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Everything posted by stickguy5000

  1. stickguy5000

    Civil War Wads?

    I know this sounds extremely stupid but are there any civil war wads or at least weapons.
  2. It's nameless as of now. But here's some screenies. Shit textures will turn to nice textures I swear, unless the shitty drawn ones give the style some flavor, but we'll see. http://i1334.photobucket.com/albums/w649/aprobablypostman/gzdoom_130815_0801574_zpsc0f4a1bb.png http://i1334.photobucket.com/albums/w649/aprobablypostman/gzdoom_130815_0801452_zpsc89a02ee.png http://i1334.photobucket.com/albums/w649/aprobablypostman/gzdoom_130815_0801521_zps7faae950.png Just some concepty shit, I've got someone who can actually draw improving my textures.
  3. stickguy5000

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looking for a weapon replacement wad where you could play as different characters. One was Duke Nukem, another was the dude from strife and that's all I can remember but there were a few more.
  4. stickguy5000

    Makeshift Flashlight

    Is there anyway to have a dynamic light hover over, and follow the player?
  5. stickguy5000

    Silent Hill Wad

    How about that bowling alley from 2 I've always wanted to go back, pop in some puzzles and an otherworld that makes the area larger.
  6. I don't know how many of you remember me, but I was active in this community about 2 years ago. I made garbage maps that everyone laughed at. Well now I'm attempting to map again, this is what I came with in about 4 hours. The ending was done very lazily because I was totally out of ideas... http://www.gamefront.com/files/21390553/MAP%21%21%21.wad Tell me how I did?
  7. stickguy5000

    After 2 Years Another Map Attempt

    Some changes... New Mastermind room and details. http://www.gamefront.com/files/21390799/MAP%21%21%21.wad
  8. stickguy5000


    Haven't been on here in a while... Anyways I wanted to post this for some feedback it's just a concept map with some bad grammar to entertain myself. Basically I want to make a survival horror mod. What I have here is far from complete and I'm not going to add to it. Doors aren't traditional, the player goes 35% of the original speed. The level took like 2 minutes to map so it's not very pretty. Check out the script if you will and possibly give me alternate ways to do some of the things that I want to do. And I'll pre-thank you now... Thank you. http://www.gamefront.com/files/21372001/fog.wad You need GZDOOM!!!
  9. stickguy5000


    Looking through the screen wipe effects I noticed one called crossfade. Is there a way to force that when going through a door???
  10. stickguy5000


    Wait, woah woah woah. I didn't know you could make functions like that, do tell how.
  11. stickguy5000

    Port Forwarding

    Ok before I port forward for skulltag what dangers will I possibly face? If the dangers are of too great of a magnitude then is there a way to start a server without port forwarding?
  12. Are there any other haunting wads out there that aren't ghouls forest.
  13. stickguy5000

    A flashlight?

    Has anybody made a flashlight or other dynamic light source in there game. I wouldn't think it would be all that hard.
  14. stickguy5000


    It works, thanks.
  15. stickguy5000


    The "else" script function won't compile, WTF!!! Help please. Here's the script{ if (CheckInventory("SuperShotgun")); TakeInventory("SuperShotgun",1); Print (s:"\cpOh shit bro thanks.\n\cpHere have this."); GiveInventory("PlasmaRifle",1); else Print (s:"\cpIf you see a \cmDouble Barrel shotty bring it here.\n\cpI'll give you something nice.") delay (37*6);}
  16. stickguy5000

    Phocas 2-likes

    Are there any other wads like phocas 2. Adventurous, lots of puzzles, beautiful architecture, just as lengthy.
  17. stickguy5000

    Death-Destiny's maps

    What ever happened to that guy anyways? He was always helping me with my mapping skills.
  18. stickguy5000

    Western Wads

    Are there any western wads out there other than Fistful. I'm looking for more of a Dark Tower sort of thing.
  19. This is some quality shit. I like hard maps but, I didn't care for the difficulty spike going all over the place. 9/10 positively :D
  20. stickguy5000

    Western Wads

    EHHH!!! Reynor's Tale looks great. Why isn't it getting finished?
  21. stickguy5000

    Shorter Days? (8.8 Chile Earthquake)

    Hey if we all turn our clocks back 1 millisecond it'll be like it used to be.
  22. stickguy5000

    Whats the code for???

    i need the level to end when all the enemies are dead and i cant find the code on zdoom's wiki so can anyone help.
  23. stickguy5000

    Zombie Things

    I'm looking for some good zombies for a siege map that I wanna make anybody got any wads that have some. If not could you point me to a tut to make my own entities.
  24. stickguy5000

    Starsiege: TRIBES

    Does anyone kno if anyone still plays tribes. I used to play with my dad for countless hours and i just noticed tribes went freeware so i really needed a memory jog.
  25. stickguy5000

    Zombie Things

    i'm looking for one with no weapons