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  1. Michael Jensen

    What songs do you wish had MIDI renditions?

    U96 - Das Boot is one of my favorite MIDIs, and its B-side would make a great midi in a similar vein.
  2. Here is the latest version of Warhevil. Many minor adjustemtns, texture alignements and stuff. Couple small gameplay changes as well. I hope everything works correctly. If anyone has any more suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them. Especially regarding the fights and difficulty, which is hard to judge for me, since I know where everything is. Warhevil 1.6.zip
  3. Making a map for this was a lot of fun and there were many amazing submissions. I'm very happy you enjoyed my map so much and I'm glad I managed to capture the spirit of 90's adventure maps. I'll try to get a final version of Warhevil, with various small fixes, done as soon as possible.
  4. Michael Jensen

    List of 90's WADs with original music

    Inspired by Doomkid and MtPain27's discussion about relative rarity of original music in 90's WADs, and being aware of some lesser known examples, I decided to start making a list of of 90's WADs with music written specifically for them. Obviously, I don't know all of them, so if you know some not on the list (or if I made a mistake somewhere), feel free to mention it below. They are listed somewhat chronologically, but many (mostly from '94 and '95) don't have an exact upload date. WADs that reuse music aren't listed, unless they added new music as well. 1994 Command Control (COMCON.WAD) - 1 track by Rich Nagel Legion Down Under - 1 track by John McColm Galaxia - 1 track by Pavel Hodek The Hall - 1 track by John McColm The word you will say after playing this! - 1 track by Jon Landis CRINGE! - 12 tracks by Mark Klem Poisonous Prison, or Get Poised - 1 track by Jon Landis (I'm not 100% certain this one is original, as it isn't mentioned in the text file. But it most likely is, considering he wrote music for most of his levels.) The Halls of Death - 1 track by Mark Klem The Last Resort - 4 tracks by David Sears Eye of The Beholder - 9 tracks by Jon Landis (one is modified from his "the word you will say..." wad) 1995 The Castle of Blood - 1 track by John McColm The Dead Lofts - 1 track by Mark Klem Fragtime Marine - 1 track by Mark Klem Eye of the Beholder II - 8 tracks by Jon Landis SLUGFEST.WAD - 11 tracks by Shamus Young Memento Mori - 6 tracks by Mark Klem (the rest comes from CRINGE! and Klem's other maps, some were modified) Doom City - 1 track by Shamus Young Torment - 7 tracks by Shamus Young (one is a different version of the music from Doom City) 1996 Phobos - Relive The Nightmare - 9 tracks by Shamus Young Icarus: Alien Vanguard - 10 tracks by Jeremy Doyle, 9 tracks by Tom Mustaine, 9 tracks by Jonathan El-Bizri, 4 tracks by David Shaw, 2 tracks by Charles Li and 1 track by unknown author, presumably El-Bizri Hell To Pay - The New Technology: Evilution - 6 tracks by L.A. Sieben, 5 tracks by Tom Mustaine, 4 tracks by Jonathan El-Bizri and 1 track by Josh Martel The Park - 1 track by John Bye Magnum Opus - 1 track by John Bye All Hell is Breaking Loose - 7 tracks by Mark Klem Perdition's Gate Memento Mori II - 18 tracks by David Shaw and 17 tracks by Mark Klem Bloodlands - 1 track by David Shaw Eternal Doom I - 14 tracks by Rich Nagel (one is a modified version of the one from COMCON) Osiris - 5 tracks by Jeremy Doyle Grievance - 1 track by David Shaw Army of Darkness TC (v1.1 patch) - 11 tracks by Rick Sparks 1997 Eternal Doom II - 16 additional tracks by Rich Nagel Cygnus IV - 14 tracks by John Bye The Talosian Incident - 16 tracks by John Bye and 1 track by David Shaw Requiem - 12 tracks by Mark Klem, 8 tracks by David Shaw and 3 tracks by Jeremy Doyle Gothic DM - 10 tracks by Mark Klem and 7 tracks by David Shaw STRAIN - 9 tracks by David Shaw, 9 tracks by Mark Klem and 5 tracks by Jon Landis (3 other Landis tracks come from Eye of The Beholder II) Soldier of Fortune - 3 tracks by Rich Nagel Pursuit - 1 track by David Shaw Eternal Doom III - 6 additional tracks by Rich Nagel (including cybersweeper) 1998 Reclamation - 3 tracks by Ty Halderman and 2 tracks by Rich Nagel Insertion - 1 track by David Shaw (made for STRAIN but unused) Gothic DM II Odessa 14 - 1 track by Rich Nagel Eternal Deathmatch Set - 17 tracks by Adam Landefeld
  5. Michael Jensen

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    What is the maximum blockmap size in Limit-Removing and Boom?
  6. Michael Jensen

    Post your Doom textures!

    Has anyone at some point made extended versions of 64x128 textures from Doom 2, like ASHWALLx or STONEx, to make the tiling less obvious? I read about something like it a while back but can't find anything and I figured this is the best place to ask.
  7. New version with various fixes and adjustenments. I'd like some more feedback to see if everything works correctly. Warhevil 1.4.zip
  8. Michael Jensen

    What're Your Favorite 90's Wads?

    My top 5: Icarus: Alien Vanguard Eternal Doom TNT: Evilution The Plutonia Experiment Cleimos II
  9. Michael Jensen

    TNT textures (when used as IWAD) don't load with external resources

    I wonder if there's a way to get around that for PrBoom and DSDA-Doom
  10. Michael Jensen

    TNT textures (when used as IWAD) don't load with external resources

    Well, the external resource wad is for Doom 2 and if it takes TEXTURE1 from it, that must be the case. Why would it work in Crispy Doom, though?
  11. When making a map, I used resources from a wad that doesn't allow taking them out, so that wad would have to be loaded alongside mine (similar to ICAR2015 by Eternal). I used TNT as the IWAD so that I'd have couple more additional textures, but when testing in PrBoom+ and DSDA-Doom, the TNT exclusive textures don't show up. They work perfectly in GZDoom and Crispy Doom. I know GZDoom will load anything but if it works in Crispy Doom, why not in the others? Here is a tiny demonstration map testhing.zip Here is the idgames link to tntgrvnc.wad, which is the other resource to be loaded.
  12. Michael Jensen

    Random Image Thread

  13. Michael Jensen


    Latest versions of 10 and 29. 10 - green armor at the start and fixed the blue key oversight 29 - one less archvile in the cyberroom, removed unused monster closets and added couple monsters, small fixes to various things, added backpack and 2 subtle hints at the bloodfall being passable @Ofisil Could the name of Map01 be changed to Zero Hour? edit: Oh damn, forgot to upload 10 29 latest.zip
  14. Michael Jensen


    10 - Bullet Frenzy 29 - One of Our Techbases @Rymante My thought process behind that one area was that it is possible to notice cacodemons coming through that bloodfall and there is nothing else to do in there after the fight. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you liked my maps :)
  15. Michael Jensen


    @Rymante I fixed the blue stuff and added a green armor at the start. I'll upload it later, if more suggestions come up, along with 29 if changes to it are needed.