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  1. Sorry, my first success made me so excited, because the idea of this run came more than 2 year ago (I was never able to gain enought free time and inspiration to do it).
  2. Uhmmm, that was 4:20, but on the same day i did a 4:19. Quite lucky day... :) The later run is much more decent, but it has a big failure, which causes ~17 secs loss. My goal is to go below 4:00, but since I do not have too much time for Doom, i don't know, when will it happen :(. Might I send the lmp in an email to you?
  3. Mr.TF

    SR50 with mouse-strafing

    I also use this method, it is very useful at doing long distance jumps and makes life much easier in some situations (fe. MAP30 elevator catch)
  4. I just did an ep4-0419 (ultimate doom) a few minutes ago, but the run is so ugly, i just cant share it, lol
  5. Hey all, http://competn.doom2.net is dead Could someone tell me, where can I get the original (structured) CompetN database? Thanks, Tamas
  6. Mr.TF

    Map 02 glide and Map 08 linedef jump

    Has anyone continued this run? It would be awesome, if it was finished
  7. Mr.TF

    Doom2 UV speedruning by Sedlo

    This could save another second :P http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-speed-demos/43731-doom2-map12-rj/
  8. Mr.TF

    Doom2 UV speedruning by Sedlo

    wow, email sent :)
  9. Mr.TF

    Doom Demo Browser [v2.0b2]

    Problem fixed http://www.flamich.com/tamas/Pages/DownloadFile.aspx?file=doomdemobrowser_2.0b2.0.0.zip Btw why does the thread title keeps being named v2.0b1?
  10. Mr.TF

    Doom Demo Browser [v2.0b2]

    UPDATE --> 2008.02.01 Demo analysis is implemented All Compet-N wads are supported
  11. Mr.TF

    3 Questions for a DOOM2 speedrun

    Hmm, you are quite confident, but okey... :) I guess you should try to implement MAP21 glide trick, because it's not too hard and it's possible to try it again a few a times, if you miss it. It would save quite much time, and the record beating would be much easier. :) If I remember well, it is also mentioned by Radek in one of his demo descriptions.
  12. Mr.TF

    3 Questions for a DOOM2 speedrun

    It doesn't seem to.... But try to make a TooYoung movie run first, compare the total times, and afterall realize how harder UV would be. :)))