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  1. Chaingun <year> Can even throw on a catchy tagline like "Firepower in unity" or something in the readme for the standard.
  2. It's leaps and bounds superior to the point where using a higher FOV feels like cheating with the current state of the beta. It makes crisis management of melee slap-fights much better because it's easier to tell when your opponent is trying to circle around or through you (enemy player collision feels funny because you can walk through enemies), and makes lone targets much easier to sneak behind due to their inhibited vision and the quiet player footsteps.
  3. quick, while everyone's distracted by tornadoes http://shanghai.the-powerhouse.net/32in24-15_Wartorn4_stealthedition.zip
  4. i thought your map was okay so i changed some of the spawns and stuff, mostly dew's feedback. also added billboard locations. http://shanghai.the-powerhouse.net/32in24-15_Gothic_Wartorn.zip
  5. durr hurr look at me
  6. http://shanghai.the-powerhouse.net/32in24-15_Wartorn2.zip adjusted per dew's feedback, map's still undetailed. my map's open to anyone who would like to make it pretty.
  7. http://shanghai.the-powerhouse.net/32in24-15_Wartorn1.zip The Wadfather Part 2 music is a very poor rendition of sean paul's temperature includ ed in the zip file
  8. presenting the only download mirror that matters the-powerhouse.net/The Powerhouse.wad
  9. ye mon
  10. also enjoy an additional assortment of screenshots for some of the best results http://imgur.com/a/AiOBs
  11. got some feedback from friends not so good at doom, adjusted skill level difficulties a bit. final version! http://shanghai.the-powerhouse.net/32in24-14_Wartorn9.zip