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  1. In the bottom right corner of Slade is a Find + Replace button. You can use that to search each text lump (or text file in a pk3) one a a time. I believe that's the best you can do. Brutal Doom is notorious for hard-to-read code, as you are experiencing.
  2. Who made those? You forgot to leave a credit.
  3. I like that, but it had never occurred to me. The next map I make will have something like that in it.
  4. Litrivin told you how to do it in both Doom and Doom 2, using two different methods that would work for either. Also, he told you how to make more than one line of text, by using \n for a new line.
  5. Look at the gif he has linked at the bottom of his post.
  6. That screenshot wasn't there when I typed that.
  7. It looks like your MAP02 does not have a Player 1 start in it.
  8. I figured out the solution to what I was trying to do, give the player both weapons while only displaying one pick-up sprite: CustomInventory. Since this actor replaces BFG9000, you will need to make your BIG_FUCKING_GUN not replace the BFG9000. ACTOR BFGandRailGiver : CustomInventory replaces BFG9000 { Inventory.PickupMessage "You got the BFG and the Rail Gun!" Inventory.PickupSound "misc/w_pkup" +COUNTITEM states { Spawn: BFUG A -1 stop Pickup: TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory ("BIG_FUCKING_GUN") TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory ("RailGun") stop } }
  9. Re: the Umbrella cover above: I have always preferred this umbrella-related song, with a cover that sounds remarkably like the original: ... and another really cute cover:
  10. There have been many covers of this song, and here's one of them:
  11. This has been discussed at length before. Unlike many others, I thought they were a good read. But no, they are not canon.
  12. Try this: ACTOR WeaponGiver Replaces BIG_FUCKING_GUN { DropItem "BIG_FUCKING_GUN" States { Spawn: BFUG A -1 A_SpawnItemEx ("RailGun") Stop } } DropItem is the usual way for a WeaponGiver to give a weapon. Also, you need the sprite to stay indefinitely in the spawn state, so use the duration -1. If it works, this will result in there being both your BFG and a rail gun in the same spot. Now, if you want there to be only the BFG pick-up sprite without the rail gun sprite in the same place, here's an idea to experiment with, but I can't guarantee it will work. In the code for your custom BFG, add a Pickup state with TNT1 A 0 A_GiveInventory("RailGun") and then Goto Select. There are possible problems with this approach: I am not sure that a weapon CAN have a Pickup state, and I am not sure that Goto Select is the right thing to do at the end of a weapon's Pickup state. IMPORTANT: Make a back-up copy of your file before you try this experiment. EDIT: Ninja'd! If Gez says to use nodelay, then do it. I am much newer to DECORATE than he is. In fact, just use his code and not mine. I goofed in other ways, too. @Gez, how did you get your code to do DECORATE highlighting?
  13. A better place to ask would be the Wads & Mods forum.
  14. I remember this cover of a classic Beatles song blowing me away when I first heard it:
  15. You could make an animated texture with a lot of frames, but that could cause problems as if you were using that many different textures, because you actually are.