iwad in XWE in the file menu and in doombuider, it will be in the DECORATE category...and if you have more than one monster, make sure all the DECORATE info is in one file, and same with SNDINFO
  5. AgentOrange

    New monsters

    Also skins.wad has a bunch of sprites you could use instead of drawin up your own pics...like right now i'm playin around with Decorate and makin up some new monsters, so far i have made a Beast from the weredragon skin (not fully complete yet, working on a stream of flame it will shoot from its mouth), a helicopter that sorta sucks (still learnin all the effects of decorate, this one was my first one...and the graphics were from Twilight.wad), and a fat marine (probably for use as an allie, maybe in my wads i'll make a fat marine sidekick...) but yeah its better to work with DeHacked first so you can see what values the sprites have, how they work and how to work with the frames, and sprites usually have 8 rotations, forward, back, left, right, and ones in between, but you can use the right side sprite pics for the left ones also, like A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, and A8 are what you put on the end for the first frame and different rotations, and if you put A1, A2A8, A3A7, A4A6, and A5, it will take the same pic as A2 and flip it for the use of A8...you'll see on xwe sprite names are like PlayA1, PossA1, etc
  6. AgentOrange

    What instrument are you?

    Rock and roll hall of famer, won drummer of the year over 10 times, he's the drummer in the band Rush...if you want to know more there's always Wikipedia
  7. AgentOrange

    What instrument are you?

    well i already play drum set in the band i'm in, and i wouldn't wanna play anythin else...love the drums! and Neil Perat is my idol
  8. AgentOrange

    What is everyone's favorite installment of DOOM?

    Well, looks like someone has necroposted my thread! yeah i know i haven't been on here for a long time, doom isn't really my top interest anymore, especially since i have so little time nowadays... so anyways i'm preparing to make up some more doom levels soon, but i'm gonna see if i can just keep it for fun this time instead of gettin as obsessed about it as i did last time; just make up individual levels for fun with no care of other people's opinions :P and i still like episode 2 better, episode 4 had some great levels like 1, 2 and 8 but the other one's weren't so great...
  9. AgentOrange

    Dragonball Z movie scheduled in 2008

    well dbz was good at the start...got better up through the buu saga...then the uneventful downhill slide first with dbgt and now a live-action movie!? ...so sad *tear*...
  10. AgentOrange

    Patch not showing up in game

    do u have a "pnames" lump in ur pwad? i've had the same problem but i found my pwad didnt have the pnames thing... what i usually do to get the custom textures i want is to copy doom2.wad (or some other iwad) then when i add new patches it automatically makes them textures and adds them to the pnames lump, then i just export the pnames lump, put it in my pwad, then add the new patch then the texture1 lump from my doom2.wad copy. there's probably another easier way to do it but it works for me
  11. AgentOrange

    Toughest Doom level?

    i dont think there's any real debate that plutonia has the hardest levels in an iwad, especially Go 2 It and others...i've beaten all other iwads except for Plutonia, too difficult for me ;P oh yeah plus e4m1 and e4m2, those ones took a while to figure out the first time i played 'em...and they were short enough so they were fun to keep on tryin and tryin...unlike plutonia, where there's no end to the madness
  12. each level has its own theme/idea so dont worry about that. its just a bunch of deathmatch levels with different tactics, like only the rocket launcher; big open arenas; congested, tight hallways and rooms; maybe a maze or two(but i've heard those aren't so fun for deathmatch...maybe as 4+ people they would be?); plus various setting themes plus criticism on the views? please? (except for map07 pic, thats just a small portion of the level)...
  13. well anyways here are some screenshots so far...redid map01 so there's no more 3d floors (almost a totally different level now), no more compblu arena (didnt like it that much anyways) and map07 is still in progress; its a sorta remake of D3DM1 map01: map02: its a bit dark on gzdoom but anyways... map03: yes, its based of e2m2 map04: this is yomoneyboat's map map05: map06: map07:
  14. AgentOrange

    What is everyone's favorite installment of DOOM?

    ok just one last thing...episode 1 has always been nice in my opinion, good atmosphere and stuff but not the creepiest or difficult or anything...but i just played a bit of KDIZD and it is AMAZING!!! :D
  15. AgentOrange

    What is everyone's favorite installment of DOOM?

    yeah doom2 does have a better hell feel then episode 3, and i do like episode 1 but its too easy and short, even on nightmare its not much of a challenge...pretty good atmosphere though...and at least early episode2 is good...oh and for the heck of it my second favorite is episode3 just cause is hell, but the only maps i like are e3m1, e3m2, e3m7 and e3m9 (best secret level ever! hmm maybe i should've added TNT and Plutonia too just because they're (sorta) an episode of doom...i dont think its true and official(more like a pwad sorta deal) but its still an Iwad. in that case, tnt felt like doom2 sorta but better and bigger (sometimes too big) an plutonia is just tough, especially before i learned strafing...u know how hard it is to defeat a horde of revenants without strafing!?