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  1. From this point on, everything in my life we be measured on the magicsofa scale. Everything.
  2. Just finished this, and I really really enjoyed it. Great work. :D
  3. Really, really don't like it. I've played FPS games with a controller for many years, but for some reason the right stick just doesn't "feel" like the right stick, it feels like a mouse. But a mouse that's very sluggish and hard to aim with. It's also very, very slow, way to slow for my liking.
  4. Infighting ahoy in screenshot number 4. :P Still looking really good, I look forward to playing it. Mega jealous though, I wish I had been allowed to make Doom maps when I was at college.
  5. Vela Pax is looking outstanding, can't wait to play it. I'm also really interested in the 1994 Tune-Up project.
  6. Doom's been legal in Scotland since last year now.
  7. I mean the kind where more than one of them pop out on either side of you and their bullets stop you from moving, or if you can move, cover just isn't close enough.
  8. Considering the 21st December 2012 is my 21st birthday, I'm not intending to be sober for most of it anyways. So when I wake up on the 22nd with the hangover of the century, I'm almost certain the fact I've survived yet another Doomsday theory will be the last thing on my mind.
  9. Personally, I always have and always will find the Chaingunner the most annoying enemy in Doom. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate absolute bullshit Chaingunner closets that pretty much rape you instantly, sending you from 200% health and armour to 0% in a matter of seconds.
  10. I have them all the time. I usually try and roughly sketch the level layout whenever I wake up, but I only manage to get about half of it down before I forget the rest. Like someone said though, they usually always involve Cyberdemons and fright. I tend to end up trapped in a corner of the map with little ammo left, and I wake up when I get blasted by a rocket while trying to make my escape.
  11. Never played Doom 3. Don't really intend to either.
  12. If a game has a shotgun in it, I always use it, even if it's a terrible weapon and is totally unsuited for the current situation.
  13. A pitiful 830MB.
  14. Fixed. Actually, now it's fix'd. :P