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  1. Doom 2016 had plenty of material for a Quake 2 remake (and even some Wolfenstein 3d and Quake 1 elements), Doom Eternal just continues the trend with still more Quake 2 and Quake 1 elements, now mixed in with some Heretic/Hexen stuff.
  2. dsm

    Is anybody else seriously disappointed with Eternal?

    I was disappointed at first, then I got used to the new mechanics and able to actually remember to use the new tools (the early levels overwhelmed me a bit too much with information and I couldn't cope with figuring out which damned button to press), learned the movement patterns of the new enemies, got used to what feels like slower movement speed, and then the game actually started grabbing me. I still remain disappointed about the lack of codex lore on some of the enemies (feels very bare bones on a lot of the enemies, whereas Doom 2016 had several entries for each monster), and powerups; I wanted to know something about that soulsphere. Again, Doom 2016 actually had lore on what the Megahealth was and what the deal was with those powerups, I enjoyed those too.
  3. dsm

    The artbook for Doom Eternal has been leaked

    Eh, just view your monitor slightly from the side - aspect ratio issue fixed.
  4. dsm

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    This question is exactly why I'd like to see a new singleplayer Quake; curiosity to see how the new Id Software would interpret it. They did such a fine job reinventing Doom's premise, that it could be really interesting, and potentially really cool, to see what they could do to flesh out the Quake (1) universe. Much as I like the NuDoom series, I'm kinda starting to feel a bit saturated. Id has indeed been working on the Doom franchise for a very long time now and I'm getting a little weary of it. I kinda picture it a bit like a game about a tough, but Human military dude who has walked into a nightmarish trap, from which there doesn't appear to be any escape and the harder the protagonist struggles, the deeper into the nightmare he falls, all the while he's struggling to cope with the situation. This would give it some contrast to NuDoom's "The situation is fucking bad, but you're even worse to the bastards who're making the situation bad". I wonder what it'd be like if they made it a game where you start out relatively slow, but eventually you unlock upgrades that will make you faster and more agile (sort of like Doom 2016 let you unlock double-jumping and eventually faster mantling). As for other Doom games down the line, if Doom Eternal is a kind of reboot of Doom II, then we have yet to see pseudo-reboots of TNT, Plutonia and Doom 64. Maybe some of that will be DLC.
  5. dsm

    The Titan

    The Icon of Sin already appeared in Doom 2016, and he didn't look quite like this, but rather like this: You'll notice that his head is narrower and his horns don't have the corkscrew curvature of the "Titan background prop".
  6. dsm

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    I don't "hate" any of the Doom/2 monsters, but I like the Icon of Sin less than anything else, because I dislike endless, inexhaustible waves of enemies (but at least you can end the endless stream of enemies by actually killing the big wall texture). Same reason I'm less inclined to enjoy the sight of a Pain Elemental, even though I do find the idea of a Caco variant that launches lost souls to be very creative. Back in the day, I used to find the Lost Soul to be a very cleverly designed enemy; an enemy that used itself as an attack projectile. Very novel idea back then. Kinda satisfying to let it charge and then halt it in its tracks with a well placed shotgun blast before it could get you. ... Then Doom 2 introduced Pain Elementals and large swarms of the little buggers and not even the introduction of the Holy Boomstick could prevent them from being slightly annoying in that case. Lost Souls are really only annoying if there are too many of them, or if the level design allows them to sneak up on you while you're preoccupied with other enemies, but if clearly visible and the scenario allows you ample opportunity to dodge them, while engaging other enemies, they can be fun. Revenants are easy-peasy; coming off of about a week of playing Quake 1 maps with Vores will make you laugh as you easily lure Revenant missiles into pillars, walls and other pieces of map geometry without too much effort. Only annoying if there's no cover of any description or if overused. Hitscanners I'm usually not too bothered with, unless starved for health items or deprived entirely of cover. The fact that they are really squishy tends to make up for their relative cheapness and they do encourage you to change your game plan, by having you use cover. They're only annoying if they can hit you from locations where you can't easily dispatch them, or if used in a way where you're too preoccupied with a much bigger threat (say, an Archvile). The bottom line is that I don't dislike any one monster (not even Pain elementals), merely the way that some map makers use/misuse some of them.
  7. dsm

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    I like to think that all those religions are more like myths that have evolved and diluted by Humans over time, because that's what Humans usually do with any story given enough time; it doesn't necessarily paint the "true" picture of what Hell and Heaven really is, but is more a collection of ideas from lots of people. Still, my point from before stands; If there's a purely evil realm that corrupts anything it touches like a cancer (Hell), then it'd be nice if there was an opposite realm that isn't comprised of complete assholes, since Hell already got the whole "asshole angle" rather solidly covered (and aside from Hell, we've got Humanity, and we Humans are, sadly, pretty good at being assholes towards one another as is). Doesn't have to stay true to the whole Christian/Judaeism Heaven thing. On that note, I do like the idea of Angels being all high-tech as it's a nice juxtaposition to the Hell theme and it looks cleaner and smoother than the UAC base theme.
  8. His head is intact, which means he'd likely still be around.
  9. dsm

    Where's the archvile?

    I'm guessing they don't want to spoil any surprises - similarly with how they didn't spoil how the Doom '16 Cyberdemon fought until you encountered it in the game.
  10. dsm

    Doom Eternal E3 - Sunday 5:30 PDT

    The Doom universe version of them at least ;)
  11. dsm

    Loving the return of the "unf unf unf"s

    I appreciate the return of pain grunts for the sake of hopefully making it easier to tell that you take hits (provided the grunts don't get drowned out by other sound effects). That said, they need to make the Slayer sound more badass; right now he sounds too much like a regular guy going "ow" for my tastes.
  12. dsm

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Meh... As cool as it is to actually see the Doom universe's version of Heaven (new locations other than Mars, Hell and Earth is always welcome), I'm getting a little tired of the whole "Angels are douchebags" angle that we've been seeing within the last two decades or so. It kinda undermines the whole notion of you being the "in-between" guy in the middle of the gargantuan universal struggle between "Good vs. Evil", where you'd be the guy who has the balanced mixture of Good and Evil to be able to do the job that Heaven can't do against Hell, i.e. you have enough of the good virtues (bravery, selflessness, perseverance etc.) along with the bad ones (wrath, ruthlessness, brutality). Aside from it just being plain depressing that there isn't any real "Good force" in the universe to counterbalance Hell. Hopefully, the story will surprise me yet.
  13. dsm

    Cyberdemon is back!

    Does this mean they'll bring back the Spider Mastermind, so the two of them can have an epic infight brawl a la Doom 2 Map20?
  14. dsm

    Prodeus Kickstarter (Finished)

    I should certainly hope so. Games like the original Quake and Doom 3 have taught me how a lack of variety in themes can cause gaming ennui severe enough to make you sick of the game no matter how fun the base gameplay is and regardless of how many different colours are used. Prodeus makes excellent usage of coloured lights and reflective surfaces to make the showcased level look really interesting, but if more than 70 per cent of the game looks like this, I would get sick of looking at it. And I hope the techbasey stuff gets broken up frequently - you can have 70 per cent techbase in a game and not have people get bored with it if you frequently break it up with something completely different looking.
  15. dsm

    Prodeus Kickstarter (Finished)

    Is it weird that I kind of like the stiff animations for the zombie-dudes? Coupled with those headlight-eyes that remind me of the Scoleri Brothers from Ghostbusters 2, it sort of takes me back to a time before CGI became a widely used special effect and stop-motion animation was still in use for monster movies and the like. I admit that the stiff animations don't work as well for some of the other monsters, but I do like them for the zombies; gives you a sense that these guys are in agony and that their movement and actions aren't really their own.