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  1. Empyre

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    One Doom habit I have that spills over into other games where there is no benefit is strafe-running.
  2. If you define a LevelNum for each map in MAPINFO, I *think* that will make IDCLEV work. It's worth a try, especially if you already have a MAPINFO. About LevelNum, from the Wiki:
  3. There are actually three things involved. Romero's head is the third one, which doesn't say anything when it sees you nor does it shoot any cubes. The head is what you kill to end the map. The monster shooter and monster spawner are both invisible.
  4. Empyre

    So, how old are you ?

    I turned 30, back in '95. It's hard to believe that '95 was 24 years ago!
  5. Empyre

    Recommend me some good Youtube channels to watch

    I forgot to mention Standup Maths.
  6. Empyre

    Recommend me some good Youtube channels to watch

    I see VSauce and CGP Grey in your list. Here is more of that type stuff, assuming you already know about VSauce 2 and VSauce 3: Astronomy Cast Deep Sky Videos Fact Fiend Fraser Cain Isaac Arthur It's OK To Be Smart Joe Scott Kurzgesagt Life Noggin Mark Rober Mental Floss Minute Earth Minute Physics Numberphile PBS Eons PBS Space Time Periodic Videos Physics Girl SciShow SciSHow Space Singing Banana Sixty Symbols Smarter Every Day The Science Asylum The Slow Mo Guys Tom Scott Up and Atom Veritassium Vihart Vintage Space
  7. Empyre

    do you put Easter eggs in your WADS?

    In Empyrion, starting with the fourth map, all the maps have an Easter egg with 2 soul spheres, blue armor, and all of the weapons, but they are designed not to be found. If you manage to find your way into one of those without me showing you how to get in (and without noclip), congratulations! You have truly earned the goodies within.
  8. Empyre

    Custom music in Slade3

    D_RUNNIN is the song for MAP01 in Doom 2, but your map's name is E1M1 and your IWAD is DOOM.WAD. Try renaming the song to D_E1M1.
  9. It means that imps are tiny icons of sin.
  10. Empyre

    Chasecam in zandronum?

    In Zandronum's ESC menu, go to Options / Customize Controls, and choose a key for Chasecam. I use Z. It looks like you might not understand what chasecam does. It is not something that activates when a player dies. You might be thinking of deathcam, which centers your view on whoever killed you. Or maybe you are thinking of Coop Spy, which is on the F12 key by default. When you press the chasecam key, your view switches to a 3rd-person view from behind you.
  11. I have been using AIMP, which plays all the music formats with no plugins required. For midi, I recommend that you also visit this thread:
  12. Empyre

    Changing map's name

    Unless you created your own custom title graphics, get rid of the titlepatch line. Then, the title you specified will show instead of the default title graphic. If you don't set a music or sky, your map won't have them.
  13. Empyre

    Removing brutaldoom monsters Gore and fatalities

    It would still be easier than messing with BD's code.
  14. Empyre

    Various plugins

    Don't delete DB2, but give GZDBBF (or DBX) a try. After a brief time adjusting to the changes, you will be glad you upgraded, and DB2 will start collecting dust.
  15. DSNOWAY is the sound for pushing on a wall, and DSOOF is the sound for landing. In the Doom IWADS, they are identical, but you can replace them independently, with no need for SNDINFO.