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  1. I remember playing this back in the Skulltag days.
  2. Thanks! Fixed. They changed their system on me.
  3. The latest version of my OP Weapons on some of my maps: OPWeapons: Empyrion (my maps):
  4. Bug fixes and tweaks: Download: opweapons_v32 Changes in opweapons_v32.pk3: - Made the Quad Shotgun on Hax not damage players, ghosts, and turrets. - Made the Unmaker primary fire shoot 6 projectiles as intended, instead of 5. - Increased the damage from the alt-fires of BFG666000 and Unmaker, but they're still surprisingly weak in tight spaces. - Made the puffs from all weapons (except fists) go through players, ghosts, and turrets. - Fixed: Some weapons weren't using ammo. - Tweaked ammo usage on several weapons.
  5. @Neurosis I think I recognize your avatar as Captain Kirk from A Piece of the Action. I love that episode! On-topic, I went to the armor first for two reasons: open areas before doors like several others already said, and also my follow-the-left-wall rule.
  6. GZDoomBuilder-Bugfix - and/or -
  7. Big changes this time: Download: opweapons_v31 Changes in opweapons_v31.pk3: - Replaced many default sprites and sounds with custom ones, credited above. - Added two new weapons: Quad Shotgun on Hax and Ultimate Unmaker. - Added Open GL glowing effect to Shotgun alt-fire. - Made sure all weapons sprites were bright while firing. - Made the turrets and ghosts especially vulnerable to the players' fists, so they can be easily removed if desired. - Made the ghost actor not inherit from the lost soul actor because that was causing problems with certain mods.
  8. That's what I meant when I said "somehow connected to the main map". I must have been tired, too. I meant "Have the boss in a room", not "Have the boss in a boss".
  9. The second idea is totally doable in vanilla format (and above). Have the boss in a room that is somehow connected to the main map (by a tube or by a two-piece sector) so he is awake. When the player crosses the trigger line, a barrier that was blocking his way opens up and he can then cross a teleport line. Also, if you're using DECORATE, then your wad can only be played in a ZDoom-based port, so you might as well use a more-capable map format like Doom-in-Hexen or UDMF. I have used Doom format, then upgraded to Boom, then Doom-in-Hexen, and recently I finally upgraded one last time to UDMF, and I am loving it.
  10. I am not really an expert on making monsters. Since I started using DECORATE about a year and a half ago, I have focused on making weapons. I do have an idea: You could make the boss invulnerable, and when the player crosses a certain line in the map, execute an ACS script that takes the invulnerability away with a command like this: SetActorproperty (<the tag you give the boss in the map editor>, APROP_Invulnerable, FALSE); Another idea that doesn't involve ACS would be to have the boss all by himself in a room separate from the rest of the map, and have him teleport where you want him when the player crosses a certain line.
  11. Did you put a plus sign in front of NEVERTARGET? A plus sign turns a flag on, and a minus sign turns it off. You must have one or the other. To drop an item, add to the top (before the states) DropItem "item_name". Here is a list of the actor names for the keys: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:DoomKey Here's the reference for DropItem: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Actor_properties#DropItem
  12. The last time I looked, Doomsday didn't support Boom, but maybe it does now. Doomsday also has its own native format with some pretty advanced features, but such maps would work only in Doomsday.
  13. Put a Delay(##); in between the HudMessages. The delay is in tics, 35 per second, so Delay(70); would wait 2 seconds before going to the next line. Experiment to find the right amount of time to delay.
  14. I have used the "Right Hand Rule" since before Doom, except I go left instead, and I call it "Follow the Left Wall". Left or right doesn't matter, as long as you choose one and stick to it.
  15. On the other hand, don't be afraid to ask questions here. Just try to figure it out for yourself first, using the wiki. Then, if you're still stumped, ask questions here. Once you have learned the ropes, you can start answering questions when you know the answer, while still asking some, like I do.