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  1. will there be right handed views?
  2. gangstadawg

    2 question about a custom marine for doom

    what about a bot?
  3. has any on created a custom marine (or zombie ) that can move ALOT faster and/or aim faster than the original ones from doom? as in a zombie or marine that moves (jumping as well if possible) and aims almost as fast as the player and maybe even any or all the weapons the player can use. also has any created a marine (or zombie or monster) that can activate switches, open key locked doors or seek you out (near or far) in the level regardless if they saw you or not?
  4. gangstadawg

    Favourite custom monster

    to bad i t cant be downloaded.
  5. sweet. speaking of doom 3 i remember somebody making a sprite of doom 3 monsters for a doom wad. dont remember who did it or where its it at but the vid was on youtube.
  6. can Aeons of death and neodoom be used toghether? if they cant then what mod has urban/city levels that should be compatible with AEOD? also is AEOD compatible with skulltag?
  7. gangstadawg

    what doom/ doom2 mod has the most weapons?

    how many does it have roughly?
  8. what doom/doom2 mod has the most weapons? NOTE: it has to be able to be used on a source port or based on one. im automatically thinking skulltag but i could be wrong.
  9. im running a pc with 3gb of ddr ram and a amd64 2800 and a 9800pro. it getts laggy as hell in game
  10. sweet downloading. i also have a question. i saw your beastiary section with tons of monsters to DL and im wondering how do you add them in game (note im using Zdoom) i wanna add them to neodoom lvls or i jus wanna randomly spawn em so how do i do it? edit: and also how do you activate your game in gzdoom?
  11. gangstadawg

    a zdoom question [making monsters move/attack faster]

    seriously is there a patch that does this or a console command?
  12. gangstadawg

    a zdoom question [making monsters move/attack faster]

    there is a patch like that? where?
  13. is there a console command that can make the monsters and zombies move and/or attack faster (like increase the enemies attack rate of fire)? like i spawn a few friendly marines and these guys move slower than a special olympic marathon runner.
  14. gangstadawg

    doomsday console commands question

    is there a weapon speed code? like in Zdoom its sv_fastweapon and you set it from 0 to 2 it increases weapon firing. and since im using the doom64tc whats the monster ids?