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  1. shinobi.cl

    Noobish question concerning key binding

    I have the same question. I installed GZdoom and zanondrum, the default values include things like ltrigger and pad_y, and i don't have a joystick attached. How can i trigger this? I was trying to make a Stream Controller config, so i liked to have it using the defaults binding, but i don't get these unknown key binds.
  2. shinobi.cl

    Best arena-type wads?

    Hi all I just discovered the D4T mod, and i invited a friend to play coop. However, he is not good at fps, and gets lost very easily. So i would like some recommendations of megawads that are focused on waves of enemies and endurance instead of exploration, so we can focus on fighting instead of getting lost and finding each other each time we die. Thanks!
  3. I know about the "hit box". But still, visibility is as important as that. Iluccia's width is 80% of the standard marine width. That is an important "visual" advantage for, (for example) a tournament match.
  4. The problem with Illucia is that is smaller in width than the male marine. I'm trying to make a female skin that presents no advantage in any way over the standard male skin.
  5. Hi! I´m making a "standard" female doom marine skin. The basic ideas are: * The overall size of the female must be THE SAME as the male one. The skin should have the same height and width as the male marine. * It should be as similar as possible as the original marine. I have this for the moment. (1st image: Original, 2nd: Female version) (See this thread to see the images as i update them) http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=13389 Im planning to do portrait images too. Seems hard, but i'll try at least.
  6. shinobi.cl

    The /newstuff Chronicles #329

    Eh, is cool to see my wad reviewed (UACarena.wad), though i missed more critic about the gameplay.... Anyway, thanks for reviewing it. I'm not complaining, but i think the review was more oriented on the architecture than anything. As a side note, i would like to add that, being the wad dependant on the skill level, and some skill levels have different ammo pickups (double on NM and ITYTD, normal on the others) i've made a extra wad called DoubleAmmoPickup.wad. You can find it on http://doom.dogsoft.net
  7. shinobi.cl

    Executing script only if player has a key.

    Then, post your solution :) It can help others. After all this thread will be queried by search engines sometime.
  8. shinobi.cl

    Support for ZDaemon/Skulltag in Xfire

    i just revived an old thread, and put a link to the voting thread.
  9. shinobi.cl

    Support for ZDaemon/Skulltag in Xfire

    At any time, there are at least 25 people playing (yes, might be Brit or ZDCTF mostly, but still...).... On peak times, there are 90+ players. And more on saturdays, when the ZDaemon Sessions runs. So, take a look this weekend, you might be surprised... And about the XFire idea... mmm i dont think Zdaemon needs it anyway, the ZDLauncher already has a 'buddy' system.
  10. shinobi.cl

    The /newstuff Chronicles #322

    Hehe, surely it can be done that way, or just doing it like they are doing it on skulltag forums now :P
  11. shinobi.cl

    Clean texture wads

    Yes, it lists the unused textures, but the thing that uses the most disk space are the patches, that´s why i made a tool for that. So, to reduce the space you have to delete the patches, and of course the texture that uses them.
  12. shinobi.cl

    The /newstuff Chronicles #322

    That sounds like an idea!
  13. shinobi.cl

    Clean texture wads

    I did a crappy perl script that looks for all the unused textures and its patches on a wad. Does not work for ANIMATED or SWITCHes, but is better than nothing. Is only a helper tool. Does not do anything for you, just generates a report. Anyway, there it is http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?p=196102#196102 It helped me. I hope it works for you... requires some 'advanced' computer skills, like using cmd and such things... Is not a clicky thing. But is not too hard, and you have to do it once. Please, be aware, is a crappy script, so read carefully the instructions before using it. It does not modify any file, though. (I posted this some time ago, here http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/41376-wanna-remove-unused-textures-and-patches-in-your-wad/) It would certainly be nice to have someone improve this script. I can't, for now. There's even some programs that allow to make perl scripts into executables, so maybe some GUI can be developed to give a friendly interface to this thing.
  14. shinobi.cl

    The /newstuff Chronicles #322

    Yes, me too... in fact, i would like to have a wad reviewed by him... But for my wad the review its done already. Nothing against Ed, I looked at his work and he is a good mapper, so i'm sure is a good review (in the sense that its well done and with good arguments)
  15. shinobi.cl

    Strategy Game Preferences

    Ground Control.... besides ITS FREE!! I love not to have to build bases and that kind of stuff. Ground Control 2 is even better... but GC1 has its charm The other is Homeworld 2... damn hard to grasp at first... but very rewarding at the end, with HUGE space battles.