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About This File

Courtyard and tower on the edge of a very large chasm with some satanic undertones (couldn't help it).

This is my first official Hexen PWAD. I've gotten positive feedback from fellow Hexen'ers, so I'm releasing this with text file to general public. :)

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Starts in a unexciting way, but then becomes good. The levels are supposed sets at Mars moon, Phobos; staring the one and only Jena Plissken from John Carpenter movie "Escape from New York" and "Escape from L. A:", no sounds from that movie are been used but former soldier forces alert growls are changed with thunders, for some bizarre reason. MAP01 starts in a computer lab of sorts, then evolves into a twisted hellish place with a pentagram structure similar to Phobos Anomaly, is a pretty nice starting point, lots of nice vanilla trickery as well; MAP02 is a rip-off modified version of Nuclear Plant, but looking more creepy and destroyed, then evolves in a sort of labyrinthine structure with some weird sense of progression, a thing that it will be shared in the other levels of this series. Also, how it be possible to unlock the yellow skull pillar? MAP03 starts in a boring way and have, again, the bad sense of progression of the previous map it's here again, just be careful for looking at every switch in all rooms. Hit switch everywhere, reach the pretty good looking shuttle and exit. It's a conceptually interesting mapset, but a little boring to play.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      large, bizarre map sets in a wacky, abstract techbase with some writing made with barrels (as well as sector art in one semi-hidden area) with the author initials, W.B. and dome joke about his beard, what is this? Did people in the 90s make fun of bearded people? What a wild decade... However, kinda acceptable in SP but too large and unfunny for DM.
    • By Catpho · Posted
      Gonzo NT (of No End in Sight fame) map, lacking anything resembling discipline. The mad tinkering is weirdly endearing, although at the expense of urgency as balance skews heavily towards the player as the level progresses. The level is good propaganda for a quad damage mandate on all maps, though.
    • By fnord · Posted
      5 minutes of the idiotic custom sounds was way too much. Also ugly and confusing. Abandoned this. It is an insult to the player.
    • By fnord · Posted
      "This is my second level, but it's my best" - I'd hate to see your worst... Horribly amateurish with zero play testing. Starts of with a crate maze where if you take a wrong turn you miss 2 secrets, one with a key you need to progress, and can't turn back. Either noclip or start again. Then there's endless huge corridors leading to obligatory toilets and a lift that takes close to a minute to go up or down. Ends with another crate maze and the done to death Spider/Cyber showdown. Not good, but playable if you have absolutely nothing better to do.