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Kriegsland II: Untergrund [v1.3 16/11/19]

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Hello again, welcome to my 8th mod. For those who know Kriegsland, i only need to say thanks for all your support in these years!


For those who don't, Kriegsland is a mod based on the Wolfenstein latest series of games. While this second entry doesn't seems as much inspired as the first one, you might like the more "tech" look. In the spoiler below is the lore of Kriegsland II:





Nova Berlin, 1985.

Four decades have passed since the turn of events that brought German as victorius from the second world war. Ever since then, the whole world got impacted by the horrors that continued to exist even after. Military, belial industries and the high society had huge investments. Common technology, high-level education and medicine advanced quickly in many years... for those who could afford it.


The collapse was inevitable. An economical crisis took over. The so then "perfect" model of society was no more. The future was not brighter. Little by little, cutting costs became a higher priority. Allied countries had their privileges revogated, contracts were broken, relationships were ended. The Reich weakened, and it was an opportunity. Betrayed countries turned sides and joined forces. New resistance groups, aside from the smaller ones that always existed (and didn't get caught), started to appear. And that's where you come in.


In Kriegsland II: Untergrund you'll be in the skin of Forest Tyler. 

Forest was pretty much known as a drug dealer in the slums and local rendez-vous points of the resistance, selling Pervitin and whatever drugs the soldiers used, to keep people pumped up for riot fights and breakouts. What wasn't really known, though, is that he also worked for years to the nazi intelligence, providing information about meetings and dossiers of specific members, in exchange of anything that resembled money, new equipments or safety from the dictatorship. Being a drug dealer was the perfect disguise in his place, since he couldn't join resistance teams or hang around the same spots for too long, and it also gave a fake hope of external help.

When the crisis kicked in, the nazi brain just decided they couldn't keep the high bribes and trust on somebody who could double cross them, and decided to give Forest one last mission. The briefing oriented him to obtain informations at a designated point, and there, he found nothing but three nazi machineguns pointed at him.

Forest wouldn't beg for his life, he knew the risks. He drained from their money as much as he could and also knew that too much information could be deadly. When closing his eyes, he heard shots from another place. Three nazi guards got shot in the head and fell at his feet, motionless. He was safe for now. His friends from the resistance membership invited him to join, to start over, and fight the nazis for real.


Forest refused, not by arrogance, but nobody knew better than him how much sadness and loss he brought to the world by supporting the nazis, thinking in no one but himself, being scared of death, waiting for the day the contract would expire.

But now he will fight his own war, until the reich crumbles into ruins.





- HUD needs to be scaled to fullscreen. Most features and gimmicks take advantage of the HUD.

- All weapons have a zooming feature. Forest glasses are capable of doing so.
- This mod has binds for melee, akimbo, nightvision and grenades, both in "Customize Controls" and "Extra" menus.
- No new nazis are included for now, and please take in mind it is a hard work to do. Load this with the enemies pack below.
- If much requested, a version with the nazis already imbued in will be done, but keeping three files at once is harder than you imagine.
- It's a thing in my mods: "Extra" menu has tons of performance and gameplay options, all for the sake of comfort. Be sure to take a look.
- Akimbo'd weapons (still) don't have a zoom feature. I am working on this.
- Cross akimbos are (still) not ready yet. I am working on this.
- Scoped weapons will have different scope screens. I am working on this.
- I am aware of the "grenade riding" glitch. I loved it. I don't plan to remove it for now.

Sliding like in the first game may or may not come back. It was cool, but had a hard code to understand (for me, not the author's fault), and it offered less to the game than i thought. Again, it may come back, but if you were a fan of it, don't get your hopes too high.


Unfortunately, Zandronum support is not possible. But older versions of GZDoom (such as 3.2) and even LZDoom work perfectly.





In Kriegsland II, you'll see a very different take from the first, ranging for a more complete (but not boring) gameplay. Forest Tyler (you, in case you haven't read the lore) has many tricks out-of-the-box, partially thanks to his glasses that grant a nice HUD, Nightvision and zooming view!


  • Compatibility with Doom, Heretic, Chex Quest and now Hexen!
  • Quick kick!
  • Quick Grenades!
  • Zooming!
  • Dual wielding (that can be binded)!
  • Anytime, anywhere, nightvision!
  • Ready to be playable with many monster packs!
  • Hidden easter eggs!
  • And more soon...


While this mod does not have the astonishing laser effects, dozens of weapons, cross akimbos (YET), sliding and spetacular effects from the first, you'll notice that weapons are far more simple, more effective, more satisfying to shoot, game looks more beautiful in general, and you can help even more with feedback!





Kriegsland II: Untergrund
The gameplay mod! Use it with any monster or maps you desire, play it with nazis or vanilla, the world is yours. Feedback is appreciated, There are bugs present, things to do, but we are just getting warmed up.


Have you downloaded the mod, but you don't see nazis? Fear not. This is intentional, as i made Kriegsland II intended to be playable with our old friend from the first game, the Enemies-Only patch down below! You can load them by dragging both into GZDoom launcher, using ZDL, or any method as you like, but keep an eye on, because the old nazis will soon be updated with lots of stuff.




Kriegsland Enemies Pack!

Just like the first game! You can load this patch with Kriegsland II or any weapon mod that suits your tastes!
Be aware that it replaces difficulty levels with Kriegsland levels, so it can mantain the actors replacements. So the most convenient would be to load the KriegslandEnemies.pk3 BEFORE the weaponset desired.


If you, however, get any bugs with any weapon mod, feel free to point it out. :)
Combine Arms tend to lag Kriegsland Enemies a lot in my pc. I hope i am the only one.

The enemies pack can be used on Heretic (and soon Hexen) too!




Doomenator's Music pack!

This add-on made by Doomenator (with additional credits to TerminusEst13, Ryan Cordell and Marrub), gives Kriegsland a nice ambience by adding orchestral musics from Codename Panzers and World War II: Panzer Claws. Excellent to use with custom maps such as Epic, Epic 2, Going Down, Hell Revealed, among others!

Music Credits: Tolnay Peter, Ambrus Akos (Codename Panzers OST), Gerd Gunter Hoffman, Joachim Schafer (World War II: Panzer Claws OST).
Aditional Credits: StormRegion, In Images, ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG.




armymen's Music pack!

This music pack made by armymen12002003 has some fast paced techno and orchestral music from Fear 1, Fear 2 and Area 51. It's very frantic and gives a nice touch to the gameplay, specially on maps with high enemy numbers and lots of tight fights!




erni945's Music pack!

This add-on made by erni945 (with additional credits to TerminusEst13), brings to Kriegsland awesome Mick Gordon tunes, including musics from the Wolfenstein new games! Recommended for a closer experience with the Wolfenstein mood. It's 370MB in size, but TOTALLY worth it.




Disruptor Music pack!

This add on made by me (with credits to TerminusEst13) utilizes the same formulae of the other music add-ons, but substitutes the music with Disruptor (PSX) soundtrack. Hope you guys enjoy it.








AS ALWAYS, it's good to remind people: 
I don't want to leave any names outta this. 
If i forgot you, or credited the wrong person, PLEASE, 
tell me and i'll update this list as soon as possible.



  • [*]My lovely wife
    [*]My cat (Yes, she looks what i do in the notebook. She also makes sure i don't get down in Doom too long, as she wants attention).
    [*]Black Rock Shooter
    [*]Captain J
    [*]Everyone at discord who helped me


[*] CaptainJ
[*]Jekyll Grim Payne
[*]My Wife
[*]My Cat



Eisenfaust - Marrub, Midoriman, Banjo Software, insightguy, Mars 3D
Gustloff P2K - YukesVonFaust, Banjo Software, DBThanatos, Capcom
KMG-86 - Clay, FrancoTieppo, Banjo Software, HQ-HQ, Mr. Enchanter, Captain J, Chronoteeth, The Railgunner
SSG 1.0 - Banjo Software, CaptainJ, Lt. Blam, Sgt. Mark IV (ripped from a screenshot), The Railgunner
SMP-12 - Minigunner, 3D Realms, Banjo Software, DBThanatos, YukesVonFaust, The Railgunner
LK-4D4 - 3D Realms, LucasArts(?), Midway
AP-Gewehr - Gabbuz85 (inspiration), TiberiumSoul, Necronxxis, Sgt. Shivers, FrancoTieppo, Zrrion the insect, Midway, The Railgunner
Vorderminen - 3D Realms, LucasArts(?)
N.K.W.S. - Pillowblaster, zrrion the insect, DBThanatos, YukesVonFaust, The Railgunner
Sturmflinte - Pillowblaster, Se7enytes, FrancoTieppo, Tiberiumsoul, chronoteeth, zrrion the insect, Banjo Software, YukesVonFaust
Eisenschutz - Banjo Software, Marrub, torridgristle, wildweasel and 3DRealms.



P2K/SMP Clip - HellcatX, Capcom, ID Software
P2K/SMP Clip box - Capcom, 3D Realms

KMG/SSG Clip - Tomtefars, Midway, Carbine Dioxide
KMG/SSG Clip box - StatisticalHourglass, Carbine Dioxide

APG Ammo - Pilowblaster
APG Ammo box - Pilowblaster, breadbagfly, NoozeArts

Shell - 3D Realms, Vampire the Masquerade
Shell box - DoomNukem, Vampire the Masquerade, Dreamworks

LK-4D4 - Midway
LK-4D4 box - Midway, Pillowblaster, Lobotomy Software

Backpack - Phantombeta/Ourobouros

Nightvision - 3D Realms (pickup), Rebellion
Computer Map - Bethesda, Strife
Rad boots - ID Software, 3D Realms, Captain Red
Honor Medal - torridgristle



-In progress-



Eisenfaust - Fallout, Battlefield 2142, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, Disruptor
Gustloff P2K - F.E.A.R., Soldier of Fortune, Battlfield 2142
KMG-86 - F.E.A.R., Soldier of Fortune, Battlfield 2142
SSG 1.0 - F.E.A.R., Soldier of Fortune, Battlfield 2142
SMP-12 - F.E.A.R., Soldier of Fortune, Battlfield 2142
LK-4D4 - Mortal Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, Soldier of Fortune
AP-Gewehr - TiberiumSoul, Battlefield 2142
Vorderminen - Mortal Kombat: Special Forces, Battlefield 2142, Disruptor
N.K.W.S. - F.E.A.R., Soldier of Fortune, Battlfield 2142
Sturmflinte - F.E.A.R, Soldier of Fortune, Battlfield 2142
Eisenschutz - Fortnite, Battlefield 2142, S.T.A.K.L.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl



9x19mm Ammo -  Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
8x33mm Ammo - Quake 2
13x92mm Ammo - Black by Oberron (needs further checking)
12g Ammo - Fortnite
Grenades and Mines - Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Backpack - Medal of Honor (PSX)

Powerups: Sniper Elite 3
Keycards and unidentified pickups - Omega Boost
Weapon pickup sound - Wolfenstein 3D (3DO, slightly sped up)

Medikit #1 Sound - Killing Floor
Medikit #2 Sound - Dino D-day (needs further checking)
Medikit #3 Sound - Medal of Honor (PSX)
Medikit #4 Sound - Sniper Elite 3
Medikit #5 Sound - The Thing (game)

Armor #1 Sound - Delta Force: Urban Warfare
Armor #2 Sound - Soldier of Fortune 2
Armor #3 Sound - Soldier of Fortune 2


Secret and Zooming sound: Blade Runner (Deckard's home computer)
Startup sound - Call of Duty MW1 (ranking up)
Doors - Apocalypse and Disruptor (both from PSX)
Switches - Disruptor and Doom 64
Elevators - Doom 64
Teleport - Disruptor

Nightvision sound - Rainbow Six: Lockdown (needs confirmation)
Nightvision colormap -  DavidN
Nightvision design -  Delta Force: Urban Warfare (PSX)
HUD Design -  Blood, MARS 3D, Disruptor, Delta Force: Urban Warfare


Guess that's it. Everything else should be credited to me,
and if not, i apologize for my poor memory and i'll fix this document
as soon as possible. No thefts intented here.





As always, have fun and GET PSYCHED!


Edited by GAA1992 : Update

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This mod was updated, in the spoiler below is the changelog. Have fun!



= SSG scope is not so sensible
= removed texture replacements
= fixed some MENUDEF stuff
= Buffed Sturmflinte even more
= Fixed a weapon spawner in Hexen
= Added a new animation for the KMG pickup
- Removed the Reichsveredikt
= Fixed some internal definitions
= Fixed a vorderminen spawner
= Re-scaled some ammo pickups
= Added grenades counter to the HUD
= Replaced Jet powerup sprite


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Once again, this mod was updated!


Nothing really major, just some fixes on SBARINFO, removal of leftover files which weren't meant to be there, renaming of some actors and fixes on texture and replacemente patches. Also, this mod is now compatible with Return of the Triad, by ElZee and 5thFifty.


Speaking of that, The first Kriegsland reached almost 4000 downloads! It's a pretty impressive mark, considering my mods don't have too much flux around, so, thanks to you all and keep spreading the word and getting psyched with Kriegsland.

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Glad to see a sequel to the Kriegsland mod. I tried a little bit of Kriegsland II on the megawad Doom 2 In Name Only. I haven't played too much so I don't have a lot of observations but I do like how you can use the scope with any weapon. Does it actually change the accuracy of weapons? I don't like how inaccurate the Gewehr is. And I also wish it autofired. I'll play some more and then give some more thoughts!

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Thank you! It indeed changes accuracy, although the screen shakes a bit.


Take your time and leave feedback when you can!

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I long wanted to write about decals, but there are no words, only emotions. :)

My fix:


Decal PunchWall1
    pic BFGLITE1
    shade "00 00 00"
    x-scale 0.5
    y-scale 0.5

Decal PunchWall2
    pic BFGLITE2
    shade "00 00 00"
    x-scale 0.5
    y-scale 0.5

Decalgroup PunchWall
    PunchWall1    1
    PunchWall2    1

Decalgroup BulletHole
    BulletChip1    1
    BulletChip2    1
    BulletChip3    1
    BulletChip4    1
    BulletChip5    1



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Being able to hold down the Range button and having the scope cycle through the first zoom and then the second zoom and then back to normal feels very... loose? I'd prefer it is it was change one zoom per keypress. I don't know how useful the two zoom levels are either. I'd prefer just one zoom level.

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Hi guys, i'd like to say this mod was updated with some small fixes.


Things were adjusted in the HUD, a major bug involving grenades and dual wield was fixed, the N.K.W.S. was rebalanced to make the Sturmflinte stronger and i've changed the footstep sounds to differ things from my other works.


With that said, have a nice gameplay with this update!

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Seems like a great mod to play with some maps I have here! I'm gonna give it a try and maybe record a video with it (depends on how my computer is going to handle your mod, obviously).

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Thanks man! Kriegsland II has less weapons and actors than the first one, so i believe that even with other mods loaded alongside this one you won't experience slowdowns. So i highly recommend you try Kriegsland II first, so then you can go on the first one, with or without the nazi pack. ;)

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