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  1. Here's another update. Version with BFG only in single-player: empyrion_v35.pk3 Version with BFG in coop, too: empyrion_v35_bfg.pk3 Changes in empyrion_v35.pk3: - In MAP02, MAP04, and MAP08, Made exit pads be the exit instead of revealing an exit switch. - In MAP03, MAP05, MAP08, MAP12, and MAP31, Made monster teleport closets more reliable, and in most of those, added some randomization. - In MAP08, Temples, Fixed unwanted water textures in the Ankh. - In MAP09, Descent, Made the platform floating in the air bob up and down. Added 3D floors to keep players from landing on the 1-unit ledges around the floating islands. Monsters that teleport into the underwater base now appear in mid-air, and it is no longer so hard to see while swimming under the water. In the skin building in Hell, the monsters no longer start underground, and the blue armor is no longer in the ceiling. - In MAP09 and MAP10, The weapons that come up from underground in the starting areas are now 8x as far underground, so they no longer can be seen in software mode. - In MAP08, MAP12, and MAP31, Added weapons that appear in the starting area as the map is explored, like the ones mentioned above in MAP09 and MAP10. - In MAP12, Infernal Tower, The floating cubes now bob up and down, and they are now solid. - In MAP31, Hypercube, The secret exit can no longer be activated before it is raised up from the floor. - In several maps, put proper teleport flats on teleports that had solid colors because they weren't aligned to the 64-unit grid, and adjusted the flat to fit.
  2. Doom Explorer can be used to launch both on-line games and single-player games.
  3. There are some Egyptian textures in av.wad.
  4. If you wanted it lower than the ceiling, but not on the floor, you could use the Y offset. That would work here, too, but Lower Unpegged is easier. The Y offset method might come in handy for you in the future, though.
  5. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_ZIPs_as_WAD_replacement
  6. For a cinematic, you might want to instead change a players view to a camera. https://zdoom.org/wiki/ChangeCamera https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:MovingCamera
  7. How about 12-in-1 (pk3, 115 MB)? There is also a patch for it (wad, 32 KB).
  8. @(this user does not exist) described how the change the default player sprite. To make a skin, your sprites need to have a different name from the default player. The other advice he gave looks like good advice to me. Open an existing skin pack in Slade to see how it is done. This link should help: https://zdoom.org/wiki/S_SKIN
  9. I don't know all the details, but I think that even when Micky Mouse is no longer copyrighted, he might still be a trademark.
  10. http://liquiddoom.net:8000/doom.m3u
  11. On a scale where 1.0 means no adjustment, I leave mine set at 1.3, which is just a slight adjustment.
  12. Definitely that one. I also hate when an exit is not marked. It looks like a regular switch, but it exits the map, and you might not have been ready to exit. Likewise, exit signs labeling things that are not the exit are also annoying.
  13. Yes! but Arnold as he was a few years before Doom first came out. Back then, he would also have been awesome as Beowulf, if they has made such a move then.
  14. You should never have two different programs editing the same file at the same time. To avoid this happening again, close DoomBuilder before you open Slade, and vice versa. Also, make a back-up copy of the wad at least once a day. As for those back-up files, make a copy to be safe, then rename the file to a different name from your main wad, and change the extension to wad. If all goes well, you can then edit and/or play that wad file. EDIT: Wow! MMMMega ninja'd! Eight posts while I was typing!
  15. You could use Tag "Wizard" in your WIT-Wizard class to make the player see it as Wizard.