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  1. AveryMaurice

    What Doom 4 is gonna look like.

    Saw this on Reddit, thought it was pretty funny.
  2. AveryMaurice


    Arguing over whose genre of music is better is an endless debate, music is a preference and there is no "right" answer. I listen to anything really, from Heavy Metal to Electronic, and still can respect (nearly) all kinds of music.
  3. AveryMaurice

    Bobby Prince vs. Aubrey Hodges

    Bobby Princes stuff will always be my favorite.
  4. AveryMaurice

    Question for midi composers

    This. Just go to Ultimate-guitar.com, if you can find Guitar Pro files they should be compatible with Guitar Pro, TuxGuitar and PowerTab off the bat. You can just base your MIDIs off of them from there.
  5. AveryMaurice

    Question for midi composers

    A program I use to make MIDIs is Guitar Pro, which is actually a tabbing application, so it would be pretty easy to convert the riffs and such you said you have into MIDIs. Only downside is it costs around 50 - 100$. Heh.
  6. AveryMaurice


    Electric Funeral, I think. But I don't know if those were the opening lyrics or not.
  7. AveryMaurice

    Microsoft rips me off yet again.

    Like I said, I am getting to the point that I might just use a damn activator. Windows updates aren't worth going through this bullshit.
  8. AveryMaurice

    Microsoft rips me off yet again.

    The lack of UAC is one of the things that makes Windows XP more attractive to me.
  9. AveryMaurice

    Microsoft rips me off yet again.

    As much as I hate to defend a Microsoft product, its true. The reputation Vista has gotten as an unstable operating system is very inaccurate to the average user.
  10. AveryMaurice

    Microsoft rips me off yet again.

    I have tried, and I still get this page saying I must pay for a support plan before even supplying me with help: https://support.microsoft.com/oas/default.aspx?&gprid=14496&&st=1&wfxredirect=1&sd=gn Problem is it says my product key isn't valid for free support or whatever. I tried a number got with my product, called, they asked for my key and the same thing happened, said they couldn't help me. I'll try and call back again later and hope for a different person.
  11. AveryMaurice

    Microsoft rips me off yet again.

    I find this infuriating, but today I started my computer only to get a "genuine windows product" check dialog. Owning a 100% genuine Windows 7 Home edition, I clicked "check online". This brought me to a Microsoft support webpage that claims that my copy was "not purchased" and "not genuine" then proceeded to "remove or disable essential features until purchase of a valid license". Angry, I went to Microsoft Support, entered my CD-Key and then it claimed that it too was not genuine and I had to pay 59.99 just to access support and get the issue resolved. I paid 150$ for a product that doesn't work. Now I need to reinstall Windows and use an activator, have any of you had this issue or any similar stories?
  12. AveryMaurice

    Christmas gifts (what did you get?)

    Radeon HD 5670 Graphics Card Wireless Keyboard and Mouse A nice watch (I love watches) Hoodies (I love hoodies as well) Razer High-Def Gaming Headset Oh, and best of all, the book Masters of Doom.
  13. AveryMaurice

    Ds doom help

    PWADs, from my understanding, are unsupported. I have only successfully used the two doom IWAD files.
  14. AveryMaurice

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
  15. AveryMaurice

    Tron Legacy

    I enjoyed her character, I think part of the reasoning behind her dialogue/dull personality is the fact that she