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  1. dsm

    The Titan

    The Icon of Sin already appeared in Doom 2016, and he didn't look quite like this, but rather like this: You'll notice that his head is narrower and his horns don't have the corkscrew curvature of the "Titan background prop".
  2. I don't "hate" any of the Doom/2 monsters, but I like the Icon of Sin less than anything else, because I dislike endless, inexhaustible waves of enemies (but at least you can end the endless stream of enemies by actually killing the big wall texture). Same reason I'm less inclined to enjoy the sight of a Pain Elemental, even though I do find the idea of a Caco variant that launches lost souls to be very creative. Back in the day, I used to find the Lost Soul to be a very cleverly designed enemy; an enemy that used itself as an attack projectile. Very novel idea back then. Kinda satisfying to let it charge and then halt it in its tracks with a well placed shotgun blast before it could get you. ... Then Doom 2 introduced Pain Elementals and large swarms of the little buggers and not even the introduction of the Holy Boomstick could prevent them from being slightly annoying in that case. Lost Souls are really only annoying if there are too many of them, or if the level design allows them to sneak up on you while you're preoccupied with other enemies, but if clearly visible and the scenario allows you ample opportunity to dodge them, while engaging other enemies, they can be fun. Revenants are easy-peasy; coming off of about a week of playing Quake 1 maps with Vores will make you laugh as you easily lure Revenant missiles into pillars, walls and other pieces of map geometry without too much effort. Only annoying if there's no cover of any description or if overused. Hitscanners I'm usually not too bothered with, unless starved for health items or deprived entirely of cover. The fact that they are really squishy tends to make up for their relative cheapness and they do encourage you to change your game plan, by having you use cover. They're only annoying if they can hit you from locations where you can't easily dispatch them, or if used in a way where you're too preoccupied with a much bigger threat (say, an Archvile). The bottom line is that I don't dislike any one monster (not even Pain elementals), merely the way that some map makers use/misuse some of them.
  3. dsm

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    I like to think that all those religions are more like myths that have evolved and diluted by Humans over time, because that's what Humans usually do with any story given enough time; it doesn't necessarily paint the "true" picture of what Hell and Heaven really is, but is more a collection of ideas from lots of people. Still, my point from before stands; If there's a purely evil realm that corrupts anything it touches like a cancer (Hell), then it'd be nice if there was an opposite realm that isn't comprised of complete assholes, since Hell already got the whole "asshole angle" rather solidly covered (and aside from Hell, we've got Humanity, and we Humans are, sadly, pretty good at being assholes towards one another as is). Doesn't have to stay true to the whole Christian/Judaeism Heaven thing. On that note, I do like the idea of Angels being all high-tech as it's a nice juxtaposition to the Hell theme and it looks cleaner and smoother than the UAC base theme.
  4. His head is intact, which means he'd likely still be around.
  5. dsm

    Where's the archvile?

    I'm guessing they don't want to spoil any surprises - similarly with how they didn't spoil how the Doom '16 Cyberdemon fought until you encountered it in the game.
  6. dsm

    Doom Eternal E3 - Sunday 5:30 PDT

    The Doom universe version of them at least ;)
  7. dsm

    Loving the return of the "unf unf unf"s

    I appreciate the return of pain grunts for the sake of hopefully making it easier to tell that you take hits (provided the grunts don't get drowned out by other sound effects). That said, they need to make the Slayer sound more badass; right now he sounds too much like a regular guy going "ow" for my tastes.
  8. dsm

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Meh... As cool as it is to actually see the Doom universe's version of Heaven (new locations other than Mars, Hell and Earth is always welcome), I'm getting a little tired of the whole "Angels are douchebags" angle that we've been seeing within the last two decades or so. It kinda undermines the whole notion of you being the "in-between" guy in the middle of the gargantuan universal struggle between "Good vs. Evil", where you'd be the guy who has the balanced mixture of Good and Evil to be able to do the job that Heaven can't do against Hell, i.e. you have enough of the good virtues (bravery, selflessness, perseverance etc.) along with the bad ones (wrath, ruthlessness, brutality). Aside from it just being plain depressing that there isn't any real "Good force" in the universe to counterbalance Hell. Hopefully, the story will surprise me yet.
  9. dsm

    Cyberdemon is back!

    Does this mean they'll bring back the Spider Mastermind, so the two of them can have an epic infight brawl a la Doom 2 Map20?
  10. dsm

    Prodeus Kickstarter (Finished)

    I should certainly hope so. Games like the original Quake and Doom 3 have taught me how a lack of variety in themes can cause gaming ennui severe enough to make you sick of the game no matter how fun the base gameplay is and regardless of how many different colours are used. Prodeus makes excellent usage of coloured lights and reflective surfaces to make the showcased level look really interesting, but if more than 70 per cent of the game looks like this, I would get sick of looking at it. And I hope the techbasey stuff gets broken up frequently - you can have 70 per cent techbase in a game and not have people get bored with it if you frequently break it up with something completely different looking.
  11. dsm

    Prodeus Kickstarter (Finished)

    Is it weird that I kind of like the stiff animations for the zombie-dudes? Coupled with those headlight-eyes that remind me of the Scoleri Brothers from Ghostbusters 2, it sort of takes me back to a time before CGI became a widely used special effect and stop-motion animation was still in use for monster movies and the like. I admit that the stiff animations don't work as well for some of the other monsters, but I do like them for the zombies; gives you a sense that these guys are in agony and that their movement and actions aren't really their own.
  12. dsm

    How do you see remake of Quake 1?

    It would be a challenge to make a new Quake game and convince mainstream gamers that it's different from Doom, but here are perhaps a few minor possibilities that could be explored towards reaching that goal: - As OP suggested, humanize the player character as a contrast to Doom 2016 god-like Doom Slayer. Make him seem like a tough guy, but still make him feel like a normal (as "normal" as you can make an action FPS protagonist anyway) Human. The protagonist doesn't want to be where he is. - Bleak colour palette giving off an atmosphere of loneliness and hopelessness, again contrasting with Doom 2016 vibrant colours (which gave more of a: "let's have some bloody good fun killing baddies! >:D"). - Expand on the Lovecraftian elements of the original Quake, making the game theme more obviously "lovecraftian". - Make the art style emphasize grittiness and give the tech a very worn, crude low-tech look. Even the low-tech elements of Doom 2016 looked kinda smooth and "nice". The universe generally needs to look unpleasant and sort of primitive, which should translate over to the weapons too. Something like the lightning gun should not look clean and high-tech, but rather dangerous, worn and unstable. - Greater emphasis on mood and atmosphere. It should not have angry, upbeat music playing, but have creepy soundscape music that emphasizes environment sounds, so you can hear creepy background noises. - Avoid making the player overpowered, always make players feel that they're barely scraping by. Keep the player's ammo carrying capacity limited, so that you're encouraged to conserve ammo for the bigger fights. - Avoid Doom 2016's combat-arena structure; make it feel more like the monsters live in the environment. This means fewer, but stronger monsters used in clever ways. - No NPCs, enhancing the sense of bleak loneliness.
  13. Well, I suppose I could write up my own opinion on those weapons then. Pistol: adequate early on for when you need to snipe enemies off in the distance, surprisingly useful against distant Imps with the charge-up shot. Quickly becomes irrelevant as a weapon due to the chainsaw and prodigious supplies of ammo (otherwise would've been an excellent ammo-conserver). Combat shotgun: Primary fire is only really good early on; later on you'd only really use that on the possessed or perhaps to finish off staggered enemies. The secondary fire modes retain the weapons usefulness throughout the game, however. The explosive shot mod gives you another tool against the shield guys, it's also great for taking out pesky imps in general and has decent range. Burst-fire is mostly just for fun, however, it is useful when you're fighting cacodemons or mancubi and have tons of shells to burn up, because of the significantly added range, and those two enemies are particularly nasty at close range, so the smart thing is to take them out at range. Plasma Rifle: Primary fire is very useful early on against tanky enemies, like the Possessed Soldiers and Hell Knights, because these enemies are slow enough and wide enough that they're easier to hit with continuous fire and you can quickly whittle down their health with it; it's even decent at slowing down Hell Knights significantly while pouring it on them. Later in the game, you're really only going to be using the alt-firemodes, but these are both extremely useful. Stun-bomb is generally great for temporarily taking enemies (multiple or single) out of a fight in a pinch, and it is a useful weapon for dealing with shield guys. The heat-blast mod is invaluable in some combat situations where you're getting swarmed by imps; in those situations, it can be a regular mini-BFG to just clear out your private space and get rid of several very pesky enemies in one fell swoop. Great mod. Heavy Assault Rifle: Primary fire is serviceable, and useful against imps, but mostly becomes irrelevant when you get mods for it. Micro missiles are generally good, but I mostly use it to deal with imps, because it usually kills them rather well (without staggering them) and the micro-missiles have enough homing capability that you usually just need to fire them in the general direction of the imps. Works well enough against slightly tanky enemies too. Fully upgraded, it's very versatile and also effective against tanky enemies, but I tend to prefer using bigger guns against those. The Tactical Scope I tend to use sparingly, but is very effective against distant Imps and works well enough against possessed Soldiers and Lost Souls. Rocket Launcher: Early game, the primary fire is pretty paltry and I only really use it against shield guys, possessed soldiers and to clear out groups of smaller enemies in some situations; later, however, the fully upgraded remote detonation mod upgrades the primary fire so that it does twice the amount of damage and has twice the stopping power, which makes it an ideal weapon against tanky enemies (even the Hell Knight, which is funny, because you do not want to use the RL against those guys early on). Lock-on burst is perfect against Summoners; a single burst staggers the dumb bastard and then you can finish it off easily enough (does feel a little cheap at times though). You can even use it effectively against Hell Knights, but it's still rather risky, due to the time it takes to get a lock. Remote Detonation is pretty meh, until fully upgraded, then it makes the RL a beast. Super Shotgun: Still the most over-powered weapon in the game. There's barely an enemy in the game that you can't use it effectively against, however, it's a bit risky to use it against Cacodemons and Mancubi, due to the increased difficulty of dodging their projectiles at close range (and the Mancubus has a couple close-range attacks that are very difficult to avoid when engaged). I use it frequently against Imps due to how reliably it removes them from the battle (and its ability to kill multiple of the bastards with a single shot). Due to the player's high mobility, you can easily get close enough to put some serious hurt on the enemies and it has superb stopping power. Gauss Cannon: Primary fire is ok against tanks, but I find it mostly useful for killing shield guys, since it utterly ignores their shields. Precision Bolt is nice enough, but very utilitation; mostly just to get a more powerful shot off at a distant tanky-enemy. Siege Mode is quite unwieldy until fully upgraded, due to the fact it stops you in your tracks in a game that strongly encourages you to keep moving; once upgraded, it's great for dealing with large enemies in general or clear out a crowd, but until then, you have to time your shots extremely carefully and you also have to rely a little bit on luck as well. Chaingun: Good against most enemies, just not against the pinky. It's more effective at killing Imps (without staggering them) than the Heavy Assault Rifle and it also has decent stopping power against larger enemies. Primary fire is functional. Gatling Rotator is just a minor upgrade to the primary fire mode, but it is desirable in certain arenas where you really don't to slow down even slightly, because it allows you to pour out a lot of firepower, while remaining very mobile. The Mobile turret mod is desirable when you want greater firepower over mobility. I almost never use it against Mancubi, due to there being far better alternatives against those, but I do like to use it against Imps, Hell Knights, Cacodemons, Revenants and Barons of Hell. Generally, it's a good weapon against fast enemies, both large and small, because it's a hitscan weapon, and it works against tough enemies, because it has just enough stopping power to slow them down significantly enough. Chainsaw: I rarely use it, because I usually find I have plenty of ammo, but I do like this weapon and its function a Hell of a lot. Excellent panic weapon for when you need to kill a big enemy quick. BFG 9000: You feel overwhelmed? This baby clears out some much needed space. I use it when there are far too many Imps and they just keep coming. I use it when there's suddenly a lot of large enemies and they're getting harder to avoid. The battle is going like shit and the enemies keep coming, I fire it up!
  14. I don't know about a 10-minute video, but I saw this video on youtube:
  15. dsm


    I would agree that OG Doom had a little more horror in it than the newest generation. Examples include being a little less vibrant (brown in particular had a more faded quality) and having you traverse rooms that were dark (darkness in Doom 2016 seem to be mostly in areas you can't get to). However, considering where the tone of OG Doom was and how Doom 2016 is treated as a sort-of-maybe sequel, it really makes sense that horror takes more of a backseat in the newest generation. Whether or not you subscribe to the theory of the Doom Slayer being OG Doomguy, the fact remains that he is a character that has been killing Demons for a long-ass time to a point where they're basically routine now. The greater presence of horror makes sense in OG Doom where the Doomguy may have been a bit of a bloodthirsty, battle-craving badass with a truly beastly arsenal, but he was still essentially a Human facing Demons for the first time. I suspect he used his love of guns and his bloodthirst as a coping mechanism then, but he's been at it for ages now and appears to have completely lost himself to said bloodlust and love of big guns. Combine that with how much more powerful he has become (lorewise) and the overly colourful and bombastic style suddenly makes a lot more sense. Much as I sympathize with OP's wishes, I'm going to join the choir of "They should make a new Quake game that puts emphasis on horror atmosphere akin to Quake 1 and Doom 64" and just keep the new Doom series firmly on the power-fantasy track, because if Doom 2016 has taught me anything, it's that the power-fantasy feels far closer to home (i.e. Doom's roots) than something like Doom 3 or even Doom 64. The latter two are all fine and good in their own way, but they sure as Hell don't feel the same as OG Doom as far as I'm concerned (for the record OG Doom wasn't all gloom and all-ambience all the time; that is an important distinction to make, just like it wasn't all metal and all raw action all the time).