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  1. I used to find (nearly) all the non-metal, creepier music pieces "boring" and sorta disliked playing maps with the "boring" music.
  2. The game instantly struck me as pretty depressing when I first tried it all the way back in '96 - it just gave me a feeling that all other men in the world were dead or mutated and all the non-babe women were dead too, and all the while, Duke is just coming across as a selfish, unfeeling asshole about it, cracking one-liners about how awesome he thinks he is. I kinda had to get used to it :P
  3. Don't know if it would make it "perfect" for me, but here are my list of suggestions (most of which have already been mentioned): - Don't have characters constantly yell at me to "pick up the pace". It's not scary, it's just obnoxious and it impairs my ability to enjoy the game. Let me explore the game world at my own leisurely pace thank you very much. This is especially dumb considering that the game engine and the levels are designed around exploring every nook and cranny. - Better written characters. I'd have liked both Sgt. Kelly and Betruger to have had more likable characteristics. A Dr. Betruger who wasn't an over-the-top asshole from the start, although I do find some of his over-the-top lines funny. - Less reliance on melee-oriented monsters. I don't get why having every second monster into a melee beast would make them scarier, when fear factor should come from their aggression and ability to easily do a lot of damage to the player from afar. - Don't use Imp and "Imp-wannabe" enemies so frequently. The Pinky was underused and so were Mancubi and the Hell Knight. Generally more variety in enemy types and enemy attacks and behaviors and incorporate it in the level design. - More colour variation on the enemies - too many enemies are basically grey-skinned. A few are brown. - Give the shotgun a tiny bit more range; it should remain a close-quarters weapon, but not to the point of making it a 'melee' weapon with the ability to do extremely negligible damage at a few paces away. It's a firearm, make it feel like it. - Slow the fire rate of shotgun-toting zombies and give their buckshot more spread. I'm fine with them being a threat, but the way it is makes it seem like they have a superior shotgun to the one the player is using and it's a discrepancy that's hard to ignore. - Have more of the game take place in Hell. Also have the base facilities leading up to Hell be more obviously warped and Hellish (and make the same locations even tougher to recognize due to Hellish transformation when you return from Hell). Also, have more outdoor areas and get rid of the "limited oxygen" deal. I generally feel that the Techbase theme vastly overstays its welcome and the game lacks a proper "Shores of Hell" theme that merges Hell and Base themes into a distinctive third theme. I also think the game has too many of the levels be "realistic" - having some of the later techbase levels be warped by Hell would be an excellent excuse to introduce an element of surrealism to not only mess with the player's mind, but also change up the gameplay experience. - Have the Wraith's phase ability less obvious - a simple ghostly fog effect over the creature turning more and more translucent until it disappears would've been creepier and would perhaps made its movements less obvious to track. Also make the enemy less Imp-like in appearance (should've looked more like a smaller, slender version of the Pinky). - Much fewer locked cabinets and less code hunting. Also on that note, have text alongside the Audio Logs to make codes more accessible and less of a chore to acquire through listening to audio, while hiding PDAs with non-optional codes in secret areas.
  4. I saw references to something called "Doom: Death on Earth", but it seems to be a rumor.
  5. Yes I know very well that the Possessed Troops fire dodgeable projectiles, but that wasn't my point at all; I was trying to illustrate that I don't think video game Nazi soldiers need to move with their guns in raised firing positions, ready to fire at a milisecond's notice like real soldiers, because I don't consider the realism aspect all that important and would rather have them act in a way that makes the gameplay fun. Wolfenstein 3-D already has the low-hp enemy types down, so that's not really a problem, but the instantly-return-fire-with-super-accuracy needs to go in my opinion, because I've never found it all that fun. So the enemy soldiers need to act realistic, but it's ok that the Player can take a million bullets to the face without dying, hip-fire a ridiculously over-sized minigun and has limited regenerative powers? Ok, if you say so, but I'm afraid I'm not feeling myself getting overly convinced. I maintain that the soldiers can be a threat if the player has less hp (can take less hits, which makes you feel more Human and thus makes the combat feel a lot more immersive) and enemy placement is well done so they can surprise an unaware player. I don't think less realistic AI will hamper the story if the story really matters that much, because I find that stories can be immersive if the events themselves and the characters are engaging and if the story obey the rules set by the game universe itself (which can be anything). Normal Humans cannot directly dodge bullets, but hitting a moving target is still challenging, because the shooter has to compensate for gravity, wind and projectile speed, which means that there is a margin of error on the part of the shooter. In the Machine Games Wolfenstein series, B.J. Blazcowicz is pretty Super-Human, as I kinda touched upon earlier in this post, so it really isn't much of a stretch to have B.J. Blazcowicz be a Super-Human in an ability to run much faster than any normal Human and thus better able to dodge bullets, maybe you could even give him super-Human, subtle, precognitive senses that makes him able to better sense incoming bullets and thus "see" them better or some shit like that. I honestly find the ability to take millions of gunshot wounds throughout a game far more immersive-breaking than the ability to dodge bullets if I'm being completely honest, which means that I wouldn't find it as immersion-breaking if the Nazis don't act a 100 per cent realistic. And to go back to your claim about making the Nazis threatening, they pretty much were in Wolfenstein 3-D despite their simplistic AI, especially if they blindsided you, because their guns did significant damage to you then. You mentioned Blade of Agony Earlier. I've found that despite moving slow as a turtle in that mod, you can still dodge projectiles if you're far enough away and I think it works in that mod's favor, because it introduces a minor skill element without removing the need for cover. Making the player faster would make long-range dodging a little easier, but would not necessarily make the game a cakewalk as you'd still want to avoid being shot at from close range and you'd still want to use cover a lot (which would still make the gameplay feel different from Doom and Quake because the projectiles are fast). Making the player unable to use armor would, theoretically, also make the player squishier and make the game more tense, because then you really don't want to get shot.
  6. Maybe. Obviously, you can't port the Wolf3d gameplay straight into a modern engine and expect it to work, but does that really mean that you couldn't evolve on it and move it in a different direction than the generic CoD-like AI we've been seeing ever since 2000-2001? I've noticed that the Possessed Soldiers in Doom 2016, while supposed to act in a military manner, don't really act like real soldiers. They don't run for cover and they can fire on the move to mention a couple of examples. I bring this up, because I feel that video game Soldier enemies don't need to act realistic. Rather, they need to act in a way that sells the avarage person on the notion that they're trained military guys within the game's own universe. This means you could design the AI to be more fun, which I think is far more important than "realism factor", especially in a game series like Wolfenstein, because it never really was all that realistic to begin with. Obviously, a Wolfenstein game would need to have enemies take cover and move between cover, but you could, theoretically speaking, still have them poke out from cover and take aim for half a second before letting loose. You could have enemy types that are less combat trained and less adept at handling their firearms; no need to make every soldier a razor-sharp elite trooper, but keep those as higher-tier enemy types, so that when they do show up, you'd feel genuinely threatened. And strictly speaking, the guns don't have to be 100 per cent hitscan either - real guns aren't "hitscan" as you're no doubt aware of. They just fire really fast projectiles, but they still move slow enough that hitting a moving target can be pretty challenging; this could maybe be exploited a bit better to make the gameplay more servicable.
  7. This is a very good point, but I would like to point out that most of Wolfenstein 3-D did not constantly assail you with "Chaingunners"; most enemies had single-shot weapons and very obvious tells that they were drawing a bead on you, telling you to find cover quickly. The SS guy used to be the only non-Boss enemy with a machinegun-type weapon and he was essentially a high-level enemy. In addition, the enemies, while basic, were still quite distinctive, with unique yells and cries for each enemy type and distinctly coloured uniforms and helmets/hats to tell them apart easily. Some enemies were quicker on the draw and some of them moved faster. I find that Wolfenstein games made in the 'new' millennium suffer from the problem of having way too many enemies with rapid-fire weapons (making them feel more generic) and insisting on having them be really fast on the draw and ridiculously accurate. This forces the game design of making the player more of a tank, whereas in Wolf3d, you were kinda squishy. I've never really liked this game design of making the player a damage sponge, because it makes me feel like I suck at playing FPS games and that I apparently "don't know how to use cover". Wolfenstein 3-D made you feel good, because you had a decent chance at clearing an area without taking any shots, but I will grant that the "tactics" you needed to use to achieve this were pretty basic and not the most fun gameplay in the world (camp near a doorway and wait for the stupid Nazis to poke their head in). Also worth noting is that the Human enemies in the newer games come across as pretty samey with the same basic AI behavior, samey hitpoints and samey reactions to getting shot. It doesn't even matter that they have different faces, helmets and uniforms, because they're basically all the same enemy type. I know this is probably to make it seem more realistic, but I think it's doing the gameplay a disservice.
  8. I don't mind that some maps are linear, because it breaks up the game experience, and sometimes, keeping things more straightforward can come as a nice "break" from being given a lot of choices in the more sprawling maps. Linear maps can also work well as "psychological" build-up to something like a Boss battle, or your first trip to Hell (which I find the Argent Tower does quite well). That said, I find there's a little too many strictly linear maps past the halfway mark of the game; I'd have preferred that the steady stream of linear maps that come later in the game had been broken up by one or two more-or-less non-linear maps. That is why I mentioned The Necropolis earlier - just that tiny little detail of letting you choose between two teleporters could have been enough to break up the steady stream of linearity before the last two maps (both of which have a decent reason to be linear); don't think it would have been difficult to implement.
  9. No worries, the thread topic refers to firing noises; I kinda sorta went slightly off-topic, so your confusion is fairly understandable :P
  10. @DooM_RO: I have now read your response multiple times and carefully, but I'm afraid I'm still having some trouble following your line of reasoning in places : Erm, the Gauss Cannon is not ideal all the time either, nor is the Chaingun. That does not make either weapon "not high-end", and it doesn't make shells or bullets "not high-end" ammo, because they are both required for weapons that rank up there alongside the Gauss. The Gauss Cannon is heavily dependent on the player being level-headed enough to aim with precision and while the Siege Mode takes the sharp edges of some of that precision requirement, it locks the player in place (or, when fully upgraded, massively slows them down), making players really vulnerable. The Chaingun requires you to keep your aim trained at the target you wish to take down and doesn't deal so much damage as to instantly obliterate the threat, and even the Mobile Turret mode doesn't have the "instant elimination of threat" capability that you'd get with the SSG or the Gauss Cannon, while it also slows the player down. And while the SSG doesn't get a mod, once fully upgraded, it adds a layer of flexibility you wouldn't get with the classic Doom SSG, which makes it unbelievably devastating in the hands of a skilled user. I've found that the SSG works surprisingly well against Barons of Hell, the highest level non-Boss enemy in the game to name just an example, but you can use it effectively against virtually anything (though certain enemy types, you'd probably prefer a more distant means of taking them down). Whu...? How does "amount of ammo" even factor into their usefulness? I don't follow. The Plasma Rifle is not as effective, because Doom 2016 enemies are damage-spongier and move about more (and often faster), making a slower-projectile weapon very hard to use effectively. This is offset somewhat by the weapon's high rate of fire, but that means that if you limit the ammo supply, people just become afraid of using it, because they'll just run out of ammo without defeating all the enemies they intend to eliminate. The Rocket Launcher is initially very weak to prevent the game from becoming too easy early on, but it is still an effective weapon when used properly. You can't carry an awful lot of ammo for it, so if you hit max ammo and can't pick up additional rockets, it's the game's way of telling you to "use the damn rocket launcher", while not giving you access to a seemingly endless supply that you can just spam like crazy (which happened occasionally in the old games). Works for me. You are essentially correct, the Plasma Rifle is basically just kinda there mostly to fill a "Replacement Assault Rifle" role for when you're running out of bullets - I tend to use it against Hell Knights and Possessed Soldiers, because they present wider (and in the case of the Soldier, slower) targets and you can pile a nice amount of damage up with a steady stream, but I confess that it's more preference than conclusive knowledge (because I'm still unsure about this aspect). The Plasma Rifle mostly comes into its own once you get the mods - I've found both mods to be invaluable and the primary fire backs those up well as a quick follow-up response. The Chaingun kinda works where it is in my opinion, because it kinda solves an old problem: a huge balance gap between the plasma rifle and the BFG. Making the Chaingun into a "hitscan plasma gun" lessens that gap and the mods for it certainly help. And as you pointed out, the HAR fulfills the original Chaingun's role as a "needler". But making simply a more powerful Plasma Gun would not be enough of an excuse to make it a high-level weapon because Doom 2016 has fast-moving enemies. High-level weapons typically need to be simple to use and slow-projectile weapons are no longer viable in that position unless you give them a very wide "area-of-effect" that offsets the difficulty of hitting fast-moving enemies. You're damn right people would "sperg out" if the Chaingun was removed (I'm one of those people), but I'd "sperg out" too if there was no plasma gun. Weak or not, I love using the Doom 2016 Plasma Rifle, but it's carried solely on its mods. I read your suggestion further down about an upgrade that builds additional damage the more you fire it, which is not a half-bad idea, so I'd add another random idea: give the regular plasma shots a tiny 'hint' of the "stun bomb's" ability to stun targets, so that it increasingly slows down (but not completely stuns) targets it hits.
  11. Interesting observations and not a bad theory. I am wondering though, if the increased linearity is due to making sure the player finds the remaining Elite Guards and other upgrade items, why is it that in a level like The Necropolis, you don't at least give the player the option of choosing which key to go for first? You need both keys to progress, which ensures that you will need to enter both teleporters at some point, but the order in which you take each key area hardly matters. I feel little choices like that could be worked into most maps, while still ensuring the player enters every room in the map. I would disagree that shells and bullets are merely "workhorse" ammo and that cells and rockets are "advanced ammo" in the new game; the new plasma rifle is very much a low-level workhorse weapon that uses what you call "advanced ammo" and the rocket launcher is kinda weak until you get mods and upgrades for it. Also, the "workhorse" ammo is used in high-level weapons like the SSG and the Chaingun; very powerful high-end weapons that use ammo shared by respective low-level guns. There no longer is a clear "high end ammo type" like in the old games (except maybe fuel for the chainsaw and the BFG cells), discouraging hoarding of something like cells, because the game wants to encourage you to use everything you've got whenever you can, so your idea of making some ammo types harder to get wouldn't really work with this design.
  12. This kinda gave me an idea for another "out-of-nowhere" theory, or more accurately, a bit of spit-balling: The Doomslayer is some kind of embodiment of all previous "Doom Slayers" merged together by Hell's chaotic connection to all the timelines. All of them have gone to Hell and defied it and all have been marked and "left their mark" on Hell.
  13. Just for clarification: I was referring to the constant "Bzzzzzzzzt" sound that plays during the Doom64 Plasma Gun's "Ready" state - the firing sound itself is excellent.
  14. My ears must've been rendered immune to the horribleness of those sounds, because I'm not feeling my ears bleeding when listening to them and I feel no discomfort of any kind either. Only plasma gun sound I ever disliked was the Doom64 plasma gun's idle noise and I hated that sound; really made me want to avoid using it at all costs.
  15. I'm not overly interested in cosplay in general, but I'm starting to get increasingly impressed by the skill and craftsmanship displayed by a lot of cosplayers and this is sheer badassery, made all the more awesome by its portrayal of a supreme badass character.