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  1. @printz Please continue posting pictures here. That's what this thread is for. Just post them less often, when you have major changes to show off.
  2. A quick same-day release for a bug fix: Download: opweapons_v36 Changes in opweapons_v36.pk3: - Edited GLDEFS so the new sprites for Ghosts and Plasma Gun alt-fire now glow, because I forgot to do that in v35.
  3. A bug fix and some tweaks: Download: opweapons_v35.pk3 Changes in opweapons_v35.pk3: - Corrected a misspelled sprite name in the Many Launcher. - Increased the starting (and respawning) health and armor to the same as the maximum, 2000. - Made the Plasma Gun alt-fire blue, to better match the primary fire. - The Quad Shotgun on Hax now makes bullet chip decals. - Changed the sprites for the ghosts. Thanks, WARDUST!
  4. I think he wants the map to also work in ZDaemon. that is really the only reason I can think of to use Hexen format instead of UDMF any more.
  5. When I read the title, and before I read the thread, my honest interpretation was that he was saying that had more maps than the total of Doom and Doom 2. Then I read the post and I was (very mildly) disappointed that there were only 40 maps. "And" is often used to mean "plus", like one and one are two, two and two are four, and so on. mock2.levelcount > (doom1.levelcount + doom2.levelcount) returns false, so. My apologies to Herzon for derailing this thread. If I make any further comment in this thread, it will be about the actual maps themselves.
  6. Speed Racer way predates Pokemon or Dragon Ball. I think it is from the 60s and I watched re-runs of it as a little boy in the 70s. Either that, or was new in the 70s when I watched it. Maybe you're referring to that sequel/reboot that came much later.
  7. "And" means (or could be interpreted to mean) both combined. If he meant either one, he should have used "or", or even better, "either - or" to avoid any confusion.
  8. I just thought of an idea: How about an animated texture, instead of scrolling?
  9. I know that this is pedantic, but Doom has 27 maps and Doom 2 has 30 maps, so Doom and Doom 2 have 57 maps, which is more than 40 maps, so your claim is not true.
  10. My only suggestion is to try a 1-unit gap between the model and the portal. If you don't want an open gap even that short, put an old-fashioned 1-unit-long Doom wall there.
  11. On one hand, I'm sorry that you had to figure it out on your own, but on the other hand, I'm glad that you could!
  12. I tried making a test map, and it just doesn't work with scroll_texture_both. Scroll_wall works, but even at the maximum possible value of 255, it scrolls very slowly, but at least perceptibly, if you look really close. I tried using ACS to call scroll_wall and it works in Zandronum, but not in ZDaemon. Furthermore, if you have sky as the ceiling, it gets taller and taller as it scrolls, even if you set the flag to Clip Middle Texture as well as Wrap Middle Texture (total flags 16 + 8 = 24). Here is the test map: ScrollBothTest.zip
  13. I have a feeling that the line is scrolling, but so slowly that you can't see it. Try 2.0 instead of 2 for the speed. Because of the way fixed point works in Doom, 2 would result in a very small fraction. If it scrolls down, try -2.0 to get it to go up. EDIT: Now that I think of it, since you can only pass 8 bits in Hexen format, I am not sure how fixed point would even work. Try scroll_texture_both instead. It also allows you to specify a line ID, and it doesn't use fixed point numbers. For this action special, a speed of 64 is equivalent to the standard scroll left from Doom format, so 2 would still be pretty slow.
  14. Instead of Scroll_Texture_Up, use Scroll_Wall.
  15. I really like those lost soul sprites. May I use them (giving you credit, of course)?