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  1. So... I'm trying to make the Chaingun less accurate using WhackEd4 here and I can't figure out how to do it. Can anybody help me please? I want to make the Chaingun less accurate because I already made the pistol perfectly accurate (and a lot faster) and I don't want 2 weapons being redundant in the mod I'm trying to make.
  2. [Vitz!]

    how to stop procrastinating and start mapping?

    Maybe you should change the mindset. Tell yourself you don't have to start mapping. Take the obligation away from your mind and you might naturally start mapping again. Putting pressure on yourself to start mapping is probably taking the opposite effect of what you want. Calling yourself lazy is probably not helping either. Also for projects you might have to build confidence first (by just making your own personal projects/maps/etc) before trying to delve into them. You might get discouraged before even trying if you don't build confidence first. Or maybe this advice doesn't really work for you, which is a possiblity... if that's the case, then I wish you good luck on your endeavors.
  3. Yeah now that you've edited and elaborated your point I can see where you come from. I consider that stream of his more of a joke stream than anything, since that map is so obviously not his thing and he only did it because of the subscriber milestone he achieved... and he only did it twice because he used idclip at some point in the first one and felt bad about it (also the obvious fact that those streams attracted A LOT more people and money than he probably expected). And yeah, that map is not a slaughtermap in any sense of the word and was never meant to be in the first place. I don't even like playing these types of maps, it would be too much of a chore to playtest something I fundamentally don't like.
  4. [Vitz!]

    Decino getting scammed AGAIN!

    I guess that's a nice TAS? :V
  5. I will send that map to him. I already follow his channel and I made this map with (also) him in mind.
  6. [Vitz!]

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    Most of the info you need is in the topic itself, but I recommend you using GLBoom+ (preferably ver.
  7. That's not a bug, @Pablo_Doom_Guy. Due to the way the map is made the area of the elevator is no accessible by monsters (the room itself is, but the elevator no). I thought it would be extremely bothersome to have enemies going up and down in the elevators easily and the players using that to cheap on the rooms I've built would make the difficulty of the map too trivial. You can use that safe area to cheap this part out, but it will be extremely disorienting considering you're dealing with a turbo elevator trying to go up everytime. Anyway, as I've stated before I plan on putting this wad on /idgames if there is enough demand for it. So, people, don't be shy and respond!
  8. [Vitz!]

    poop balls

    Sounds like a great idea for a Doom 2 map considering how many brown textures you can find there... Thanks for the great idea!
  9. Thanks to @Austinado now we have our first minor change to the wad! I fixed some unwanted behavior and some linedefs that didn't block the player. More details in the newly added changelog! The download links were properly updated of course! Also thanks for the feedback @Pablo_Doom_Guy! I'll be waiting to see what you have to say about my earlier oblige modified maps.
  10. [Vitz!]

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    HOW DID THAT ARCHVILE IN THE RED ROOM NOT SEE YOU?! LMAO That never EVER happened to me while doing my playtests. You moved so quick that he didn't even see you. Maybe it's the angle I left him. Maybe I should've left him facing the direction of the button. Man I'm seeing so much stuff I've never saw happening in this map that I'm out of words! Great feedback material! I need to be more careful with not letting players trespass some parts and stuff like that. That part where you trespassed is not possible to get to if you're playing with Doom (strict) compatibility which was what this maps was designed for, but I should've added more impassable lines there! At least it's an easy fix and I'm gonna patch that up as soon as I can. Also visually speaking I'm quite satisfied with this map. I wasn't trying to be too fancy with the visuals (especially due to the size of the map) but you can see some touch ups some areas got (the stove is a lot more detailed for example). Maybe I should try using the ZDoom format next time? This map was made entirely in the Boom format for compatiblity, so a lot of ZDoom's features simply aren't present (because I couldn't include them). I'll keep using lava ceelings, though... They are so weird, out of this world and demonic that I like them. Anyway! I'm still watching your video and taking notes! I'm glad you're satisfied with the final version of my map. P.S.: E agora? Conseguiu sentir o Desespero? lmao
  11. [Vitz!]

    Games of the Decade

    It's a personal list. In no particular order. A Hat in Time Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Shin Megami Tensei IV Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Super Meat Boy Killzone Mercenary Ion Fury Shantae and The Pirate's Curse Sonic Mania Mighty Switch Force 2 Portal 2 Terraria Minecraft Cuphead And if I keep looking for games to add here this list will be super big, so I'll stop here.
  12. You could add some cracks to the spaceship to give it the impression that it's damaged.
  13. [Vitz!]

    I’d like to record FDAs of your maps

    Cool! I thought of sharing with you my latest map, but I want a change of pace and decided to share you this: Naraku Middle Strata.wad It's an Oblige modified map and the second map I've ever worked on before making my first map from scratch. I think it has nice gameplay value and it's pretty challenging. The iWad needed is Doom 2's. Have fun.
  14. Weird. Doom builder check complains if I remove that texture because it expects that place to have one. Man I gotta say, those classic ports sure are finicky...
  15. I meant getting whatever wad I find on doomworld and playing it. So yeah. Call me when they do that. Oh wait they can't do it on consoles? Too bad. I'm gonna stick to PC, thank you.