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  1. suicidal pencil

    Stupid things you done in Doom 3

    which only lessens the distance their foot needs to kick your face off.
  2. suicidal pencil

    Stupid things you done in Doom 3

    an imp. Bastard got me from behind. Turned around to blow him away with teh shotgun, and the hell knight eviscerated me from behind. Oh, and I have fond memories of rampaging with the rocket launcher. I felt like a god with that thing...
  3. suicidal pencil

    Target Practice

    no one wants to give it a try :(
  4. suicidal pencil

    Sargeant Lame-O

    I don't care that he's a tacky boss, I'm just glad I got to shut him up.
  5. suicidal pencil

    Stupid things you done in Doom 3

    The stupidest thing that I've ever done was charge an imp while I only had 1 health left with a shotgun. I missed. I also tried to take on a Hell Knight with fists. Almost won, too...
  6. suicidal pencil

    Origins of the Baron face from Ultimate Doom Euro box cover?

    weird...just weird I wonder if I can still buy copies with that box cover. I'd load up on 1000 of them and start handing them out around America's Bible-belt. I want to see if I can make a few heads explode.
  7. suicidal pencil

    Target Practice

    Hint: You are the target *commence evil laugh* I made this about a year ago as a novelty, so I thought releasing it for a bit of review wouldn't hurt :) The fun starts Some will actually help you... He wont. Cliche, I know...but he's part of a secret :P Here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/51mzyjzz0nd/TargetPractice.zip (uses ZDoom, by the way)
  8. suicidal pencil

    pseudo texture animations

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Bugger that, someone with faith <_<
  9. suicidal pencil

    pseudo texture animations

    So, your saying that I should create the 'ANIMATED' lump, and toss my textures at that?
  10. suicidal pencil

    pseudo texture animations

    How so?
  11. suicidal pencil

    pseudo texture animations

    I think I should explain what I call pseudo texture animation. Think of the textures BFALL1 to BFALL4. They change in such a way that it looks like blood is running down the wall. Now, I'm curious on how to actually accomplish this. What do I actually do to create such a texture? (Can't be the naming, since you don't see ASHWALL6 and ASHWALL7 animating together <_<)
  12. suicidal pencil

    Chip's Doom Challenge

    noclip? :P Fisticuffs with the Baron of hell was what annoyed me with this, but I like it non the less.
  13. suicidal pencil

    Any good tutorials about creating monsters?

    DecEdit is a neat tool. Thanks. mostly, how everything contributes to everything, and how I can twist and abuse the code for maximum efficiency.
  14. suicidal pencil

    Any good tutorials about creating monsters?

    Thanks! Also, if anyone knows of a document explaining DECORATE, than that would be helpful. I've looked at the DECORATE examples on the wiki, but It doesn't quite explain enough.
  15. I've been mapping for a while now, but I've only ever messed with maps, never monsters. I was wondering if there are any tutorials about how to create a monster from the ground up. I've massacred the ZDoom wiki trying to find one, but failed. Anyone?