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  1. kimo_xvirus

    Plutonia 2 Demos [-complevel 4]

    Map01 UV Pacifist/UV Speed in 00:16.26 p201-016.zip
  2. kimo_xvirus

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E3M1 UV Max in 1:00.11 e3m1-0100.zip I hope people don't feel intimidated by my long txt, I was just in the mood for blabbering :-)
  3. kimo_xvirus

    Nomonster speedrunning

    That is one impressive demo. Really good SR50
  4. Oh You're right, it's unfortunate, we had some slower time 0:55 (I think) which I've lost. I talked a bit about my trip in Germany in that demo's txt, I should not use demo txts as a blog lol :)
  5. I've been too lazy to wrap up these 2 demos. Finally here they are The coop demo was from back in August, when I was in Germany in a Course Study Trip The Ultimate Doom E3M1 Coop UV Max in 0:50 with Termrork Final Doom: Plutonia Map11 Coop UV Speed in 0:36 with Termrork Memento Mori 2 Map01 UV Max in 1:14 kimocn.zip
  6. kimo_xvirus

    PRCP -nomonsters pack

    Map06 in 50.83 I looked back at my Map30 Run, played it back with -trace_thingshealth and found out that in my run actually only my 1st rocket was needed to kill Romero and not all 3 as I first thought, this then reminded me of Akse's full TAS Run of Scythe where kills Romero's head with 1 rocket too. This can happen on this map if you try to time the rocket on the lift like I did, because only then can you get the direct + splash damage of the rocket. pv06o50.83.zip
  7. kimo_xvirus

    Doom 2 Done Turbo Quicker (TAS) (finished)

    Great Demo! First time I see really optimized Turbo Doom runs, and it turned out to be quite entertaining to watch :) As for Map10, your demo looks difficult to improve, maybe you could try to round the corners differently, try to go for even more monsters wallruns and maybe a wallrun at the end like in this demo lv10-026 could save a tic. Remember the .23 are 8 tics, Good Luck!
  8. kimo_xvirus

    PRCP -nomonsters pack

    Alright Map30 in 0:33.80 pv30o33.80.zip
  9. kimo_xvirus

    PRCP -nomonsters pack

    Map14 in 39.51 Map30 in 1:31.37 kimoprcp.zip
  10. kimo_xvirus

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    What's the song in Beluga from?
  11. kimo_xvirus

    FDC # 10

    I'm ready, I hope it's over fast as well :)
  12. kimo_xvirus

    FDC # 10

    Make it 14:00 UTC and I can probably participate
  13. kimo_xvirus

    Doom2 4-player built nomonster full run

    Have you tried to get a boost in map05 to get blue key as soon as the wall lowers?
  14. wow, you crushed kimo's expectations. I had forgotten, my map13's run was actually 50 seconds :P
  15. Map01 UV Max in 2:13 Map02 UV Max in 2:45 kimopccp.zip
  16. kimo_xvirus

    Compet-n Resurrected

    I think the problem is the resolution change from Doom's text to the game, so your suggestion wouldn't solve it as still the command line interpreter would run Doom's text then the splash screen. The only solution it seems is to fix the SDL code, or hack vanilla doom.
  17. kimo_xvirus

    Compet-n Resurrected

    I discussed this problem before here In short DOSBox uses SDL, SDL has a problem, it doesn't capture the input perfectly during the text startup, because of internal resolution change or something. The lock on then the sudden mouse twitch is also because of too much input during text startup, the best you can do at startup in DOSBox is (forward + turn) (strafe left/right + turn) or maybe (strafe50), you can't do (straferun + turn), although you could in DOS/Win95/98/2000/XP The one wait tic changes the RNG, it also possibly makes demos under prboom+/choco impossible to ever replicate tic by tic in Vanilla. It can also be disadvantageous when people compete for ticks in nomonster runs, for example dew's map01 NoMo run in 05.20 is deserving to be equal to 5.17, because he starts moving one tick late, than all the runners who ran the map in Vanilla.
  18. kimo_xvirus

    Compet-n Resurrected

    Doom Ports don't replicate the input in Vanilla Doom's fast start and possibly the start of 2nd, 3rd, etc.. maps in a movie run. In Chocolate Doom and PrBoom, if players press movement keys during the splash screen and turn the mouse, the demo recorded has actually the first tic as a Wait Tick, 2nd tick has whatever the player pressed + the turn, that was applied because of the splash screen. How it's done in Vanilla Doom, is that during the text startup, you could move the mouse and press/hold keys, the mouse turn is applied at the first tic, and the keys are applied as if they're held for 4-9 tics (varies but in DOSBox it's nearly always 5 or 6), then you get the splash screen where you can have input again that's applied normally for 1 tic. For example here's a typical vanilla demo with fast start, Adam Hegyi's n1m1-009# 1 (0.2s) GF50 SL40 TL31 * Input During Text Screen * # 2 (0.5s) GF50 SL40 * Carried on Keyboard input from text screen * # 3 (0.8s) GF50 SL40 * Carried on Keyboard input from text screen * # 4 (0.11s) GF50 SL40 * Carried on Keyboard input from text screen * # 5 (0.14s) GF50 SL40 * Carried on Keyboard input from text screen * # 6 (0.17s) GF50 SL40 * Carried on Keyboard input from text screen * # 7 (0.20s) GF50 SL40 * The game appears in this moment during the splash screen * # 8 (0.22s) GF50 SL40 TL15 * Splash screen tic, varies from 5->10 randomly TL15 is the mouse movement that Adam did during the splash screen * # 9 (0.25s) GF50 SL40 # 10 (0.28s) GF50 SL40 # 11 (0.31s) GF50 SL40 # 12 (0.34s) GF50 SL40 # 13 (0.37s) GF50 SL40 # 14 (0.40s) GF50 SL40 TL1 # 15 (0.42s) GF50 SL40 TL1 # 16 (0.45s) GF50 SL40 TL1 # 17 (0.48s) GF50 SL40 # 18 (0.51s) GF50 SL40 # 19 (0.54s) GF50 SL40 # 20 (0.57s) GF50 SL40 Doom Demo Browser 2.0b2 displays the tics like these, if you have a Compet-N Demos mirror, you can point to the directory and browse the demos with ease. This is the norm for the start of 95% of Vanilla Demos, there are other demo starts with a pattern of their own, which I haven't managed to find a way to replicate them, and I don't know exactly what causes them. They could be only replicable under certain OSes and certain conditions. A few of them are Xit's pl27-048# 1 (0.2s) GF50 SR40 TR8 # 2 (0.5s) GF50 SR40 # 3 (0.8s) GF50 SR40 TR1 * This is too early for splash screen? * # 4 (0.11s) GF50 SR40 # 5 (0.14s) GF50 SR40 # 6 (0.17s) GF50 SR40 # 7 (0.20s) GF50 SR40 TR2 # 8 (0.22s) GF50 SR40 # 9 (0.25s) GF50 SR40 # 10 (0.28s) GF50 SR40 Vincent's ev28-118# 1 (0.2s) WT * One WT tick like in PrBoom+ * # 2 (0.5s) GF15 SL40 TR2 * GF15 (novert off) and TR2 is from mouse * # 3 (0.8s) SL40 # 4 (0.11s) SL40 # 5 (0.14s) SL40 # 6 (0.17s) SL40 # 7 (0.20s) SL40 # 8 (0.22s) SL40 # 9 (0.25s) SL40 Vincent's nm14-043# 1 (0.2s) WT * One WT tick like in PrBoom+ * # 2 (0.5s) GF50 TR29 # 3 (0.8s) GF50 # 4 (0.11s) GF50 # 5 (0.14s) GF50 # 6 (0.17s) GF50 # 7 (0.20s) GF50 TR5 # 8 (0.22s) GF50 TR3 # 9 (0.25s) GF50 TR1 # 10 (0.28s) GF50 TR2 # 11 (0.31s) GF50 TR2 # 12 (0.34s) GF50 SL40 TR3 # 13 (0.37s) GF50 SL40 TR2 # 14 (0.40s) GF50 SL40 TR1 # 15 (0.42s) GF50 SL40 # 16 (0.45s) GF50 SL40 The start of these 2 of Vince's demos are like most PrBoom+ demos, it means it maybe possible to get the Vanilla Demos' starts to be like in PrBoom, but I know of no other vanilla demo like this. I remember a few other oddities from long past, but I haven't noted them.
  19. kimo_xvirus

    Heretic v1.3+ (fixes several problems)

    4. put PrBoom+ like timer
  20. kimo_xvirus

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    I actually tried tyson for this map in 2010, and had a time of 5:22. I have sent a number of demos, but Vince has never put them in /incoming. I'm attaching all the demos that I have done since the last update. All were done in 2010 except 2 were in 2012. The nomo demos, I recorded with the stats screen, and then I cut till the last tic with a hex editor and time them. I have included the cutted demos in 'nomonsters.zip' I might get to do serious heretic speedrunning in the summer :) kimoheretic.zip
  21. WTF THIS IS TRULY TRULY AMAZING! The chances of 12s happening on map02 are astronomical, possibly not even ultimately hypothetically possible, you need to save 0.6 and the glide was from about 05.71 to 05.94 + preserving your speed won't save more than a few tics. Have we ever seen an instant guideless glide btw? I liked the quirks in map06: the door boosts popularized by Looper and the keygrab The only built thing I've done since, was make a 52s continuation after Rambo's map12 rj run, I'm sure with your building skills you can make 51s. 33s on map12 will be hard though ;) I think update per map will be too fast for little action, do the update when you finish the episode or the whole game. Let us know when you'll work on it again :)
  22. Map13 UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:11 with 2 routes pv13-011.zip
  23. Real World 2 Map01 UV Speed in 0:05 Map02 UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:04 Doom 2 Reloaded Map31 UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:05 Map31 Secret Exit UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:11 kimomisc.zip