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  1. dsm

    The Quake Awards

    Golden Quad Damage Award
  2. dsm

    New Armour?

    I'm a bit ambivalent about it, because I've grown really fond of the Praetor Suit as it is, which in my opinion evokes the classic Doomguy appearance well enough to feel both right and familiar, while also feeling very fresh (and it makes the Doom Marine look more like an actual Space Marine, which is what the original Doomguy was supposed to be). This new armour immediately feels a bit like they're "trying too hard" to get the nostalgia feeling flowing, which strikes me as a bit redundant at this point. On the other hand, the new outfit doesn't feel out of place in a "Hell-on-Earth" setting and it does justify having to upgrade this new suit from scratch rather than having a case of: "This ancient perhaps supernaturally enhanced super-armour that has probably been upgraded multiple times across the millennia needs to be upgraded still further". And I do like designs that respect the classic look, so I dunno, I might become really happy with it after all.
  3. dsm

    We got the demons!

    On a base level, yes, but the Baron can leap further, which requires a slight modification in your tactical approach to it (you can't reliably use the same tactics you use on the HK) and it having the ability to toss explosive fireballs that you need to watch out for can also throw you off if unprepared for it. I feel that if the HK had a fireball attack, the Baron would automatically feel a lot less special and a lot less imposing, which would devalue the shock value when it does show up. The classic Doom 2 HK and BoH were basically the same enemy - you just needed more patience (and ammo) with the BoH, which made the encounters feel less exciting. But far be it for me to "correct" you, I'd just like to hear an explanation for why people have the opinions they do - I might learn something or be reminded of factors I've overlooked Actually, come to think of it, if the new Baron in Eternal Doom is enhanced with more devastating abilities, giving the HK a Baron of Hell-like fireball attack might not be as bad as I think it'd be. Something to ponder.
  4. dsm

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Not slamming your opinion, and not really disagreeing either, but I think it's worth noting that the Cyber Mancubus serves as a functional callback to the classic Baron of Hell in that it's a big, slow-moving, tough tank that fires fast, high-damage projectiles. It being in the form of a Mancubus is just the in-universe explanation for why it's so slow when the new Baron moves so fast and with such agility. Still, my feelings on it is akin to my feelings on the classic Doom 2 Hell Knight: It's kinda boring that it's essentially a reskin of an existing enemy with different hitpoints, so I probably wouldn't miss it if it was taken out of Doom Eternal. While I don't mind that the Archvile is making a return, I can certainly see where you're coming from. I have many memories of Archvile encounters that felt more detracting from the fun than it should and probably for the reasons you've mentioned, but I also have a lot of good memories where an Archvile encounter felt great to overcome and was fun while it lasted. And generally, I think the Archvile makes for a really cool and unique enemy on paper with lots of potential that would be a shame to waste. I guess that what I'm saying is that I hope the devs have come up with a really cool gameplay design for it that makes it feel like an Archvile should (scary and challenging while feeling familiar), while cutting down on the more bullshitty aspects of the classic one.
  5. dsm

    Your thoughts on the Wolfenstein series

    I'd hazard a guess and suggest that "The New Order" refers to the World Order ushered in by the Nazis conquering the world, which destroys the Old, more democratically based, World Order (as well as marketing the game as the "New Generation" of Wolfenstein games). Dunno much about what this "New Collossus" is - if memory serves, I think I read somewhere that the "Collossus" was referring to the Statue of Liberty, referring to the game taking place in the good ol' U.S. of A and it being "New" is again referring to the Nazis' "New World Order" bulldozing the old one.
  6. dsm

    Enemies you don't want to return

    Outside of the Boss enemies from Doom 2016 (for reasons already covered by others in this thread), I'm hard pressed to think of any single enemy from that game that I don't wish to see again. I could live with the removal of the Shield Guys, however, annoying as they can be, I mostly didn't think of them as unfair and I'd rather see the mechanics surrounding them be improved upon instead of outright removing them. Like, make it possible to temporarily disable their shields if you deal enough punishment to them. I'd also be fine with different Possessed Soldiers (wearing Earth-based armour, but still keep the Soldiers projectile based), as well as a different type of civilian Possessed as long as they feel consistent with the ones introduced in Doom 2016. I'd be fine with replacing the Hell Razer with a Chaingun Commando, though with the minor caveat that I liked the Hell Razer's appearance and that it would feel odd if it was removed, unless it appears evolved into a different type of enemy that's still recognizable as a bigger, nastier Hell Razer. I know I'd miss the Summoner if it is indeed omitted, even though the return of the Archvile is potentially quite awesome. I thought the Summoner made a great Archvile replacement and was a more versatile enemy than the classic Doom Archvile (certainly tasted a lot less of bullshit, while still being a good threat to overcome).
  7. dsm

    We got the demons!

    Why? Making the HK a weaker, but otherwise identical Baron of Hell would be unbelievably boring and uninspired. It's more fun when it's reinterpreted as a more agile Pinky with the ability to generate an energy-based shockwave by pounding the ground with it fists; gives it a more unique personality, but still keeps the implied 'lore' kinship with the Baron. Besides, we already have a bajillion other projectile-shooting enemies in NU-Doom. How many more do you want?
  8. dsm

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    I'd like to think that there's still remnants of really old tech along with cyber-punk futuristic tech in the Doom universe. After all, you have an antique double-barreled shotgun and a chainsaw among your arsenal. A Doom universe city could consist of areas with centuries-old buildings and even cars based on +100 year-old models. I would hope that there are remnants of fancy futuristic stuff as well though (would be boring if this were exclusively military or research tech).
  9. dsm

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    Welp, there goes my theory that Quake Champions Ranger is from the same timeline as TNO/TNC.
  10. dsm

    Reused Assets.

    Maybe not reuse the old textures, but high-poly models are still high poly models and those are costly and time consuming to make. Might as well use the ones already made and apply new textures. A lot of the stuff in the teaser trailer looks rather similar to some of the things in the old Doom 4.0 leaked screenshots (except even more destroyed), so it kinda looks like they already reused some old assets for that.
  11. dsm

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    I might add that Id's track record back then was pretty solid as well so I fail to see what's wrong with "citing the production of a 1997 game by a team of like 15". Games were less complex to make back then so you could get away with a smaller team. What was your point again?
  12. dsm

    Bring Back D_RUNNIN

    I'd be rather surprised if Doom: Eternal doesn't contain a badass rendition of D_RUNNIN, considering that it can basically be considered the opening theme for Doom 2 in the same way as E1M1 could be considered the opening theme for Ultimate Doom (and the rendition of that ended up being the main theme for Doom 2016).
  13. I forgot to mention one thing I considered pretty cool in Map05: when you struggle through the forrest maze, you can see the high ground (sometimes Lost Souls come at you from these areas) and you tend to think that it's probably inaccessible, then when you eventually do clear the maze, you unlock a gate that leads you right up to those areas where you can look down at the gloomy maze below. I found this pretty satisfying and very cleverly designed.
  14. dsm

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    As excited as this teaser makes me, I am a little concerned about Doom Eternal being announced this soon. A lot of people consider Wolfenstein 2: TNC to be a bit of a letdown and it seems to me that this is more a result of time pressure and pushing it out too quickly (though there's apparently a lot of forced political bullshit in it too, which any idiot who won a Leadership position in the lotto could have forced in there). Even the smartest, most highly disciplined people can make some right weird mistakes and insane judgment calls when under too much pressure. If Doom: Eternal comes out in 2019 and it proves to be awesome, then great, but I'd happily wait another 3 years (or even 5) if it means a more polished product. I know Id's track record is to release solid games, but there have been cases where their game came out buggy at release (Quake 2 had a slew of post-release patches and Rage was reportedly unplayable for a lot of PC players until the first patch). I don't care about the argument that Doom 2016 was developed over a mere 3 years after Doom 4.0 got scrapped and still turned out excellent - a lot of gameplay design that ended up in Doom 2016 was an evolution of ideas from Doom 4.0 (which had nearly a decade worth of design work put into it) and while Doom: Eternal technically just needs to polish what was already in Doom 2016, the same could be said for Wolfenstein 2 and look how that turned out: not terrible but not awesome either. (Watch the NoClip Documentary on Doom 2016's development and its design if you need a source to back up my claim). I'm rather leaning towards having Doom: Eternal be great rather than merely "ok" and the last thing I want for it is to have rushed design that ends up being partially broken because they were too eager to add new features without the necessary time to test them properly. I waited over a decade for Doom 3 (and boy did it feel like a loooong time back then!). I managed to weather yet another decade before Doom 2016 came out. I think I can handle another 3-5 years no problem.