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  1. Three. Daikatana stats are cumulative through all game but since even full tier 5 is useless on Mishima better option is to spend some points on stats like Power or Speed. Sidekicks are fixed in patched version but issuing commands to them is still needed in some situations, that what they are for btw. Other most prominent thing is complete 3D immortal Dopefish in E3. Actual area is smaller than bonus level in this megawad but it's also the well.
  2. They weren't that different, some can say Final Doom is canon because id authorized both megawads and made story for them (Casalis story for Plutonia was kind of time gate teleport like in Eternal Doom 3 and Evilution one was classic mapset but more aspiring to techbase spirit of Doom1, not weird stuff like Io moon or hell ship). As for style, because of themes, Evilution is like Doom1 because techbase/tech-hell and Plutonia is like Doom2 because city/earth/landscape/organic hell. As for this project I'm not sure if will be possible to me beating final map bu first ten set of maps is rather outstanding, certainly got that gritty, outdated feel of original in new shape. ;-)
  3. You sir are wrong in so many levels. They aren't cash ins to be sure, more of that, maybe they weren't made by id but authorized and made canon, part of Classic Doom. New series like Doom 3, ROE, or Doom 4 are not canon to Classic Doom trilogy but Final Doom is, just with two 32 level episodes to choose your "after Hell on Earth" scenario. Hell in Doom 2 is not destroyed, only devastated the underground terraformation one. Classic type of hell was only in Doom1 as kind of always to rebuilt otherwordly hostile dimension and that idea was continued on in Final Doom.
  4. Well I like demo intermission because it looks like better S.T.R.A.I.N. which has feeling of straightforward blood harvest in a full moon as you battle through waves of monsters. In Evilution. Alone. Also reminds me how past experiences are overshadowed in grayscale while present time has colors. Titlepic could have something, somewhere, additional thing to complete and kind of logo to complete it's uniqueness. Best solution for intermission screen is sky with current moon in distance, area where Doomguy is facing in sepia and details behind him in gray.
  5. Kyka is overlord of mapping and design in this project, but TV is better at concept arts when comes to final boss stuff, titlepic, intermission, bossback that kind of stuff. Still more difference can be added between titlepic from demo and intermission screen.
  6. Music from second map is awesome, feels like music from TNT map07 Prison mixed with map11 Storage Facillity and despite readme, looks like map02 in demo is called Gray Sector, not Sand. I will admit: the levels are suprising and free to exploration, just when you thought the room and theme you are currently in is final one, something new is open somewhere else, and continues in next location again and again, but it never gets boring or repetitive, every area is unique still being connected with other parts of map. That's what I know from Evilution but in more fluid variety.
  7. Is that SSG area on map1 even accessible? I found switch to teleport room and see button in distance behind metal bars but won't trigger if I shot it. Not that important as I'm on map2 again.
  8. I don't care what others say, it's clearly TNT vibe as much as it's possible. This is still faithful as close as TNT style can get (don't fix what's not broken) and corrected mistakes of original in continuous more of the same design. Basically it's redefined and refreshed TNT style that doesn't sucks, vastly superior over old one, you set new standard of what true TNT essence is without spoils, junk, clutter and inconsistency. The only problem with this can be, it makes Evilution inferior with it's remastered/revisited design and gameplay formula so some people in nostalgia googles can say it doesn't feel like TNT. No matter what it's exactly looks what Evilution would be if it was made today.
  9. Titlepic looks nice, not so complex and related to original one, new music is also ok, good to see new HUD. ;-)
  10. GBT3

    Icarus map06 music

    So you want Perdition's Gate sequel or more to be said... Gates of Destiny? O_o Truth to be told, so do I, but Hell 2 Pay designs and new content plainly sucked, felt rushed, had awful gameplay at places and overcomplex catastrophe at times so sequel is very unlikely, at least in alternate universe because not so much memorable even with nostalgia googles.
  11. I have better idea for midis that didn't make into main megawad: addon pwad with alternate music for some levels will be more than nice. ;-)
  12. All final boss related stuff and textures should be cut out if it's not intended to appear before map 30. All unfinished maps can be replaced with simple transition pieces like hub map in style of pseudo intermission screen, but as in-game map, nothing so big like back to Saturn, just simplified to fit mood and style.
  13. Saturate, contrast and gamma it with some dose of outline and will look better. Flame is almost perfect now but lacks of stuff mentioned and letters can be more distinguished from background. ;-)
  14. Looks more like dust smoke or chemical haze but interesting even if that's not intended effect. ;-)
  15. GBT3


    Nice experience, I like Palplus because I know what to expect (for LCD/fluidity emulation), but this is also interesting, like CRT/TV screen. For additional experience you can also play this with f.lux set to max night settings. ;-)