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  1. I'LL TAKE TWELVE No seriously, I just might be up for this. I'm wayyyyy rusty (literally have not mapped in almost two years) but I am positive I could find time in two years to make one damn room. :P Also HOLY DAMMIT was 13 years of Doom really 4+ years ago?! WHERE HAS MY LIFE GONE
  2. newt

    United mod!

    What he said. Though it is a very creative abuse (that's an understatement) of DEHACKED. It's like Doom 2 with ADHD. I couldn't get past MAP02. I seem to keep dying at random. Anyone who could actually get through the game in this condition deserves a medal. Also lol, useless BMP.
  3. newt

    NDCP2: Bugfixing thread

    Alright, if that's all that needs to be done then it's taken care of. Yes. It's been a long while, but IIRC someone who playtested it in Legacy suggested this... but if generalized crushers don't work then it pretty much defeats the point I suppose. I was hoping to send the maps over yesterday morning but as it stands I haven't had any internet access at home for the past two days. As soon as Concast stops being obnoxious I will send it ASAP.
  4. newt

    NDCP2: Bugfixing thread

    Bugs? What bugs? :P Before I send it on over, one question: MAP23 also utilizes another generalized trigger for lowering a floor triggered by another imp. Should this be changed as well? I'm thinking perhaps it is just the generalized crusher type that is not supported but I wanted to make sure first. It's been eons since I've done any serious mapping. Super glad that this is getting the overhaul it deserves, at long last!
  5. Game Informer Magazine has reached 200 issues, and in commemoration they have compiled a list of the Top 200 Games Of All Time. Doom is ranked in sixth place. Id Software's Wolfenstein 3D threw out the first pitch when it came to popularizing the first-person shooter, but Doom knocked it out of park, giving the genre the kick start it needed to rule the gaming landscape two decades later. Who could forget the first time they chainsawed a demon or pulled the trigger on the BFG9000? More important than the awesome weapons and setting is the inception of Internet-enabled deathmatches; legend has it that Doom co-creator John Romero coined the term. Opening up John Carmack's brilliant engine to the masses started the first widespread modding community, resulting in endless user content distributed over bullentin board systems, and providing training grounds for many of today's top designers. This December 2009 issue is delivered in eight unique cover designs; one of these eight features none other but the Pinky Demon, in all its pixelated glory.
  6. Game Informer Magazine has reached 200 issues, and in commemoration they have compiled a list of the Top 200 Games Of All Time. Doom is ranked in sixth place. This December 2009 issue is delivered in eight unique cover designs; one of these eight features none other but the Pinky Demon, in all its pixelated glory.
  7. Ah, you've got me there. And, true enough, HL2 was not terribly revolutionary for its time. Although I wouldn't say it's a completely fair comparison, as HL2 (IMO) made for a much better sequel than Doom 3 did, it's a fair point there. I will agree that HL was much more important, influential and revolutionary at the time it was released, and I'm as it was very new and unique it obviously had more entertainment value in its time than the sequel did. But as far as FPS of this decade are concerned, I still consider HL2 to be one of the best, most balanced, most varied etc etc that have been released since 2001 or so. When you look at the competition, that's not all that impressive, but even if it didn't take a step forward I don't consider it any less fun than its predecessor. And neither your position or mine on this point is factual, because it has no objective basis whatsoever--it completely relies on what either of us considers to be entertaining in reference to a time frame or a genre or what have you. There does need to be perspective in reference to time, I agree, but that becomes problematic. With each new revolution it becomes more difficult to make another; games have been borrowing ideas from each other for decades, at which point I begin to wonder why bothering trying to make a list at all. Nevertheless, you'll certainly be more hard-pressed to find something truly ingenious that has been produced in the past ten years than in the ten years prior, at which point you have to be willing to say that a newer game that wasn't as breathtaking or new was still better than the rest at the time. I do agree that HL2 shouldn't have been so high on the list, or at the least not higher than HL1 (and Doom), I do. But it's just a damn list, after all. Nobody has to agree with it. It is what it is.
  8. What's wrong with saying HL2 is better than HL1? It took the same basic formula, added some more variety, fleshed out the story, expanded the physics and puzzle concepts, and polished it to a sheen with all them fancy graphics and animation to boot. HL was revolutionary for certain--with that I cannot and would not argue--but HL2 was the logical next step. It is tremendously difficult to follow a revolution with another revolution in sequence. So they took what they did with the revolution and improved upon it. The game was still far from perfect, and it lacks the same nostalgia, but just because the first game was a serious revolution does not automatically make it the better of the two--just the more important. It's still a fantastic game to this day, but I like its successors just as much for other reasons. Also, what Mr. Freeze said. No matter how objectively you try to look at this, these are still all positions based on opinion--nothing more.
  9. Whoa, this started an interesting argument. Could (should) have seen that coming. It's some stupid list made by some stupid magazine. Don't read so much into it other than that Doom got some good recognition (whether it was good enough or not), and that a vast majority of the games on the list were worthy at least of being included, whether they deserved the particular spot they "earned." For what it's worth, the way I interpret the list--and most "top" lists for that matter--is based not on how good the placements were, but their historical value and overall influence on the current shape of the industry. Doom was unarguably the archetype that paved the way for the first person shooter genre and 3D design; but even I, who has played Doom more than every other game combined 10 fold over the past 13 years, wouldn't consider it worthy, in terms of its influence, of a #1 spot. Even if half of all the games that come out today are shooters anymore. I consider Zelda and Super Mario Bros. fairly deserving of the top spots, because they set standards that are still greatly followed today. Zelda itself could be considered hugely influential when one considers the elements of action/fighting, adventure, role-playing and story that initiated similar trends that continue today. The game might not have been the most fun or the best, and personally I've never gotten into any of the Zelda franchise, but I think that's fairly monumental. And likewise, Super Mario Bros. set the standards for sidescrolling and platformers--you get the idea. GTAIII could arguably be seen as (one of) the most important trendsetter for sandbox/free-roaming gameplay that has recently become more and more popular, and it too has had a considerable impact on third-person shooters. I'm not sure it deserves a spot above so many other earlier titles, but it's there nonetheless. I would certainly argue that HL and HL2's spots should be switched--but HL2 is certainly tremendous when it comes down to the fact that it put a major spin on how story and character development are weaved into a game and gameplay that several new titles owe influence to, and above all it created a very involved environment in terms of design. HL was certainly more revolutionary, and probably does deserve that higher spot, but alas. Of course, by my argument, this list is far from perfect. But it's just a list. Personally, if any game should get #1 for influence it's probably Pong. But that owes its inception to previous attempts at interactivity, so where do you stop? No list will ever be perfect and they can be interpreted so many damn ways nobody will be entirely satisfied anyway. TL;DR : It's a decent enough list for the games that are included, and if you don't agree with it (I don't entirely at all either) who gives a fuck.
  10. Oh hey, it made it. I feel all special inside. I've really never much cared for game magazines or "top" lists, but I figured it was worth the mention. It doesn't have so much to do with the fact that it's high in the list but that it is in the list at all--as DuckRecon said, it's for the recognition. Who knows, maybe some casual lamecakes who've never heard of it would pick it up and give it a whirl now. ...Nahhh. But wouldn't that be nifty?
  11. newt

    Doom Used in Study of Dreams and Learning

    Fascinating. I've had Doom dreams on a sporadic basis, and they are often pixel-perfect to the original graphics. Seems to me the level design in dreams is a bit cooler, though. :P If a study like this ever comes around here, I am definitely signing up.
  12. newt

    G.I Suck

    I didn't have to go see this movie to know it would suck--I got that plenty fine from the trailers. The saddest thing I have ever heard any person say all year was a high school freshman who said that this was the best movie he had ever seen. Pathetic.
  13. newt

    Young Doomers: Why this game?

    Childhood certainly is the most obvious answer to this. I've been playing Doom for about twelve years, since I was 6 years old give or take. In fact, I played the Mac version of Wolf3D before even that. In terms of shooters, I didn't know anything else for a long time; among the first "modern" shooters I played were Quake II (much later than it was released), TimeSplitters 2 and the PS2 version of Half-Life. Now that I've come to play more and more shooters released throughout the time between Wolf3D up to the present day, I feel I can objectively say that fundamentally, shooters haven't really progressed a lot in the past 17 years. Sure, graphic engines have evolved greatly; sure, the addition of scripted events, cinematics and NPCs, vehicles, and so on have spiced things up. But at the core, most games still have the same basic idea: Linear progression, run and shoot, run and shoot, drive and shoot, run and shoot. And that's okay. Though I feel that the complete and utter simplicity of Doom and Wolfenstein are no longer enough to satisfy my tastes, it is a formula that works. However, in the past three or four years, games have gone more and more from sheer simplicity to bogged down excess. Elements like regenerating health are tacked on to every title because it's the popular thing to do, and games become more cookie-cutter unoriginal and easy. In this sense, one could argue FPS titles have begun to take steps backwards to appeal to more casual audiences (as most games have). And that's why Doom has remained a game that, while lately less frequently, is one I enjoy immensely. The tried and true simplicity of the gameplay has not entirely kept my interest in more recent years, but it is a more than welcome retreat from the most recent titles which look and play more and more the same, each utilizing a formula which simply removes much of what made older shooters so much fun. It's a damn shame.
  14. newt

    Level with a most epic feeling?

    Three words: Phocas Island 2. I can't think of any other Doom mapset I've played that gave me a greater sense of grandiose. Most of Hellcore 2.0 and UTNT is pretty epic. IC2004/IC2005 are as well. And Phobos: Anomaly Reborn. And of course DV/DVII, but those are a given. And I see plenty that have been suggested that I would easily second. I would definitely say Blackrock was incredibly epic as well, if not more so.
  15. It would appear that one of the files included with 666_DEMONS (which were all DB backup files left intact to be a nuisance just to add to crap factor--thanks for that) which I neglected to clear out is corrupted, though the rest seem to extract just fine. However, given that these also contribute to a much larger filesize, which more than likely discourages most from checking out an otherwise very worthwhile (believe it or not) collection of terrible WADs, I've reuploaded it--at two different locations this time if anyone has trouble with either. It should be noted that 666_Demons contains 12MB of textures and graphics which I am 9001% positive have almost all gone unused, but I feel I should leave them intact for posterity. And I'm really, really lazy and also pretty tired. Here are the new links. You'll be glad to know the zip is now 1/4 its original size. http://www.mediafire.com/?qnjtoiyjnnt http://www.sendspace.com/file/bu8iqm
  16. newt

    Who still loves singleplayer???

    I typically play SP and rarely play online, not that I don't find it very worthwhile and entertaining when you get on with a bunch of friends and not some random asshats from another corner of the web. I feel I'm one of the few Doomers that finds modern shooters worthwhile, however. I admire Doom and similar games from its era for their brilliant simplicity, but the tried and true get-key-and-kill-monsters-and-get-key-and-kill monsters formula (a formula which has been adopted by hack-and-slash games, of all things) got old for me at least two years ago. Given that a very large chunk of my life between 1996 and 2004 were spent playing thousands upon thousands of Doom WADs that have ultimately become a blur, it's no wonder I've come to look for a little bit more bang for the buck in later years. That is certainly not to say that a vast majority of modern shooters aren't mediocre (and *certain* ones vastly overrated), but there are plenty worth playing IMO.
  17. Crosspooooooooost! DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?4rnqz2nkwkn WINNER: Darkwave17, "TH3 L33T M4P" RUSTY: So many of the original Doom levels, and later, the community levels, were designed with the intent of putting the player through Hell. Some of them do a remarkable job at communicating an environment of unholy suffering, all-consuming pain, and endless violence. Unfortunately, though, no map will ever come anywhere near to portraying a true hell as thoroughly as Darkwave's entry Darkwave17. This is not hyperbole. Playing this map is an utterly torturous ordeal. Most of the entries had some profoundly bad elements, including massively tall doors/elevators, totally illogical texture choices, rampant cyberdemon abuse, stuck monsters, doors behind doors behind doors behind doors, and hallways the ends of which could barely be seen--but Darkwave17 has ALL of these, and many more which can scarcely be imagined. Nobody abused platform puzzles quite to this extent, for instance, and Darkwave took the time to make everything invisible on the automap. Darkwave17. Play it, and remember it. This is history being written, and it's Darkwave to thank. Or to blame. ACE: When I signed up to judge for this contest, I had certain expectations in my mind of how the submissions would be. And for most of the submissions, I wasn't far off the mark. Then I played Darkwave's submission. My suggestions for desirable qualities for submissions were pretty vague; the ultimate point I made is that variety is a plus, and the more ways the submissions are crappy, the better. Without a doubt, "TH3 L33T M4P" takes this suggestion and dares to make any honest, decent Doomer wish I had ever made it. Words simply cannot describe the sheer magnitude of suck--the suckitude, if you will--that emanates from this map. If variety is the spice of life, then this particular steaming maggot-infested turd is on fucking fire. This map is perfectly manufactured to be terrible in nearly every way thinkable. In fact, it's terrible in ways scientifically proven to be unthinkable. Impossible platforming, major sections hidden by secret doors, traps of all kinds are present; to top it off, the map is essentially the most daunting switch hunt known to man. Make any mistake, and this map WILL punish you--and then rub the wounds in battery acid, barbecue a few live kittens and violate your mother. Scratch that, actually; it does all of this unprovoked. It does so merely by its very existence, to the very finish, a goal which is only attainable in theory. I think it can be said with the inception of this map that history's worst Doom WAD has been created. Don't believe it? Try it for yourself. But be forewarned: you will never feel whole again. Congratulations, Darkwave. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. RUNNERS-UP "Oops, I Did It Again" by DarckRedd ACE: The revelation that through listening to a MIDI rendition of the masterpiece by one Britney Spears herself I find that I somehow manage to know more than a handful of the lyrics to the song is in fact one of the least aggravating aspects of this entry. In fact, had it been a wee bit more evil than it was, I would not have been able to myself decide whether I preferred Darkwave's entry or this--it's just that close. Initially, it presents itself as an almost innocuous contender; however, as the map and the mind-numbing reiterations of "I played with your heart, got lost in the game" drag on, the map gets progressively worse, and is nearly as impossible to figure out as our winning contender. It's ugly, it's difficult, and it gave me an aneurysm (whatever that is). A submission more than worthy of runner-up status. RUSTY: This one doesn't quite approach the absurdities of Dark17, but the effort devoted to causing frustration and existential angst is remarkable. The MIDI music is just icing on the cake. It will make every newbie's first map of the future a thousandfold better by comparison, rather than merely rivaling them in "quality". It's confusing, it's aggravating, it's long. In this case, it's not that the most original elements of awwfulness are present; they are, however, present in harmony and in great quantity, making this entry a very worthy runner-up. "AASHITTY: The Unnecessarily Long Subtitle (Not Its Actual Subtitle)" by Wills RUSTY: AASHITTY required a couple playthroughs to really grasp the strangeness and terror present. It seems so much an eight-year-old's tribute to thrash metal, but reveals itself to be a sinister facsimile, confusing, ugly, and difficult. The author took a slightly different approach in that not everything is constructed with pretended mapping incompetence, but is instead all done in a mostly-competent (1995-ish) but very displeasing manner. Play it--it's an experience to cherish. ACE: Picture yourself. You've loaded up a random WAD, wondering what it has in store, and the first image you see is a gargantuan texture of Metallica plastered across the screen, accompanied by a MIDI rendition of the worldwide #1 hit pop single, "Master of Sock Puppets." But behind the facade of what appears to be a fairly harmless and mildly amusing joke wad lies a force to be reckoned with. Switches hidden halfway across the map, endless hallways, and impossible arena combat that would make even the mightiest Lombax cringe in whiny, sniveling cowardice all lie within, with a couple nasty death traps peppered in for good measure. Don't let the friendly appearance of the Hammy the Bacon (if that IS his real name) posters strewn across the corridors fool you; this map is another kind of master. A Master of Torture. Honorable Mentions: Best New Texture: Roomofdoom by aaargh RUSTY: This map was, unfortunately, all-but-disqualified for freezing my computer every time I attempted to play it; I could, luckily, play long enough to see this. Author "aaargh" has graced us with clearly the best new texture in any contest entry. Best (Worst) Music: "The Big Crap Bag" by JustSomeMusicGuy ACE: By default, TBCB had to be disqualified for using DECORATE (though the effect was a lovely touch). However, it did feature the musical equivalent of cramming a large high-speed rotating drill in one ear and a squealing radioactive mutant infant in the other. Even if I didn't happen to have a thing for trashy, unintelligent and oft-drunk but attractive has-been pop singer women, I would probably still dislike this song even more than "Oops." Congratulations! Best Visual Effect: shitty by Nomad RUSTY: Surreal. Innovative. Big. The climactic moments of Nomad's entry present structures to fit all these adjectives. Perhaps you, too, will experience the delighted/horrified laughter that I did. Best (Crappiest) Disqualifed Entry: "SUCKMAP" by Giftmacher ACE: This map is really, really bad. So bad, in fact, that it can't be won. No, really. Don't even try. There's no exit anywhere in the map, and the first locked door happens to require a key you will not get. It may not be completable, but if this isn't crappy, I don't know what is. Best Puzzle: stupidwad by deathdealer RUSTY: Thank you, deathdealer. Fatal nearly took this award with the barrel hallway (describable only as "inspired", but not really a "puzzle"), but this section of stupidwad presents a profound parody of the switch-hunting and copy/paste abuse so prevalent in all level design today, and especially Doom's. Best Story: "AASHITTY: The Subtitle That Killed A Thousand Orphan Babies (Not Really, But Really)" by Wills ACE: A number of the entries were accompanied by quite humorous text files, like "Masterpiece of Shit" by LogicDeLuxe, "HELCANYN" by InsanityBringer, and "Hellgate" by Nixont, which all used the standard /idgames format, but were typewritten not in English, but in l33t-/n00b-sp38k. It is AASHITTY that went all out with this opportunity, however; its title (i.e., its subtitle) is so long that it takes up at least 137% of the text file's horizontal scroll space and will not even be posted here, and included is a story that is a welcome and quite funny twist on the original Doom story. Well worth a read, and most certainly made for a good laugh. Best Monster Placement: "Down's" By Fatal AKA "Commie Bastard" ACE: Of all the work that was put into making these submissions truly terrible, I must say that no amount of work impresses me as much as the monstrosity of stucked cyberdemons, cacodemons, pain elementals, mancubi and revenants in what can only be described as the biggest anti-climax of a monster orgy battle in Doom history. Bonus points for an unexpected effect in ZDoom and derivatives, which just looks amazing. In closing: RUSTY: These maps were really, really bad. REALLY BAD. I've had Doom experiences that I hopefully never will again. The "quality" of these maps ironically speaks only of the actual skill of the mappers, because it takes true creativity and knowledge to beat hordes of newbie mappers at their own game. I won't soon forget this, and I can really only thank all the entrants. We're quick to criticize new mappers, but sometimes we lose ourselves in cynicism and forget that once we were all terrible at this. Enjoy these maps, and next time, help that new kid make a door and an elevator and a staircase. Nobody wants any more of these maps than is truly necessary. Enough preaching! These maps suck. Play them, share them, and love them all! The Abyss extends a massive thanks to everyone who entered! DOWNLOAD LINK AGAIN: http://www.mediafire.com/?4rnqz2nkwkn -- For posterity, here is the original post, which has much fancier formatting that Rusty was kind enough to take the time to put together: http://abyss.internetlantic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=550 Thanks to all the contestants who put each of us through hell! Be sure to download the zip and play these submissions, because it is truly remarkable just how bad they are. It was really a treat to see JUST how many ways a map could be bad, and there were loads more than I would've thought. I am impressed--and terribly concerned. Give them a try... And good luck! You'll really, really need it. EDIT: aaargh, upon replaying your map in PrBoom+, it would appear that your map in fact doesn't completely lock up when triggering the switches, but the lag is nearly as unplayable. I don't believe we technically decided to call yours disqualified since it is technically completable, however, if that's more of a comfort. :P
  18. Hey, folks! Just a quick update, we played through all 23 (!) of the horrible, vile, putrid submissions this weekend, and Rusty and I have agreed on the winner and runners up and the terms by which we're splitting up the results. We're working on that right now, so you can expect the results to be in in a few days or so. We'll also be compiling the collection for all to play, and if you think you've played some bad maps... Well, you'll see. @Walter: Yep, your map came in fine. @Wills: You forgot, PROCRASTINATORS UNITE NEXT WEEK! :P
  19. I'd say the only levels I can think of that I absolutely hate off-hand would be MAP24 and MAP28. The rest of Doom II I mostly just dislike, because a large number of the levels are just gimmicks ("The Pit," "Tricks and Traps," "Barrels 'o' Fun," etc) and/or are ugly/not fun/what have you. Can't say there's much I hate in the original but the best is all in E1 anyway.
  20. Found a link in the comments of that article to another one which I think is a bit more in-depth and less end-all-be-all oriented. The last few paragraphs talk about evidence to the contrary. I admit, though, I'm fairly assured that at least a decent amount (let's say one third) of the time the link is true. Which makes me doubly worried considering I've done everything from music to mapping to art/design to writing and enjoyed all of it quite thoroughly. And my mom was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder around 2000. That probably doesn't help my chances, haha.
  21. Jesus, and I thought I was precise! Sounds great, I can't wait to see all you've got planned--and seriously, good luck because that's a TON of work. That tutorial should be interesting, too.
  22. newt

    Alt Death Who What?

    No problem. And of course you can change the first parameter around to increase/decrease the chances, 50% just seemed like a nice round number at the time. Cool death frames, by the way. :)
  23. newt

    Doomer's Peripherals Thread

    I use a TrackMan because I am to lazy to move my entire hand more precise? then I don't have to pick the mouse up and move it back. Also, no mouse pads. I have a Logitech keyboard too but it's old and really meh and has a bunch of hot keys I will never ever ever use ever.
  24. newt

    Alt Death Who What?

    It's been a loooooong time since I've worked with DECORATE but I'm fairly certain A_Jump is what you're looking for here. Such as: actor NashGore_DoomImp : DoomImp replaces DoomImp { states { Death: TROO A 0 A_Jump (128, 6) // 50% chance of jumping down 6 states to TROO V TROO I 8 TROO J 8 A_Scream TROO K 6 TROO L 6 A_NoBlocking TROO M -1 stop TROO V 0 A_SpawnDebris("NashGore_Gib9",0) TROO V 0 A_SpawnItem("NashGore_GibGenerator",0,0,0,0) TROO V 8 TROO W 8 A_Scream TROO X 6 TROO Y 6 A_NoBlocking TROO Z -1 stop