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  1. In Slade, you put /* in front of what you want to comment out, and */ at the end of the part you want to comment out. Everything in between those will be treated like a comment and not executed as code.
  2. Want a custom track?
  3. I just thought of an idea: Instead of OPEN, make the script ENTER, so the activator will be the player instead of the world and you can use 0 (which means the activator of the script) as the TID, then use Teleport as @PepsiBepsi suggested 13 hours ago (as of when I type this). Oh, Now, I notice that this is sort of what @boris suggested 5 hours ago.
  4. Giving players TIDs: https://zdoom.org/wiki/About_Multiplayer,_Scripts,_and_TIDs
  5. I know it's a tracker file not a mid, and it fits only some of your criteria, but Slow Motion might work for you. The song is 22:37 long, but only 285.14KB.
  6. I do have those. I must have gotten them from that site while it was still there. I am not sure of the rules for this. Is it ethical for me to send them to you? Maybe so because they used to be available for free download, but maybe not because they are still copyrighted music.
  7. If the pk3 is organized properly, there should be a maps folder with wads in that folder with one map each. Use Slade (or just open it like a zip file) and extract the wad with the map you want to see, and then open it in Doom Builder. You can filter the things by skill level. Click on the where it says Show All next to the filter symbol (which looks like a funnel) and select the skill level, and it wil shw only the things that appear at that skill level.
  8. An alternative to teleports would be to have the bars open from the outside (repeatably) to let other players in, but then close again. This would leave single-player unchanged.
  9. In Doombuilder, I would use Find and Replace mode to look for a Linedef Sector Reference with that sector's tag. Also, if you use scripts, check there, too. If all else fails, as a last resort, you could add some way to open those doors from the inside.
  10. Do the doors have open-stay on one side and open-wait-close on the other side? I've seen that happen before. If somebody uses the open-wait-close side after it has been opened by the open-stay side, it will close. If that is the problem, you could fix it by making both sides open-stay or by making the open-stay side repeatable.
  11. That sounds like Teleport_Line. Now that I think about it some more, it could be TeleportInSector. What I would do is look at the map in Doom Builder and see how they did it.
  12. You can use MAPINFO to disable jumping, crouching, and freelooking, but not running.
  13. You could make a texture with those words on it and otherwise transparent.
  14. OK, I have re-done the monsters to comply: Easy single-player has 171 hell knights and 1 baron. Easy coop and medium single-player have 171 hell knights, 48 imps, and 1 baron. Medium coop and hard single-player have 219 hell knights and 1 baron. Hard coop has 171 hell knights and 49 barons. The file is now too big to upload here, so I had to upload it here, instead. I renamed it to eemap01.wad to fit the requirements in the first post of this thread: the first and last letters in Empyre, and MAP01 to indicate that it is the first map I am submitting. EDIT: If you want to edit it to replace all imps with the Hell Squires described in the first post, feel free. Then, the all-Hell-noble theme will be complete.