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  1. Where the heck do I go after the yellow key area on MAP19? I swear I've looked through every part of the map the red key could be, and the only area left is behind the red key door. Edit: Never mind, found it.
  2. How do I get the blue key in E2M5? I spent over ten minutes trying to get it, found four secrets in the process, and ended up giving up and jumping to it.
  3. CyberBaron

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I had to cheat through the platforming sections of Insanity's Edge.
  4. CyberBaron

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    - I used to do DooM roleplaying online. Needless to say, it was very stupid and very embarrassing. - I don't understand how topics work and post boasts and commonly held opinions in the confession threads.
  5. CyberBaron

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    - I am horrible at dodging. If there is a projectile, it will either hit a wall or it will hit me right in the face. - I've never played on Nightmare mode. Not even once.
  6. CyberBaron

    What difficulty do you usually play on?

    Hurt Me Plenty, which seems to be a more common option that I thought it'd be. UV is usually a bit too challenging to be fun the first time through a level, so I usually save it for the second or third run-through.
  7. CyberBaron

    Have you seen the Doom movie?

    Yeah, they were very well done. I just didn't care for the designs. To be honest, I don't really like Doom 3's designs as parts of the franchise either, so it's probably just me. Edit: Yeah, Stan Winston was awesome.
  8. CyberBaron

    Searching for Gothic Castle Sprites/Textures

    Do you have the Hexen and Heretic texture packs from the Beastiary site? Those might work.
  9. CyberBaron

    Are all you Doomworlders mappers/modders?

    Sorry, accidental double-post.
  10. CyberBaron

    Have you seen the Doom movie?

    By making the creatures not demons, they removed one of the main premises of the Doom franchise. The alternate explanation they came up with for the monsters didn't make sense even in sci-fi terms, and they spent so long explaining it that it kills the pace of the movie. On top of that, there wasn't any real reason to relate to the main character, to the point that I can't even remember his name. The Rock gave such a half-hearted performance that it killed a lot of the scenes he was in. The monster effects were well-done, but they were given too much surface texture so they looked like they were made out of veins, and their designs looked nothing like the iconic Doom monsters. I can understand that they wanted to tie in with Doom 3, but it made the creatures painfully generic. Similarly, they brought in the Martian plot from Doom 3 in a way that made no sense and would have been laughable if the dialog wasn't so boring. Essentially the movie was so genericized and divorced from the Doom series that it would have been better off being released under another title.
  11. CyberBaron

    Are all you Doomworlders mappers/modders?

    Amateur mapper here, haven't released any yet. I really enjoy mapping, but I find the way textures move with floors and ceilings incredibly annoying. I have to force myself not to add textures too soon or else I waste all of my time aligning surfaces that I'll be moving later anyway.