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Invert shootability rules


I made a 3D-floor with the "BRNSMAL1"-texture (name of the texture thats looks like a fence) and want to be able to shoot through it. The 3d-floor is solid and even if i put a check in "32: Invert shootability rules" it still doesn't let a single bullet pass. Whats wrong?

EDIT: I now realized that bullets from the pistol (doom2) and the shootgun go through, but not rockets or fireballs from imps etc... Can I make every projectile go through?

Best regards Per

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If you want projectiles to go through, but players and monsters to be blocked, I don't think that can be done with a 3D floor. Instead (assuming UDMF), use a line with BRNSMAL1 as the mid texture (and BRNSMAL2 on the other side so it won't look weird). Move the Y offset down until it touches the floor, or wherever you want it to be. Check the flags Walkable Middle Texture and Projectile Shoot-Through Middle Texture. I would put some fence posts (either sectors or solid 3D floors) on either end to hide the fact that it is just a 2-sided line. It will block players and monsters, but not projectiles, and you can go over it, or under it if it is not on the ground.

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