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  1. I'm not sure if Map 31 can be properly maxed. This map seems to suffer from a problem I've seen a few times where the author makes both exits two separate paths, and taking one completely blocks you off from the other. Because of this, 100% kills is impossible if you take either exit.
  2. Currently playing: The Journey

    I just wish Map30 wasn't so long.

  3. Never mind, it's just the Map 19 demos Andy deliberately ignores. Heh. Anyway, Map 5 UV Max/Tyson in 9:52
  4. Huh, looks like some of these demos didn't get uploaded to the DSDA.
  5. I stumbled upon this recently, and this is definitely an interesting look at the story behind it. I personally am quite interested in this. It definitely shows how games are being made more accessible, and how the future of gaming and modern technologies can help gaming reach a wider audience, even for the visually or hearing impaired.
  6. I know I posted this in another thread, but adding on to Trey Azagthoth, I should mention that I've seen a couple of live videos of Morbid Angel, where they actually played the music from the Playstation/Saturn version of Doom as ambient interludes between songs.
  7. I know Mike Nelson from MST3K was quite a fan back in the day, and I even saw a video on YouTube of him playing deathmatch at a convention with another MSTie.
  8. I think most of us know the guitarist of Morbid Angel, Trey Azagthoth as quite the Doom fan, but I discovered something that took this to a whole new level. I was skimming through this concert of theirs from 2009. Before Dawn of the Angry, I heard something that sounded familiar to me. It starts at 32:05. And then after a bit of sleuthing, I was able to identify the ambiance that was playing, which actually came from this level of the PlayStation version of Doom. This actually blew my mind, that Morbid Angel actually used Doom music as tape recordings during their live sets. I had found another one just now, from this one that plays at the start of the video Which is the same as this map from PSX Doom: This is probably the most impressive find that I've had here.
  9. Map 1 UV Max in 4:35
  10. Short Maps for Short People UV Max in 36:57
  11. Map 24 UV Max in 4:42
  13. 15 UV Max demos for dal02
  14. Pizza Steve UV Max Map 32 in 7:09
  15. 19 UV Max demos for PIR