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  1. No idea what you just said but I will take that as a no, you aren't planning on coming.
  2. Anyone going this year? I'm going to be in the area and am definitely thinking about checking it out with some friends. I've always wanted to go. Would be cool to meet up with some doomers and play some odamex or maybe even doom2.exe. Plus I think there going to talk about Doom 4. It's the first weekend in August 2-5 in Dallas, TX
  3. aca

    Odamex Community Grab Bag server

    http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=15466 here's my wad I hope you like it :)
  4. Hey I need some suggestions on what to get my girlfriend and the rest of my family for christmas... What are you guys getting your loved ones? I'm only looking to spend like $50USD on each person and last year I had real crappy presents, I made a homemade card for my mom with a gift certificate to apple store and edible panties and flavored condoms for my girlfriend which didn't go over too well..
  5. aca

    Have ever you cried?!

    The first time a girl let me cum in her butt and I watched her squirt it back out. Yea... that made me cry.
  6. aca

    Budget Micro ATX Options

    Micro ATX is great. I just built my parents one and I'm thinking about upgrading my own shit to one.
  7. aca


    My girlfriend's cat, Bootleg. It's this new kind of breed that was genetically engineered by the government to be more friendly and dog-like. I'm not joking, look it up. It's called a Ragdoll. It's really vocal, follows you around from room to room and even will bring a ball back you throw for it. Don't tell her, but I think the cat likes me more then her.
  8. aca

    Doom on Droid? Not Anymore

    My only question: is it better then the port for the iphone? That one really blows...
  9. aca

    Doom Turns Sixteen

    As usual, your doctor recommended daily dose of regurgitated bullshit from the community. BCDM3 should have won last year... and this year.
  10. aca

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    And we can all thank Massachusetts too, for bringing us Thanksgiving... The best state...
  11. aca

    Doomworld confessions

    Have you always been so gullible?
  12. yea apparently. fucking haterz
  13. aca

    Doomworld confessions

    I've snorted heroin 8 times, smoked it twice, Probably sniffed ~200 lines of cocaine, and I've done ketamine 3 times; ate roughly 30 ecstasy pills in my life, and hundreds of pain/prescription pills, and probably smoked over 1,000 blunts; Oh yea fucked my sister too
  14. I demand people turn off shitty quality digital music they're playing. Now, I'm no audiofaggot who wont listen to anything lower than 320kbps Ogg Vorbis FLAC h.264 bullshit, but come on, who really can listen to anything under 128kbps and why would you want too? It completely ruins the song and just gives me a headache. This has happened to me twice driving with other people listening to their ipod. Both times I was told by multiple people in the car that there really was no difference and I'm just a snob. I beat even Helen Keller could make the difference between a 48kbps and 128kbps. What do you guys think
  15. Found out yesterday morning, and I've been going nuts since, telling every person one I run into. I know some of you are probably just as shocked as I am, but you better lock your doors, terror is on its way.

    I can't describe to you guys how awesome it feels. It's due the 1st of June. We weren't planning on this, and it definitely changes things but I know things are going to turn out great. I really can't imagine having a kid with someone else then my girlfriend.

    Name suggestions??

    I was thinking Augustine if its a girl, not sure for a boy though. If it's a girl it's going to have its mom's last name, a boy, my last name. I think that's pretty fair way to do it. You think I should pick his internet handle too?

    Fuck Lego Star Wars, his first game is gonna be Doom of course. =D

    I'll keep you guys posted. I'm probably gonna be around a lot more helping out my baby momma at home

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    2. Fredrik



      The most annoying misspelling in the English language, wrapped up in a name.

    3. 40oz


      Fredrik said:


      The most annoying misspelling in the English language, wrapped up in a name.

      omg that's awful (because that's my name except with an a instead of an e.)

      The most common mispelling of it was Jonathon though.

    4. Johnny


      hahahha aca!! holy shit! congratulations bud. i feel like it was just yesterday you called my house completely wasted and were flipping off aliens in your backyard. now you're spitting out babies! good times.