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  1. Tamashii

    Testers wanted

    thanks i'll give it a shot.
  2. Tamashii

    Testers wanted

    gemini, i'd post a demo but it'd be kind of pointless. it's a big city, and it seems i have to rob the bank, but the city's a decent size, and i don't know where to go. i'm trying the doors to all the buildings but no luck. where should i go first?
  3. Tamashii

    Testers wanted

    k. i'll do a run this evening.
  4. Tamashii

    Testers wanted

    ok, hook me up . ill give it a shot.
  5. Tamashii

    Testers wanted

    i've never done a demo before. i don't mind helping you but there's a few questions i'd like to ask about gzdoom before i try. 1. does gzdoom kill other 3d applications (direct3d) when it runs? lets say i'm running an mmorpg windowed. 2. can i use vanilla zdoom to record? 3. can i use jump/crouch for the map?
  6. Tamashii

    The Rickroll Boombox

    youre awesome maggot, thanks. now i can finally beat nuts.wad.
  7. as seen here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw_SKpTeLJw i did a search and couldn't find the wad on doomworld. anyone can please point me to a download link? thanks. happy new year.
  8. Tamashii

    Beautiful Doom -- 4.7 released!

    that would be nice. yeah.
  9. Tamashii

    Beautiful Doom -- 4.7 released!

    fantastic. thanks for the hard work. happy birthday doom.
  10. Tamashii

    What makes a map scary?

    scarce resources, creepy ambient sound.
  11. Tamashii

    SMWG: Adamantium Rage

    the 2nd pistol is nice, but i've noticed a decrease in movement precision if you try to left and right click (personal example) fire and move around. it's not a bug in the game moreso than human muscle movement limitations. still waiting for a block move for the claws! :3 all in all, cool stuff. thanks for the work.
  12. Tamashii

    Whats the code for???

    so confused. what wad?
  13. Tamashii

    doom3 experience mod (relase)

    its a little hard to get used to. fireballs are too fast, for one.
  14. Tamashii

    SMWG: Adamantium Rage

    something awesome: block for wolverine claws block for wolverine claws block for wolverine claws
  15. Tamashii

    Demons of Problematique 2

    ah you're the guy who made dop. can you shed some light on how to get to some of the secrets on your first dop?