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  1. Somebody who knows what they are doing could probably edit the midi to fix that note. I know just enough to know it can be done, but nowhere near enough to actually be able to do it.
  2. In GL mode, you can take that idea further and add up and down to the 4 sides to make a literal sky box.
  3. Doom, and if I had to be more specific, Doom 2 with Zandronum, where I have 2 servers. Neverwinter Nights. Unreal Tournament 2004, where I also have a server.
  4. I think I prefer the one that does the same thing, but with Tim Allen's "Uuuuh?", not that I'd actually play that either.
  5. You could have each line send a different number to the script as an argument, and that number could be its tag, or a completely different number that you use to identify the line for the purpose of the script. If the script is already using all 3 arguments, then you might just be out of luck. By the way, TID stands for Thing ID. You can use 0 as the TID in any action special or function that the script uses, and it will refer to the thing that activated the script.
  6. Slower than my Core i7 at 3.4 GHz with super cheap Gfx card because my nice one died and I can't afford a nice one right now. Since Doom is mostly cpu-bound, your system is slow enough for such a test, but an even slower one would be a better test. I try to make it work for both continuous play and pistol starts, which means that the beginning of each map is easier if you're playing continuously, but by the end of the map, it no longer matters. It also means that if you are playing single-player and you die and start the map over with a pistol start, you are not screwed.
  7. The project is never finished. Even now, I am working on the next version. There are always more tweaks, more details, and occasionally a new map. I still need feedback on whether v33 has significantly lower fps than v32a on slower PCs. If there is a problem, then I might have to very sadly revert all the 3D floor liquids back to transfer heights.
  8. Line_SetBlocking will do the first two things you mentioned. TranslucentLine can turn translucency on and off. Set amount to 255 to turn it off.
  9. You can do this with 3D floors. There are more bridges than those in the screenshot, 8 in all. Each sector has only one tag, but some tags have multiple 3D floors. It is MAP12 in empyrion.
  10. Have you tried Knee Deep in Phobos?
  11. Boycott them to show them that alienating their customers is bad for business.
  12. For a close-to-vanilla experience with easy multiplayer, try ZDaemon. For more advanced graphics and more gameplay options with easy multiplayer, try Zandronum.
  13. I had the nomonsters flag on for the screenshots. Skill levels are supported, with lots of additional coop-only monsters.
  14. I like happy endings.
  15. Speaking of music, here is a great song for my Hellkeep map. It is a Doom MUS lump from heroes2.wad, with permission granted in heroes2.txt: hkeepmus.zip