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  1. Random Image Thread

    The state my Mom was born in is missing! Why the hate for North Dakota? My guess is that you live in South Dakota.
  2. Random Image Thread

    You have to be +81 to play Wood!
  3. Vertex height problems (Gzdoom)

    What I was going to suggest, you have already done. The only idea I have now is to post a feature request here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=54957
  4. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That column with the red skull key looks odd with the same few pixels repeating on each side. Other than that, these pictures look awesome.
  5. doom mods can be fun

    It is fine to quote somebody if you have a reply to what they said, but you quoted several people without actually adding a reply to any of them. That is what people can find annoying.
  6. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I was trying to suggest a simple alternative to all right angles. You guys have shown some very impressive examples of complex map geometry. I myself have only gone as far as a 16-gon, but with no curve or ellipse drawing tool. But all this goes the opposite way from the simplicity I was going for in my suggestion.
  7. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    That's why I like octagons so much. They aren't "boring" squares, but they are still easy enough. Set your grid as desired and make the "square" sides 4 units and the diagonals 3 units, and the octagon won't be perfect, but close enough for most purposes. To make a slightly larger or smaller octagon, set the grid much smaller and from each corner go out (or in) like it was a knight in chess, 2 and 1. Again not perfect, but good enough most of the time.
  8. ACS Control Locking?

    I forgot to mention that for the script I posted above, you need these two actors declared in DECORATE: Of course, feel free to edit the script to fit your needs.
  9. Another small bug fix and some look-and-feel polish: Download: opweapons_v40.pk3 Changes in opweapons_v40.pk3: - Fixed a bug that displayed armor bonus icon when you pick up green or blue armor and you have none already. - Changed the sprites for medikit, stim pack, blur sphere (now ghost sphere), allmap, berserk, and radsuit (now power suit). (now power suit). - Changed the pick-up sounds for health and armor. - Made sure all graphic are in PNG format so they won't be messed up by custom palettes. - Made all hud icon offsets line up right. - Sprites and sounds are now (nearly) all included even if unchanged, so other wads can't mess them up. - Got rid of the annoying turret see sound.
  10. ACS Control Locking?

    Here's a script I wrote that gives the player invulnerability while viewing a camera and for 3 seconds after. It checks if the player is already invulnerable, and doesn't take it away. Also, if the already-existing invul runs out, then the script gives invul to the player.
  11. Flats and walls

    That didn't look right to me, so I looked it up to confirm. The folder you need is textures, with an S. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_ZIPs_as_WAD_replacement
  12. Joining sectors GZDoom/Doom Builder

    If the sectors you are joining have any lines in common, J (Join) will leave them there and Shift-J (Merge) will remove them, I think. I always get those confused. If I got it backwards, that's what Control-Z (Undo) is for. Each is useful in certain circumstances.
  13. good city maps with custom textures

    In Tartaru5.wad, TAT29 is quite a spectacular city map in Boom format.
  14. What are you listening to?

    Here's something different: