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  1. I remember you posting this years ago in another forum. Zandronum? ZDaemon?
  2. TV commercials are loud so you can hear them while you go to the kitchen or bathroom or something like that.
  3. The patch of dirt needs to be a different floor height, even if it is just 2 - 4 units. You could use ZIMMER2 for the grass edge.
  4. Netflix? I thought it was going to be on CBS All-Access, CBS's in-house premium streaming service. Either way, it is not really a TV show because it is not really on TV. Instead, it is streamed to a PC. It is behind a pay wall so I won't get to see it.
  5. To explain what I meant: In coop, if you die, the game isn't over. You respawn. but without berserk. It just dawned on me that if you were talking about single-player, then what I said sounds kind of dumb.
  6. Or until you die, whichever is first.
  7. Caco invasion might be what you are looking for.
  8. The first one looks like a fractal, which is cool. The second one gives me a nice moire pattern when I scroll.
  9. I know that map. There is an invisible sector that raises up so you can walk on the bridge, and it lowers down so you can walk under it. When you approached it to walk under it, the floor lowered so you could walk under it. If you approach it from the other way to walk over the bridge, it will raise up so you can cross the bridge. When it is up, it will block the rockets. It is not a bug, but a unavoidable side effect of a clever map design.
  10. Fixed.
  11. Of the files listed, only vilecurse_v1.0.wad uses Skulltag actors. That reminds me, I made a version of Vile Curse without Skulltag actors. I'll change the OP to include that.
  12. Some of you might be familiar with 10x and/or Vile Curse. For the rest of you, 10x multiplies each monster by 10, so a map with 128 monsters would have 1280 instead, and Vile Curse enables all monsters to resurrect any monster. I have made variants of 10x that change that multiplier to 2, 3, 5, 7, 15, and 20. I have also combined the functionality of 10x with Vile Curse, and then made variants with the multiplier changed to 2, 3, 5, and 7. They all use DECORATE, so they require ZDoom, GZDoom, QZDoom, or Zandronum. USE THESE WITH CAUTION! They can cause lag in single player, and even worse in coop. That's why I made the variants with smaller multipliers. They each have a WADINFO that credits the original authors: Deathwatch and Aiur850 for Vile Curse and Cutman Mike for 10x. Downloads: 2x.wad 3x.wad 5x.wad 7x.wad 10x.wad <---- the original, not by me 15x.wad 20x.wad vilecurse_v1.0.wad <---- the original, not by me, uses Skulltag actors vilecurse_v1_noskulltag.wad <---- Vile Curse with Skulltag actors removed vilecurse_2x.pk3 vilecurse_3x.pk3 vilecurse_5x.pk3 vilecurse_7x.pk3 vilecurse_10x.pk3
  13. I keep thinking of ideas, so here's another update: Changes in opweapons_v27.pk3: - Fixed a bug that caused the Shotgun alt-fire to damage a turret when you were standing right on it. - Changed the firing rate of the Shotgun alt-fire to match a Super Shotgun, and changed the whole look of it. - Made the Ghost's fireballs faster and homing. - Sped up the firing rate of the Plasma Turret. Download: opweapons_v27.pk3
  14. Doomseeker, which comes with Zandronum, makes it easy to set up a server, or a single-player game. it is pretty much equivalent to using (I)DE, but without the need to download the server browser in the first place because you already have it if you have Zandronum.
  15. Nightmare doesn't have its own thing placement. It is a tougher version of UV, just like ITYTD is an easier version of HNTR. There are only 3 levels of thing placement: Easy (ITYTD and HNTR), Medium (HMP), and Hard (UV and Nightmare).