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  1. dsm


    I would agree that OG Doom had a little more horror in it than the newest generation. Examples include being a little less vibrant (brown in particular had a more faded quality) and having you traverse rooms that were dark (darkness in Doom 2016 seem to be mostly in areas you can't get to). However, considering where the tone of OG Doom was and how Doom 2016 is treated as a sort-of-maybe sequel, it really makes sense that horror takes more of a backseat in the newest generation. Whether or not you subscribe to the theory of the Doom Slayer being OG Doomguy, the fact remains that he is a character that has been killing Demons for a long-ass time to a point where they're basically routine now. The greater presence of horror makes sense in OG Doom where the Doomguy may have been a bit of a bloodthirsty, battle-craving badass with a truly beastly arsenal, but he was still essentially a Human facing Demons for the first time. I suspect he used his love of guns and his bloodthirst as a coping mechanism then, but he's been at it for ages now and appears to have completely lost himself to said bloodlust and love of big guns. Combine that with how much more powerful he has become (lorewise) and the overly colourful and bombastic style suddenly makes a lot more sense. Much as I sympathize with OP's wishes, I'm going to join the choir of "They should make a new Quake game that puts emphasis on horror atmosphere akin to Quake 1 and Doom 64" and just keep the new Doom series firmly on the power-fantasy track, because if Doom 2016 has taught me anything, it's that the power-fantasy feels far closer to home (i.e. Doom's roots) than something like Doom 3 or even Doom 64. The latter two are all fine and good in their own way, but they sure as Hell don't feel the same as OG Doom as far as I'm concerned (for the record OG Doom wasn't all gloom and all-ambience all the time; that is an important distinction to make, just like it wasn't all metal and all raw action all the time).
  2. dsm

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    Well, you said it yourself earlier: AI design has come a long way since. Again, you said it yourself. The stakes feel higher if all effective resistance except the player has been nullified. You got people running around offering effective resistance, the demons suddenly end up feeling like less of an unstoppable threat. Yeah, there are sections in those games where you're completely alone - it doesn't result in the same feeling of prolonged loneliness you get from playing old Doom or Quake 1. Quake 1 has an even more pronounced sense of loneliness than Doom because Doom at least had corpses of your fallen friends lying around, whereas in Quake, it's like "friends" have never even existed in the first place. Doom 2016 does not capture the same loneliness of OG Doom, because you have Samuel Hayden and VEGA having conversations with you and that's fine, because it didn't need to feel the same, but it works because the only fully Human person left is the antagonist. Indeed, which is why it's such a good thing that we have Doom 3, Doom 2016 and now Doom Eternal all of which have NPCs. Doom 3 even have AI friendlies in the form of sentry bots (which is the better solution, because it makes them tankier without feeling off and allows the player to make mistakes that doesn't hugely impact the player's feeling of competency), so Doom has already evaded the CoD trap long ago.
  3. dsm

    Thoughts on Blood

    My thoughts on blood? It's sticky, it scares people and it has something of a crass taste. It's also annoying because it means you have to stop what you're doing and instead spend valuable time trying to stop the bleeding. Oh.... you're referring to... the game... ... Right, the game! I really liked the dark, but crazy humour and at a time when I normally didn't care for alt fire modes in FPSs, some of them did eventually grow on me a lot, particularly the shotgun's. I was surprised by how satisfying I found the combat - made Duke Nukem 3d's combat seem a little sucky by comparison (still good combat in that game). I particularly loved blasting zombies with the shotgun's double-barreled discharge. One of the things that I will probably continue to find hilarious until I die, are the voice lines of the cultists; I know the meaning of what they shout is supposed to be all kinds of nasty, but the voices and how they pronounce them never fail to crack me up. I do find the cultists annoying with how quick and accurate they are with their fire - basically all the other enemy types feel really easy to deal with by comparison. Loved the music (ranging from funny to cool to suspenseful) and the level design, not to mention the horror movie references. I find that it's a great blend of Wolfenstein and Doom and a bit of Duke Nukem 3d thrown in. Oh yes, and crazier than all three, but in a good way :D
  4. dsm

    Doomslayer looks like the Predator?

    Let's see, his wrist blade only consists of one blade and it's significantly bigger. His shoulder cannon is green (not black/grey and it's not grooved) and he doesn't have that fishnet covering his torso. Nor does he have alien dreadlocks. So no, I wouldn't say he looks like the Predator, but he seems he liked the Predator's choice of weapons and decided to modify the Praetor suit to have weapons inspired by the Predator.
  5. dsm

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    I found the music in the demo pretty forgettable and liked Mick Gordon's music for Doom 2016, but I also remember that the 2015 E3 demo had some very forgettable music in it, so I'm sure it'll get more refined before release. People have different tastes in music.
  6. dsm

    "It's too cartoony"

    While Doom '16 isn't perfect with the colour usage (Hell feeling a little less colourful), I'm extremely satisfied with it overall. I would have accepted the "piss-filter" pre-release palette as well, but much prefer what we got. No real complaints there. Doom Eternal's take on Hell on Earth takes care of the minor nitpick I had about Hell in the previous game, so not complaining there either. The only nitpick I have about things looking "cartoony" in Doom Eternal would perhaps be the Possessed Soldiers; I really appreciate that they have a very classic look to them, but them having put on an exaggerated body-builder muscle-mass physique and not wearing helmets seems a little jarring coming after the more "realistic" fully battle-ready soldiers with melted, expanded skin that ended up partially outside their armour look they had in Doom 2016. Not really a complaint as such, more of a "huh? That's a little odd..." reaction. I do appreciate that things look different and distinctive in Doom Eternal - it means I can continue to appreciate the previous game for its slightly different style even after DE ships.
  7. dsm

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    If it were a more cover-based game, I could see NPC friendlies work, but the new Doom series relies on "push-forward" combat and staying constantly mobile. I can see quite a few ways NPCs would be little more than annoying distractions that would add unnecessary frustrations. And hey, Doom Eternal handles NPCs very well in that opening segment on Phobos, so it's definitely not "living in the past" (where OG Doom had exactly zero NPC friendlies of any kind). It's fitting in Wolfenstein because it's set in some version of World War 2 and the main enemy is Human - it feels more natural to have AI friendlies in that setting because of that. Quake IV was set in the Strogg universe and is about Humans invading an Alien planet, naturally, AI friendlies would make sense here as well. Games like Doom and Quake 1 build a lot of their strength on the atmosphere brought about by the player being alone. NU Doom uses it to help emphasize the Doom Slayer's penchant for rage-fueled violence and making him into a one-man Force of Nature, whereas something like old Doom or Quake 1 uses it to great effect to make the game moodier and scarier (you're all alone - nobody around to help you or even to talk to). It's not about being old-fashioned, it's about evoking a particular mood and feeling that would be utterly lost if you had NPCs. Besides, there are plenty of franchises out there that are heavy on NPC friendlies - lets not try to make every game franchise into the exact same thing, please.
  8. Lore is good - as long as they're careful to not reveal too much information. If we suddenly learn that the Demons were originally docile aliens from the planet Paradise that were corrupted by evil energies or the like, then I feel it would seriously hurt the feel of the game. I don't really want to know what the Demons are as much as I want to know what they do and what forms of vile cruelty each Demon type prefers and how they achieve it. Keep the mystery aspect, but feed the lore appetite with cool little myths about worlds the demons have wrecked and the like (and of course, more tales about how the Doom Slayer made all of Hell cry for their collective mommas).
  9. dsm

    Ballista vs Gauss Cannon

    So far, I like the visual design of the Gauss Cannon more, but the ballista is not a bad looking weapon either and it does get a lot of points for creativity in its design. Functionally, on the other hand, I really like the Ballista more. Siege mode may have been pretty badass, but I like that timed explosive bolt that the ballista fires as its alternate a lot better.
  10. dsm

    The "BUT" Thread

    Regarding the gameplay looking too easy, I noticed that the player takes very little damage from getting hit and that the area-of-effect on the new Baron doesn't seem to cover as wide an area as the visuals indicate. I suspect that, aside from playing on an easy setting (with invulnerability on for the health, since the player lost no health in situations where he was hit with no armour), the AI has also been purposefully dumbed down to better show off the new gameplay features. The E3 2015 demo of Doom'16 had some dumbed down ai, since enemies where fast and more vicious in the release version. As for my buts, they are mostly nitpicky: I've alluded to this a while ago, but I'm ambivalent about the Doom Slayer having short sleeved armour now (though sort of glad he keeps the Praetor Suit). Aside from feeling a little tryhard and unnecessary, it also takes away from a bit of personal interpration I had of the new (sort of retconned) Doom universe that suggested that Hell is so hot and has air so toxic that you would basically need a super-advanced high tech full-body suit capable of keeping the body temperature suitably heated or cooled to resist hostile environment temperatures. That would've made Hell seem truly nasty and like a place definitely not meant for mortals (since they plain simply wouldn't last five minutes there without fatally dehydrating or choking to death). With him no longer having all of his body covered, that takes away from that. Oh well, hail the silliness I guess. The gun sounds aren't bad, but they don't seem to cut through the rest of the game noise as much as the 2016 versions. I saw a comparison video of Doom 2016 gameplay and Doom Eternal gameplay and it was particularly noticable with the Heavy Assault Rifles of both games; the 2016 had a sharper sound that cut through all the other sounds nicely, whereas the new one has a bit of a pew-pew sound that blends more into the general soundscape. A lot of the more classic monster/pickup redesign, while I do appreciate those designs, they come with a slightly bitter pill to swallow; saying goodbye to Doom 2016 designs that I've grown rather fond of and seem to fit well in the new universe. The Marauder and "floaty-tank-skeletal-dude-with-chainsaws" concepts seem very out of place compared to the style of the other Demons, they may have changed or appear different ingame, but so far, I'm not feeling it. I do remember the Crucible Guardians, which was the weakest Demon design imo of the Doom 2016 beastiary, and these two seem worse in my eyes. Several glory kill animations are very similar to the Doom 2016 ones, with the minor change of the Doom Slayer using his wrist blade to admittedly impressive effect. I would have preferred all-new animations as even with these small changes, they kinda feel old already. The music doesn't feel as memorable this time around. I'm hoping that's just because it's unfinished. The Ambient music also comes across as less sinister, though I might be getting that impression merely because there's very little of it in the demo as it focuses mostly on the action segments. I'm not completely sold on the new rocket launcher and the ballista (I always did prefer Doom weapons to be rooted in sci-fi low tech mixed with high tech stuff). These look like they're taking the "metal head" theme and expanding it into the weapons design and I'm not really sure about it yet. I will give them the benefit of the doubt though as I assume they might help add interesting lore perspective; if the UAC start playing around with mystical alien/Hell weapons and adding those to their arsenal (with tech modifications), then it would help better set up something like the Unmaker, which a lot of people have been asking for (I'm not personally a fan of the Unmaker, but I'm a fan of seeing people get what they want and new Id seem to be very good at reinventing stuff I previously liked less into something I think rules).
  11. dsm

    The Slayer's Arch enemy and the Marauder

    The 'Arch Enemy' seems vaguely like a Cyberdemon replacement due to being heavily cybernetic, sporting what looks like a Hellish rocket launcher and it has big, curved horns and a metal piece between the eyes that reminds me of a similar central forehead metal piece the Doom 3 Cyberdemon had. He also heavily evokes the Sabaoth (demonic Sergeant Kelly from Doom 3), just without the BFG and with the "tank body" being much more high tech. I dunno, I may be grasping a bit at straws here...
  12. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_Resurrection_(iPhone)
  13. dsm

    Anyone else feels the VX is worse?

    The gore fx remind me a little of what they looked like in the E3 2015 demo of Doom 4 - it ended up much better in the release version, so I'm not worried.
  14. dsm

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    All valid criticisms. An excellent summary of issues that I'd agree are indeed present in the NU Doom series (they just don't bother me as much as they appear to bother you). I will not discuss every one of your issues, because I recognize that it's down to personal taste, but I will talk a little about the monster designs and why I consider them valid despite the real flaws you described: You consider the NU Doom pinky cartoony and silly looking, which I can't really argue with as it is a valid complaint, but personally, I greatly appreciate that it is instantly recognizable as a Doom pinky. Even before it even attacks, I can tell what it's supposed to be. By comparison, the Doom 3 pinky looks unrecognizable; I wouldn't know that thing was supposed to be the Pinky Demon if it weren't for the fact that it runs fast, is somewhat tanky and wants to eat my face. I can appreciate the creativity behind that design, but if I've learned anything from Doom 2016, it's that I far prefer the demons to be recognizable and to retain the "personality" of their original counterparts, rather than being taken very far in a different visual direction. The NU Doom pinky walks on its hind legs, like the original, it has glowing, rage-filled eyes, like the original. It has short, stubby, yet slightly curved horns sticking out from the sides of its head, like the original. The functional mechanics are different, true, but I prefer that if the new mechanics stay true to the original's personality and the new mechanics aren't too broken (I do not consider them broken, they work well as far as I'm concerned.) I'm pretty big on getting the sense that these are "the same Demons I fought back then". I'd take "cartoony but immediately recognizable" any day and for me, the positives far outweigh the negatives in this case. On the opposite spectrum, you have the Hell Knight, which retains its Doom 3 design, which I approve of because I like the Doom 3 Hell Knight a lot and that design works very well with the "personality" it exhibits in NU Doom (i.e. it's a melee bruiser that beats you silly, blindly rushing at you and with a natural "shield" to protect its eyes, while looking scary and disturbing to psychologically throw you off). I was never really a fan of the classic Doom II Hell Knight (didn't have any "Knightly" qualities to its looks and personality, but the new one certainly does), so taking the Doom 3 Hell Knight and dumping it in the new Doom series and giving it more of a melee focus, seems to me to be a case of "The best of two worlds". While I can understand where you're coming from, it doesn't bother me, because I'm thinking that "Evil has many faces" and not every representation of Evil absolutely has to be a Walking, Disturbing Nightmare. You can have the straight-up "Raging Brutality" right alongside the aforementioned "Walking Horror" and even the "Silly-looking-but-takes-itself-way-serious". Again, I consider the positives to be firmly outweighing the negatives. Very fair, good Sir, and well said :)
  15. dsm

    The BFG

    Ball projectile? It looks to me like it fires an energy beam.