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The Climb

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After traveling for several days and a few rest breaks, you've reached the mountain Zedelkir mentioned in his attack on you several days earlier. The wind here is nippy, and you shiver to yourself. You keep thinking monster will appear out of nowhere, but it does not happen. You begin the long, ardous, treacherous climb up the steep, icy mountain. The wind blows without ceasing as you start up the trail that take you to your ultimate destiny. The footing here is slippery and more than once you nearly fall flat on your back. You grunt as the wind slams into you, causing your teeth to chatter. You walk slowly up the trail for the better part of two hours, not seeing a sign of anyone or anything along the way except for some trees that are blocking your path. You take out your sword and smash them into splinters, as there's no way around them. You stumble over loose rocks, which tumble into the valley below. Looking down makes you dizzzy in your head, and you decide to not look down anymore. You climb higher and higher up the mountain. At one point your nose begins to bleed, and you curse as you notice the blood dripping to the snow covered ground at your feet. You pinch your nose and start walking yet again. At one point you have to duck down behind a boulder on the side of the trail to keep from being blown off the face of the mountain by a rather intense gust of wind. You stay there for a long and ugly five minutes as the winds howl past like banshees let loose from Hell. Obviously, Zedelkir is trying to blow you off the mountain.
At one point, there is nowhere to go but up. You reach up and grab the first stone that juts out from the other ones. You grab it, and haul yourself up, standing on one foot because there is not enough room for all of you.You see a boulder that appears to be glued to the side of the mountain. You take a deep breath, reach out, and make a leap for it. You just manage to grab it. Good thing, because there is a 10 foot drop, and falling would break a leg or two. You grip with all your strength, and pull yourself up. You back up against the wall of the mountain, taking in deep breaths. You slowly look up above you, and see that the actual top of the mountain is a flat plane just above you. If only you can get there without killing yourself.
...You've did it! Zedelkir's mountain palace stands before you, a towering monstrosity. Torches illuminate the area in front of the palace. The torches seem to mock your efforts thus far, seemingly daring you to enter the fortress. The palace towers hundreds of feet into the air, the sky above it swirling and twisting in and out itself, its color a dreary gray. You collect your wits and prepare to enter the castle....

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Actually, Zedelkir is a combining of those two names.
Zedel + Menelkir = Zedelkir

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