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  1. Looking good, although I'm not too keen on the PSX Doom.
  2. Isn't just a simple frame animation?
  3. You should be more optimistic.
  4. Someone's going to pay for making me find all these colored keycards.
  5. Very cool, I'll be checking out Where's Willy personally.
  6. Oh, the mess that is Army of Darkness' legal rights.
  7. Every DOOM PC game released Every console DOOM port DOOM RPG DOOM 3 + expansions DOOM 3 on the XBox GBA DOOM/DOOM II GP2X DOOM PSP DOOM Also, all the DOOM books except the lame DOOM movie adaptation.
  8. Doom isn't, vanilla Doom is.
  9. Holy shit, I had another dream about Duke Nukem Forever last night. I play D3D too much.
  10. Deathz0r said he was busy, "fighting monsters from China," last time I asked him.
  11. This is worst than Goatse! What the hell man?! Don't post shock sites on here!
  12. That's one of the biggest reasons I'm looking forward to Fallout 3; Bethesda is involved.
  13. Riiiiiiiiiight....
  14. RPGM2K games are so... 2K.