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  1. esco

    esco off

    ¦]-~ Who says dat they can't change dat outcome? And last I checked you said dat "bitching" to Ling wouldn't do me any fuckin' good either.... look who da flip was wrong! And I'll tell ya'll peeps somethin... yes I did have da power of a mod (delete/move/close threads, viewing da admin forum, editing ANYONE's posts) and I had a chance to wreak havoc upon these fuckin' forums! But.... did I do any of dat..... NO!! Ling helped me out and did me a huge favor.... he actually trusted dat I wouldn't start actin' like an ass and messin' with da forums.... dat's cuz he knows I'm not an asshole! I don't fuck peeps over dat is nice to me or help me out! You best believe dat!
  2. esco

    where the hell is deadnail

  3. esco

    Relationship problems...

    YUMMY!!!!! By da way dawg...... what ya feelin' guilty about? Don't tell me ya did what I think ya did..............
  4. esco

    I had ANOTHER wierd ass dream last night...

    YO, dat reminds me of mah WORST NIGHTMARE EVA!!!!! I was makin' out with dis fine-ass latin/native american honey, with a nice capuccino skin-tone, long brownish-black hair, and a gorgeous body! I got all of her clothes off except for her draws, and it's all goin good.... not a flaw on her gorgeous, soft, sweet smellin body. Then I take off them nice purple panties of hers.... I shit you not when I say I woke up and screamed OH FUCK NO!!! ........bro, she had nothing but a patch of skin and hair, with no hole whatsoeva!!! NOW IF DAT AIN'T DA SCARIEST THING SHIT IN DA WORLD... I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS! I mean, if she had a dick, it would have at least explained somethin (and I could have kicked him/it in it), but there just wasn't a hole for me ta stick mah shit into (in da front, I don't check da backroads!)... not to mention da lil' honey was so fuckin' fine! Now dat is some freaky shit, ON DA REAL! Imagine havin' a fine lookin' woman, dat you just couldn't fuck cuz it was physically impossible!!! /me balls up into an emotionally scarred ball in da corner and starts cryin' like a lil' 2-cent bitch/
  5. esco

    Relationship problems...

    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, me wants, me wants! I'll bring da Magic Kool-aid (TM), dawg!
  6. esco

    where the hell is deadnail

    Yo, check your instant messages... I'll tell ya how to do it there! EDIT: WHOOPSS!! I meant PRIVATE messages. Da DW PM system, mah bad. And keep dat shit quiet, aight?
  7. esco

    where the hell is deadnail

    WTF IS DIS SHIT SUPPOSED TA BE, DAWG! |]-~ A FUCKIN' CYCLOPS OR SOMETHIN!!!??? /me bitch slaps Submerge for bastardizing da almighty stoned smiley/
  8. esco

    Relationship problems...

    Wtf is you on, pritch? Whateva it is, you need to pass some of dat shit ova here! Come on, don't be greedy now.... share da wealth! ¦]
  9. esco

    where the hell is deadnail

    THE Danarchist: three words...... GET HELP MOTHAFUCKA!!!! (or is dat four words! Ah, who gives a fuck!) :P (Heh, some funny shit!) deadnail: shit, if it makes ya feel any better dawg.... I don't give a fuck dat you ain't here! Now crawl back into da assshole of da world dat ya crawled out of! Dat's a good bitch! :P Damn, can't ya'll mothafuckas leave da man alone! It's gotten so dat a mothafucka can't even smoke weed, drink, fuck bitches, and commit mass fuckin' murder at da local elementary school in peace any more! Ain't dat a bitch! ¦]-~
  10. esco

    why IE sucks (with actual mem usage proof)

    Hey deathwarrior.... nice post count! If ya know what I mean! :P
  11. esco

    I had ANOTHER wierd ass dream last night...

    Duuuuuhhhhhh..... no shit, Lüt! :P Actually yo, I just did it like dat so dat he would know I was gonna send it to him. Fred: check yo mail in a few... it should be there. I'm gonna send ya bmp with da palette in it. I hope you gots a program dat will let ya view palettes!
  12. esco

    I had ANOTHER wierd ass dream last night...

    Dat pic could also look off like dat due to da large amount of makeup she probably put all over her face for dat photo shoot! ROFLMFGAOWSDFBMGM! (Rollin' on da floor laughin' mah fuckin' ghetto ass off while smokin' da fat blunt macvilewhore gave me) Apparently so! -_- Oh and by da way Fred... what's yo email address? I figured dat since ya gave me so much advice and ya seem to know what you is doin, I could send you a copy of da palette I came up with me and you tell me what ya think of it. As long as you ain't gonna show it ta no one else of course.... or I'll have to send mah dawg BBG after ya! :P Tobester: dang.... you really need ta stop smokin' so much! :P
  13. esco

    Relationship problems...

    :)- :)-! :)-~ ¦)-~~ ¦]-~~ ¦]-~ ¦]- ¦] _ ¦] /me goes lookin' for some munchies/
  14. esco

    I had ANOTHER wierd ass dream last night...

    Ummmmm... for ya'll peeps that don't know for sure.... YES, dat is what a WOMAN looks like! :P And da reason da pic looks off slightly is because most "professional" photogrophers touch up their pics of singers/models/actresses so dat any flaws dat they might have don't show up in da pics (ex. scars, blemishes, etc.). It supposed ta add more "sex appeal" to em!
  15. esco


    Eh? Where da fuck did mah post in dis thread go?