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  1. Never. Mapping may eventually slow to a point where it's just an "educational mapping language" (read: get started programming games by writing for doom) and source ports may eventually see their main updates in the form of ports to new platforms and being a "educational programming platform" (read: modify DOOM code as an easy way of getting used to modifying C++/SDL game code, since it's already written and is free software and fairly simple code.) I see a few DOOM futures: *For one, playing the game is like Nintendo games; it'll never get old. Speaking of the nintendo, Doom is great on the Wii. Now if only you could play it without hacking the Wii... The game will pass to new generations like say Tetris, Super Mario Bros, or Arkanoid. Also, it'll pass to mobile phones and to brand-new players, like me. (started playing in 2005!) *Also Playing modded versions of the game (source ports, map mods) is also going to last. I am fairly sure of this, simply because there are so many great maps out. When you learn about playing the original DOOM/DOOM2, you learn later about .WADs and such. You also begin expiermenting with source ports, as opposed to just sticking with the one you found first (say PRBOOM or ZDOOM, the most common source ports.) *Doom has very low system requirements. It plays great on phones, UMPCs, tablets, old consoles, etc. *Doom editing is great for learning how to edit levels or game executables. The code and much of the levels are open. And the design is simple. And the game is fun.
  2. I do not mean demo compatibility. I use PrBOOM for that. I mean the option to play like doom, at least to an unaided human-eye, maybe not pixel perfect. ZDOOM fails at many tests related to how DOOMish it is, as does EDGE and Risen3d.
  3. Can anyone point me to some good room-over-room WADS for GZDOOM or Risen3d?
  4. So: I have several post like things about source ports, but posting all of them would waste space and not attract enough posts to any of them. So here's a compilation of sorts. It's intended to be responded to, criticized, etc. I take criticsm well but i do like a good debate :). First Topic: why PRBOOM Rules, or why can't other source ports do this? PRBOOM is GPL, so that's good. But the best thing about PRBOOM is the sheer portability of it. And the fact that it cares about compatibility while adding more new features, and the fact that PRBoom is fairly well documented and has a good OPENGL renderer. Now, why don't other ports do these things? Most ports barely have a functional linux port. PRBOOM runs on Mac, UNIX, BSD, consoles, etc. You don't have to port it yourself, just provide a portable architecture and pure GPL (or pure BSD) code so others can port it. GZDOOM in particular has a windows centric architecture, which is really disappointing. And so does Risen3d, EDGE, etc. Having a DOS version available is cool too, for DOSemu, DOSBOX and other dos virtualization solutions, as a last resort or a quick alternative to ports. Although no PRBOOM exists for DOS, it is based off of MBF, which works on DOS. Compatibility of other ports is also disappointing. I can understand it for ports like GZDOOM, but why can't Doomsday, Risen3d, or EDGE (for example) get compatibiltity with DOOM.EXE right? They could just borrow PRBOOM patches with a little modification, after all the code is open source. Overall, PRBoom and the related PRBOOM+ are my favorite ports. Second topic: underappreciated ports and port features: GZDOOM's room-over-room gets my top pick for underappreciated port feature. Also, not enough maps are made for GZDOOM in general. EDGE gets my top pick for underappreciated port: DDF is remarkable. It's like DECORATE, but probably better. DDF should be in every port. All the other components of EDGE work fairly well as well. As for other underappreciated Port Features: Texture and such swap of GZDOOM. Really nice, but few replacements exist :(. Could make GZDOOM look similar to Doomsday, but few people take advantage of it. PRBOOM's friendly monsters. Way cool. :) Final topic BOOM phase II Has anyone considered making a port that works like Boom Phase II? The idea sounded really neat! What features of Boom phase II have popped up elsewhere, for real, and what port has the maximum amount of BOOM phase II planned features?
  5. I am looking for some WADs to illustrate the benefits of various engines, as well as some interesting wads in a few different themes. First is a very common theme. I'd like your opinions on some good Episode 1 style WADs. Perferrably with a few more weapons and enemies than the original Episode 1. (e.g. Plasma rifle, maybe BFG, more Barons & lost souls, and maybe even some doom ii monsters or freshly created ones.) I've already looked at KDiZD and it looks ideal. I'm also, however looking for other wads in the same style or similar at least. They don't have to be "do-overs" of the episode 1 maps, just the same style of mapping. Also, Boom-style or EDGE style maps are preferred over ZDOOM style maps. The next theme i'm interested in is the bowels of hell map theme, episode 3, 4, style, but also possibly doom 2 MAP20-30 style. Basically, shitload of monsters and powerups, hellish wall textures, either for Ultimate doom, or Doom II wads. Not insane difficulty on Hurt Me Plenty (i'm a novice player, i don't play Ultra-violence). And any source port compatiblity will work. Thanks! Finally, i'm interested in some WADS pointing out the benefits of the following engines: GZDOOM Doomsday/Risen3d and most importantly PrBOOM+/PRBOOM/BOOM-compatible. I know that most state-of-the-art mapping has moved to ZDOOM/GZDOOM but BOOM-style maps rock in the sense that they are pure doom, but with almost no limits and a few new effects and things. Also, i have a soft spot in my heart for the BOOM style source ports, portable and standard as they are. PrBOOM in particular runs on everything, and PRBOOM+ is a straightforward GPL license so easily portable and packagable.
  6. What are some of your favorite beastiary enemies. Any good places you've seen them used by wad authors? I like the black imp.
  7. ryaxnb

    Recommend me some WADS

    So I've gotten back into doom. I downloaded many wads, but i want some non-stars. I've downloaded all the interesting looking wads from the Cacowards and 10years of doom, are there any other good levels. Here are some levels I've liked: Earth Suspended in Dusk Memento mori 2 KDiZD. Deus Vult II. TVR Phobos Community chest series Cheogosh. So some interesting Wads would be nice, in the same vein as those above. Single maps are fine, as are megawads or episode wads, or even mod wads. Some non-obvious choices would be nice, i've skimmed the surface, but of doom's thousands of wads, i only have about 15. I like "pretty" wads, Small wads, simple wads, and Risen3d/EDGE/Eternity Wads. I can use any major source port except doomsday, which seems to lockup on my computer. I own DOOM2 and Ultimate Doom (and final doom.)
  8. ryaxnb

    DDF in other source ports

    Is it possible to use DDF in other ports? It seems like DDF is the best Dehacked file replacement available, so it seems reasonable that DDF should be used more often. I know that some port-specific technologies, like FraggleScript, are now relatively standard. On other topics, I'd like to see more port standards. Boom is the only real one across more than a handful of ports. Fragglescript is a good standard, used by GZDOOM, Eternity, and others. As a matter of fact, the whole of Eternity's doom spec would be a good enhancement as kind of a "Doomspec 3" because Eternity is so good for wad authors.
  9. ryaxnb

    Source port forking - why?

    Flood the Board Series Part II. Why does doom code fork so much? I think have a few managed projects (say Risen3d, Prboom and GZDOOM) instead of so many eerily-similar variants would be good for the community. What do I mean by variants? Well there are several lines that are heavily fractured. The most fractured is the boom line. With PrBoom, Prboom+, Eternity, and Chocolate DOOM all BOOM-style ports that are in some way based on BOOM. Why can't there just be one BOOM-based engine. I'm not asking for one Doom Engine, but nearly all the BOOM-engines (excepting Chocolate Doom) focus on wad-author features, demo-compatibility (except eternity) and lack some things like Hexen support. A perfect blend would be nice. And while you're at it, why can't they add support for DDF to eliminate once and for all the reason to use EDGE, an outdated port? How about one ZDOOM based port? Instead, GZDOOM is generally superior to ZDOOM. Skulltag is better for multiplayer, and Zdaemon is popular for deathmatches. Why not just combine them all since all are almost the same, they all are really ZDOOM's unique hexen/doom blend inside. Finally, why is Risen3d still a fork of Doomsday? Everyone seems to regard Risen3d as superior. Overall, if the major players could be shrunk to Prboom, GZDOOM, and Risen3d, everyone would be happier. But without Fragglescript in Prboom, DDF in anything, or good multiplayer in GZDOOM, it's impossible to do that. Couldn't someone merge the forks?
  10. Here's Part I of Flood the Boards Series (from ryaxnb). What this means is a good amount of topics will be posted today and tommorow, thus (jestingly) "flooding" the boards with interesting (hopefully) topics from myself. So on sourceports, Which do you think are the best 3, and the 1 or 2 that need the most improvement. Feel free to also comment on previous choices. I will also hopefully pop in to check on people's choices. Choices: EDGE 1.31 PrBoom 2.5.0 Prboom+ Eternity Engine ZDoom 2.3.0 GZDoom 2.3.0 Doomsday 1.9 Beta 6 Chocolate Doom Risen3d ReMooD Doom Legacy 1.41 (not for need most improvement as it's dead) NTDOOM Skulltag Zdaemon My Best 3: #1 PrBoom+ The author seems genuinely excited, it has a great blend of compatibility, wad author features and end-user features. It has low system requirements and doesn't require OpenGL. It runs on Linux, and normal PrBoom runs on Mac. It has a lot of great features in addition to the boom set that should become standard in all source ports IMHO. And it's reliable. #2 Risen3d Simply Gorgeous Looking. The scripting isn't "there" yet, and some basic features are missing, but it looks WONDERFUL. Arguably the best reason to stick to playing basic maps that don't replace textures/enemies there is. Of course, with texture/enemy replacements, they look blocky. The near-perfect boom compatibility and reasonable support for advanced kick this in the top 3. #3 The third choice was a hard pick between GZDOOM and Eternity. Overall, Eternity got the pick, due to my dislike for GZDOOM's complete incompatibility with DOOM compared to other ports. Also Eternity seems to have the best WAD author features. Worst: Doom legacy. Broken
  11. I'm expanding doom Wikia walkthroughs with, well, more walkthroughs. As kind of a scratchpad I'm using User:Ryaxnb as my walkthrough page. It will have Several walkthroughs. Key walkthroughs: * Walkthrough to get jDoom working on Mac OS X, with pretty textures * Walkthrough, as above, on Vista/XP * Walkthrough to get GZDoom working on Vista/XP. * Walkthrough for Zdoom or compatible on Ubuntu 8.04/8.10. * Walkthrough for Prboom-Plus on Ubuntu 8.04/8.10 * Walkthrough for Prboom-Plus on Mac OS X 10.5/10.4. * Walkthrough for Wad file addition on PrBoom-Plus/PrBoom on all major platforms * Walkthrough for Prboom-Plus on Windows Vista/XP * Guide to Doom resources: The above walkthroughs, popular forums, sites, wad reviews, wads, mirrors. All work is appreciated. Edit my user page as you see fit. I will be working on it. Thank you
  12. ryaxnb

    Original, full quality Doom 1,2 soundtrack

    Yes. And so do these: http://homepage.mac.com/ryaxnb2/doomsound/doom2soundpt1.tar http://homepage.mac.com/ryaxnb2/doomsound/doom2soundpt2.tar
  13. ryaxnb

    Favorite Weapon on Doom/Doom2 ??

    I'm going to say Nuclear Missile Launcher, and I'm not joking... it's a weapon in arsenal.wad. It does fantastic damage but it's extremely blast... killing a cyber with the Nuke launcher is not recommended, but killing 1000 imps is.
  14. Well, it's my idea. A guide to source ports: beginning small with ~2 paragraph reviews of smaller source ports and ~3-4 paragraphs for larger source ports. These reviews will be written by sensible people who are familiar with the games. I am familiar with Zdoom and PrBoom. I am also going to start work shortly on Doomsday, and possibly EDGE. I'm looking for contributors to Doom Legacy, Eternity, and VaVoom. Also looking for a Chocolate Doom co-contributor for a two-part review. The page is here:http://wikihost.org/wikis/doomport/wiki/start. Anyone who is interested, post in thread and I will freely grant admin access (only don't do it for everyone for spam purposes.) Note that it doesn't have to be a WIKI - just couldn't think of a better way to do it. Ideas anyone?
  15. ryaxnb

    Original, full quality Doom 1,2 soundtrack

    So I finally finished downloading all the Doom soundtrack and have soundtracks Pt 1-3 (out of 5) up. This is the Doom 1 soundtrack in its entirety, separated into 3 parts. Parts 4-5 will be labeled doom2soundpt1.tar and doom2soundpt2.tar . Here is the links http://homepage.mac.com/ryaxnb2/doomsound/doomsoundpt1.tar http://homepage.mac.com/ryaxnb2/doomsound/doomsoundpt2.tar http://homepage.mac.com/ryaxnb2/doomsound/doomsoundpt3.tar Files are in flac format, with TAR archiving (use WinZip). If you have experience with command-line and don't want to pay for WinZip/use trial, Gnu Tar for Windows is available here: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/gtar.htm Here is the link structure for the curious: http:// standard link http homepage.mac.com/ my host ryaxnb2/ My pages doomsound/ the "doomsound" directory on my website, containing doom soundtracks doom?soundpt?.tar the file name, first ? is possible 2 (e.g doom2soundpt1.tar), second question mark is part number. I have Probably 25-40GB per month download and files are 1GB so use torrents if they work well for you. These are the backups!