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Thursday, 6. January 2005
Surprise! Testing a new look for this page. Personally I think it looks awesome compared to the old style (see the picture on the right) - tell me what you think through email, msn messenger, yahoo messenger or icq (my contact info is on the left side menu). Unfortunately for right now the update is only on this index page, but I'm working on updating the look of the whole site.

Tuesday, 4. January 2005
Ok, so is going down (according to, so I replaced all old download links with new ones - should there be any broken links, please do mail me about them:

Monday, 3. January 2005
A silent minute for the victims of earthquake and the massive wave that killed thousands and thousands of people. Be nice and support red cross with a little amount of money or something - you can afford it, the locals in Phuket and around can't.

Anyway, I have a fantastic WAD reviewed... and happy new year for everyone =)

Wednesday, 29. December 2004
Ok, so it's been almost year and I havent been updating... As always, I have an excuse for it too, but I really do not wish to bore you with it. Let's just say that there has been major changes in my life. I moved to Helsinki, capital city of Finland and I now live with a woman that I dearly love. Anyway, decided to try to get back into DooMing... Installed PrBooM for Linux (again) and latest version of ZDooM's linux version. Got them both to work and played one new level I found from nice one too, read the review - next thing I'm going to focus is propably Super Sonic DooM, although it's made with .94 version of ZDooM and it has problems with the newer .95 version - I'm compiling the .95 version just for Super Sonic DooM - and so should you, if you don't have it.

Oh, and please contact me about where are (what network & channel) DooM people hanging on IRC nowdays. You can contact me through ICQ (15207181), MSN (, Yahoo (real_sir_robin) and of course plain old email (
Anyway, here's the reviews:

Wednesday, 11. February 2004
I was asked to remove one level review from my pages. The author thought it was not good, but I had reviewed it with 3 stars. However I respect the wish of the author and have thus removed review of level named "Forest Base" from my pages. It is regretfull as I didn't think his level was as bad as he seemed to think. Anyway, to replace that I have a review of a level worth of four stars! :)


Wednesday, 11. February 2004
Oh well... Last update was on year 2002 so I don't even want to start explaining about all the stuff that has been happening since that. Anyway, for a long time I simply didn't have internet connection at home and now that I have one again I decided that I could start updating these pages again. Here's three reviews right there for your pleasure:
Sunday, 12. May 2002
OMG!! It's been a *really* long time!!!
Yeah, I'm still here... Haven't been DooMing much for quite some time, but I decided to blast off some levels and make some reviews... For the last week I've been fasting (not to lose weight, but to clean up my "system" a bit) and smoking hash, but I really think that it does not interest you a lot... Right now I'm thinking of ending the fast, eating something a bit, drinking some LSA-extract made from morning glory seeds, smoking some hash for the nausea that it may cause and tripping out :) I've been making some music two and for couple latest serious songs I even got some really positive comments of.

If you want my music, please follow these simple instructions: The webpage is in finnish, but the song descriptions are written in two languages (finnish and english). Each song can be downloaded from the links that reads "Imuroi tämä biisi!" (translation: "Download this song!"). The newest (serious) songs are Dip Dup Douw (chill-out), Banabo (psy-somethingtrancelike) and Saucerscape (electro). The site is at

Also, I was thinking about good ol' times at Efnet #doom2 channel... And I tried to look for some active DooM channel on different ircnetworks's but couldnt find one. So if anyone could give a hint for an old-schooler? :) Oh, and my mail address is nowdays

But let's go for the reviews:

Monday, 26. November 2001
Short update
Fixed download links from to Should be working again. Three new reviews. Broke up with my girlfriend :( Nothing works today. Will be updating hopefully with more reviews soon.
Monday, 20. August 2001
So what happened...
Why haven't I been updating? I was doing so good with my site... Well, I'll tell you something sad... First, my bicycle trip from Pori to Tampere went fine, except I had to hitch-hike half the travel because of flat tire... Anyway, after a week I returned but didnt get back to my site right away.
Then something bad happened - I got a phone call. My father, who had been travelling around europe with his girlfriend and was about to return to Finland got into a bad accident in Rostock, Germany... Near the harbour on autobahn. My fathers girlfriend is now dead, last saturday I was in her funeral. My father was in critical state in a german hospital but has now returned conciousness, can't speak yet (because of breathing tube in his throat) but is in stable state and getting better. He doesnt yet know that his girlfriend is now gone forever...
Naturally this is quite hard for me. Nevertheless my life philosophy is that we have to enjoy the good moments and manage through bad ones - this one is really bad. I have to keep on living or I'll die from inside... I'll start updating this site soon again.
No need to send condolences on email... I know that many of you care without saying. No need to feel sad for what happened to me - this is my life and I'm sure that each of you have your hard times too.

Wednesday, 19. July 2001
Short update...
...and three reviews before I leave the city with my bicycle... It's going to be a long way, over 100 kilometers to travel... Wish me luck! I'll be there for a week and then return...

Wednesday, 27. June 2001
I feel alive!!!
Have I been dead for over year? Most certainly I have played, edited and reviewed way less DooM levels than before that... And as you can see, I'm getting back on the speed again, I used to love this thing, not just like it and it appears that I still love it! Damn it, it's the best greatest since rock'n'roll or at least something really cool... Four reviews for your reading pleasure!

Also, someone might remember my neverending project, KTA that I have shown screenshots of now and then... I'm doing a lot of editing on it too now, for the last year I've been really slow on that too. Check the screenshot of update :)

Sunday, 24. June 2001
New reviews...
Hello there...

I have now participated in three speedmapping contests... Two of them seemed to go ok, this last one wasnt that good. The theme was to construct a co-op level that needs co-operation between players and without running any test runs in co-op and in only 100 minutes I found it frustrating and not that easy...

Also for those who are interested, I have created a lot of weird music, propably the sort of that you have never or really rarely heard... More or less half-electronic or fully electronic music anyway and my last creation is a song called Positronic Brain which tries to be some kind of old-schoolish electro with my own touch in it... My songs can be found at

Anyway, two new reviews! And I can *really* recommend that first one!!!

Friday, 16. June 2001
Hi again :) I was on a holiday last week and couldnt participate the speedmapping contest... Let's see if I can get there in time today :) Meanwhile I've got a couple reviews for you...
Monday, 4. June 2001
Missed me?
Well, I have a lot of free time this summer and hopefully I'll be doing more stuff with this site... I ran into this Doomworld's speedmapping contest and joined it last saturday before going to raves... One hundred minutes time to pull out a level. At this time the theme was free but you were not allowed to use the grid to assist you. Well, I think I managed ok. Anyway, I made kind of a review of it too or more like commented every level on it...
Well, here's couple reviews:
Monday, 5. March 2001
Yeah, I havent updated for a long time... I played deathmatch with ZDooM on internet yesterday... Last time when I tried it, it was choppy... I guess times do change and theres a lot I dont know about new source ports... But I havent been totally off from DooM, no way... I do have some reviews coming but right now I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and to prove that I'm still making DooM stuff I released some screenshots of a level that I'm currently working on. It's for the KTA project that I started on 1997 and god know when I'm going to finnish it but I'm going to finnish it no matter what. It's not one of those projects that just die off, it's just getting done very slowly... Anyway, go here to see them.

Thursday, 5. October 2000
Still here...
I'm still alive, just busy with pretty much all kinda stuff in my life... girlfriend, tripping, school, job, hobbys... uhhuh... Anyway, I have little time for DooM, but I'm still here.

I'm going to release a new song soon... Maybe couple songs even... I was making one this night (it's 4:47am on Thursday) while beeing quite high... I think I'll be completely sober just before going to school :) Anyway, I started after midnight from scratch and builded several samples and over 5 minutes of music... Some kind of "mental hospital ambient" ;)
My already released songs are still at


Tuesday, 29. August 2000
I read a finnish newspaper today... 13-years old girl is dead. Suicide. Why? Was she insane? No, she was a fragile person and she was teased in school for too long and too much. She hanged herself in a forest and police found her there. Those who teased her often told her to kill herself... I think they got what the wanted then. They must be really fucking proud and happy now!
I've been teased in school when I was younger. It left scars for a big time. Mental scars. I know what it is. If you are one of those young people who tease other people then do a big favorite for the rest of the world and shoot yourself in the fucking face!!!

Sorry, nothing happy to say today... and no DooM either.

Wednesday, 23. August 2000
Back from the black
Yes my dear DooMers, I'm back to torture you with my DooM reviews and druggy babbling... This summer a lot has happened... Since went down and my site dissapeared into abyss I used my opportunity to keep a break from DooM... I worked, I collected music, I tripped, I blew my mind in couple partys, I fell deeply in love and my life quality has raised even higher than it was. I'm mellow happy guy and I'm back to review levels for this violent and, oh, so good game called DooM. Like it or not, 5 reviews for a start!

Something has also happened in my Hemp Basement and I've also released several "songs", some psychodelic computer made noise... at System Shutdown Project MP3 page...


Saturday, 15. April 2000
I started making music... Got one already done! Please welcome System Shutdown Project with song Drifting To Insanity. Download it from! I highly recommend listening it with hi-fi headphones while stoned off your ass and preferrably using Geiss or some other weird ass visualizer for WinAmp or whatever your MP3-player might be.

My level, Doctor's Crypt was reviewed at The DooMer's Recess and it scored 80%. Nice :)


Monday, 13. March 2000
Corrected some errors... Screenshot from I've Got Some Balls is now shown on the "screenshot of the update" and download link for Deathwish actually works! All hail me!

Sunday, 12. March 2000
"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."
    - Albert Einstein

I really skipped one month then... Something great happened last month! I moved to my own apartment away from parents, wohoo! I'm not totally on my own yet though, I dont have phoneline yet so I can get online only at school and at my fathers and I also still go eat mostly at my fathers apartment... But anyway, I have my own apartment and that is so sweet, I enjoy the fact that I can peacefully do what I want in my own apartment!
It's really just 22 square meters, just one room with stove and table for cooking & washing dishes and then a toilet with bath tube. But although it's a bit small, my home is still my castle :) I might take a photo of my apartment, scan it and put it online.
I also got myself cellular phone, Nokia 2110i I think... It's old but I got it for free from my friend. I remember at 1996 (I wasnt on internet yet back then but I had already done some fiddling with DooM levels...) I said that cellular phones are for yuppies and I would not get one... Well, here I am with one now... But things have changed, almost everyone has one now, it didnt cost me anything and I needed it because I dont have phoneline but I want to be able to reach people and I want to be reached by people :)
I've also gotten much new records, really cool stuff like The Clash, The Velvet Underground (& Nico, I love her voice!), Led Zeppelin (that record with really weird name - just some symbols), Peter Tosh & Bob Marley and more...
I might also soon get my poetry page online, also I'm soon starting side project called "Dissociative White - Page About Trippy Games & Software" that will list & review all kinds of psychedelic games and "trip toys".

Stoned sensation

We might soon find out
lies that we have believed
trueth will slowly reveal
kingdoms fall down in dust
emperors are hanged on trees

graveyards of mind come a live
soon it will be clear
the raped ones will now get theirs
mind-controll stops
turn on
tune in
drop out

green day is coming
nature is winning war
nuclear clouds are history
flowers in our hair

in my own world
in my own world
in my own world

Dont ask... Any comments can be mailed to me at Note though that it was written under influence of some really good hash possibly laced with opium. Have a nice day ;)

No, that is not a finnish word, that is how 'review' would be spelled by some finnish guy who only understand finnish and is told to spell that word. Or something :)
Also, good day Bob Larkin, I'm sure your glad to see review of your Deathwish at last :)

Sunday, 30. January 2000
"They who can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    - Benjamin Franklin

Did anyone notice...
...that it's over 300 reviews now!?

Yes! Finally! I'm back with reviews! Muahhahhaaaa!

Monday, 24. January 2000
"I'm so brown and horny!"

Happy New Year
It's almost month from new year... I spent my new year in another city with friends doing drugs and watching television and chatting and overally having fun very peacefully. More about that on my Hemp Basement.

Oh, btw the new millenium did not start yet, just in case you thought so... Next new year...

Just wanted to say...
... That I'm still alive. More soon.

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