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  1. Ramon_Demestre

    Chocolate Doom

    Bug: When playing "3 Heures d'agonie" (3hafinal.wad) with vanilla DOOM2.EXE v1.9, when I change level, just after Intermission screen, I get a crash with message: Z_CheckHeap: block size does not touch the next block The crash does not occur when playing with chocolate-doom, which is a compatibility bug.
  2. Ramon_Demestre

    Doom95 and PrBoom not running correctly on Windows 95

    No, I am not paranoid, I just thought as you said before. But with VS 2012 MS did not support at first WinXP as a target platform (fixed now) and this means they decided to really drop XP, because you cannot just "Ignore" WinXP if you are making a compiler. After many complains, they decided to change this. You are right, you just need to stop testing to be incompatible, no need to purposely do it. I know I am using a very out-dated system however. 1) I use mainly Win98 2) This is so freaking cool to play old games and specially doom. 3) I realy think the real quantity of 9x machines is underestimated because 90% of 9x machines I saw were not connected to network. 4) For old hardware 9x is good and old hardware is necessary sometime for -- Acquisition PC (eg old ISA card that are not uncommon sometime for a 20y old extremly expensive setup) -- Old software like Doom. Win 9x is perfect because it offers you a real DOS execution for the old crappy dos drivers you need and a cool Win32 api alowing a ton of modern programms to run. I daily use for my work an ellipsometry setup at my labs working with a DOS acquisition program on a PC running Win98. For Doom, you may argue I should use old DOS ports, however lot of cool wads needs ZDoom/EE/PrBoom+, why should not I use them? I do not want to disturb anybody that does not care about Win9x I am a Doomer so I am a retro old legacy stupid dude. Thanks for reading.
  3. Ramon_Demestre

    Doom95 and PrBoom not running correctly on Windows 95

    I am aware of this, I am used to put FreeConsole instead of IsDebuggerPresent (takes no parameters and returns BOOL. FreeConsole will fail if gui program and I use no Debugger.) I do beleve like you MS Intentionally did this because Win95 end support, and making programs not working at all is the best solution to really drop support. I could fix somme exe this way (including MSV*80.DLLs). Somme time when I try to fix this way the programm just crashes at startup (not working at all) on w95 (Not w98+), including newers PrBoom+ @Blzut3 Yes, this is because newer Fmodex uses SetWaitableTimer and CreateWaitableTimer I tryed to put the older version of Fmodex but there are somme obscure importations errors (functions names are really stupid).
  4. Ramon_Demestre

    Doom95 and PrBoom not running correctly on Windows 95

    @com_tam_fan or any Win95 user For Doom 95 I suggest David Kay's dmousexp.zip patch I have a copy here : ftp://gillibert.homelinux.net/BINNT/dmousexp.zip For PrBoom 2.5.0, I made a fixed version for Win 95: ftp://gillibert.homelinux.net/BINNT/PrBoom250_Fixed.zip The latest PrBoom+ working I have is a cracked ftp://gillibert.homelinux.net/BINNT/PrBoom-plus- Eternity (latest version v3.40.37 "Gungnir") works nice and is a very good port. ZDoom 2.5.0 Is the latest I have working but without sounds. ZDoom 2.7.0 Works with small cracks, however you need to edit config witd notepad to change display resolution. and no sounds. ftp://gillibert.homelinux.net/BINNT/ZDoom270_Fixed.zip Maybe I will try more later. ZDoom 2.2.0 Works nice with sounds, recommended. I hope It helps ============================= @entryway functions not present on Win95 and used in PrBoom test build. IN portmidi.dll -- KERNEL32.DLL:IsDebuggerPresent -- KERNEL32.DLL:InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount do you realy need portmidi.dll? Does not SDL handles this allready? IN PrBoom-plus.exe -- KERNEL32.DLL:IsDebuggerPresent IN SDL_net.dll iphlpapi.dll Is imported and not present by default in Win95. However there are a lot of Win95 compatible SDL_net.dll builds. EDIT: Be shure you have set_process_afinity_mask 0 on prboom config. I put some newer SDL* instead of old ones becuse they just fixes things, olders are named "Old SDL*.dll" if you need them for PrBoom in config you should take a look at sdl_video_driver "x" try x = directx, windib, opengl There is also an environement var that affects all SDL programs. If you have problems with directx try: Start->Run or (Win+R) type DXDIAG A config box should apear. On the Display tab you should clic near "DirectDraw accelertion" the [Disable] button. Do not close dxdiag because you probably will want to enable it again after playing, unless you use no others directx programs. I beleve it has the same effect than "-emulate" for Doom95 Hope I am clear.
  5. Ramon_Demestre

    Danne's E1 is on /idgames

    I just finished your wad; very fun and pretty looking. I am sad it took me less than 2h to compleet it... Nice WAD, congratulations dannebubinga, I added it to the list of wads I will make a DVD with when I have more than 4.5GB of them.
  6. Ramon_Demestre

    Smoother weapon sprite animations - Released!

    Funny, The first thing I did when this thread started is that! (Flip pistol to make it left-handed again). Nice to see that other people share my vision of DooM.
  7. Excuse me if I am wrong. I remember that mouse accuracy and reactivity is much better when you set sdl_videodriver to directx because PrBoom+ will use direct-input and in-game mouse sensitivity will no more depend on desktop mouse settings; same for choco-Doom. However many people have problems with Win vista/7 and directX. I think you could try it. In my case I do not use any acceleration in any port, so it is much easer for me to have the same feeling in all of them EE is a very good port, and it does have a choco mouse acceleration settings. However I could never get a way to change acceleration factor and threshold like you can do in choco-Doom.
  8. Ramon_Demestre

    ZDL interface messed up on win7

    I made 2 new versions, this time, I disbled (NOPed) the call to USER32.DLL:SetWindowPos and I set to not grayed by default the lower part of dialog box. With this, it should work with any dpi settings. However, you will not have the Hide/Show details option, dialog is always in detailed mode. I although added a uzdl.exe (u for micro) wich has the very small dialog I made for 120dpi settings but who this time works with any dpi settings. http://gillibert.homelinux.net/BINNT/ZDLpp.zip If you like damn small clostrophobic layouts then give it a try...
  9. Ramon_Demestre

    ZDL interface messed up on win7

    Know I have fixed the problem. For information wat i did is just to make the dialog smaller; because the program resize its windows in a pixels fixed size and not relative to font size. So if you use something else than 120dpi, it will look bad! I know it is a stupid, quick and dirty hack... Still the same link: http://gillibert.homelinux.net/BINNT/120dpiZDL.zip Tested on XP this time.
  10. Ramon_Demestre

    ZDL interface messed up on win7

    Sorry, I had not tested on NT based os, just my Win98. I did that quickly. It seems that the exe is not valid for NT, that is strange, I thought I only made modifications with ResHacker. I am far from my PC for the moment and for all week; what you could do is just Copy/Past dialog resources from cracked one to a vanilla 3.1a with any resource editor. Sorry for bad exe
  11. Ramon_Demestre

    ZDL interface messed up on win7

    I made a 120dpi version for anyone interested. http://gillibert.homelinux.net/BINNT/120dpiZDL.zip It is based on version 3.1a I hope it helps!
  12. Ramon_Demestre

    Chocolate Doom - New Improved Formula

    What problems do you have with Chocolate-Doom? It Works fine with me On Win95B and WinNT3.51 (very early Win32 implementation). Did you try GDI mode? Is your computer realy powerfull enough to play via DOSBox? Fraggle did, I think a very good job for Chocolate-Doom, and, I think he is very likely to fix any remaining Win9x problems in a short or long futur. I would like to add that Vanilla DOOM will not always magically work on Win9x. It depends on your hardware and drivers. Even if I found drivers for AC'97 emulating SoundBlaster, you will usualy need a SoundBlaster compatible card to play with sounds. You can of course use PC-speaker on Both Win9x and WinNT3.x+. With Chocolate-Doom, you simply need to have drivers for your card, making this port very usefull even for 9x users. And do not forget network compatibility, to play with 32/64bit UNIXes, NT-OSes and Haiku PCs on LAN with your family.
  13. Ramon_Demestre

    Doom is like chess

    DOOM is like Chess boxing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_boxing
  14. Ramon_Demestre

    Thread of Vanilla Mapping Tricks

    You can make some interesting solid looking Vault in vanilla with uniform texture and full bright sector see Nemisis experiment: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=14036 For example.
  15. Ramon_Demestre

    GZdoom 1503 on win 98 Issues?

    Win98 has official drivers for Radeon9600 and Geforce 6x that can run DOOM3 smoothly! And GZDoom is smooth with a VooDoo III. I realy do not see why people Would update to XP which is slow as hell even on a pentium pro compared to win95/98/ME, considering that it does not offer you anything system speaking if all your hardwre is supported by Win9x and you have a single core. XP does not even allow you to have larger disk than 2TB which is the Win95 osr2.x+ limitation with MS-DOS compatibility mode or LBA48 patch.