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  1. [Vitz!]

    Looking for advice

    Make a doom map or something
  2. [Vitz!]

    Coronaphage - Another map by me

    Sorry for reviving this topic, but I really didn't want opening up another one just for the updates made to an old map. I've updated the changelog with the new stuff I added, put a link for the older version of the map, edited some contents of the original post and added new screenshots. I decided that this is going to be the map I'm gonna send to decino for his viewer submissions so I changed it enough for when he eventually plays this thing. I've been having a lot of trouble coming up with new stuff in general these days, so I thought it would be better to stick with what I already have, but not without trying to refresh it a bit. I hope whoever tests this newer version have fun.
  3. [Vitz!]

    DOOM II: Resurrected - A DOOM II Remake

    That's badass. Keep being awesome.
  4. [Vitz!]

    Doom 2: Sequel or Expansion Pak?

    Sequel. And that comes from a guy who used to say Doom II is a glorified expansion pack. I mean it kinda "feel" like it, but it simply isn't. It's just a sequel that really liked reusing assets, but it's not like this is unheard of, especially back in the day, so I don't mind.
  5. [Vitz!]

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    Gambling mechanics (with real money) in games. Games with this kind of shit deserve the AO rating. I don't care how kiddy it looks. That and the stated (many times) games as a service. This practice honestly needs to die. Also having to pay to play online on consoles. I could go on, but it wouldn't be very productive. It's not like me complaining on a Doom forum will make any of those shitty practices die anyway. Consumers need to be educated (a.k.a. stop being dumb) and this is not going to happen any time soon (as if LMAO).
  6. I think most of TNT is either good or decent, but the wad has some maps that are REALLY bad (namely stuff like Metal, Habitat and Mount Pain), but even those have at least one good aspect going for them. But yeah... even then it's a megawad I have a fair amount of fun when I play. It's tied with Plutonia for me (mainly because Plutonia has extremely dickish traps and it gets really tiresome to play all the way through, I'd rather play its direct sequel).
  7. Cute, but you'll need more than that to convince people to do such a thing. Think of a better reasoning and try it again some other time.
  8. ... and why should we do this?
  9. [Vitz!]

    Post your Desktop Background

    Been using this one for months. I highly dislike having icons on the desktop. I made a simple crappy edit on photoshop, but I guess it works well enough for a wallpaper... I should change it, though... It always makes me want to eat burgers and other junk food, lmao.
  10. [Vitz!]

    Coronaphage - Another map by me

    Good to know that, from your perspective, I'm improving. I took a little break from mapping after I've made Slime Institute, so I was afraid I was going to make something worse than before. But now I wonder... How would Vale do Desespero be if I added this same modified version of Acerola Doom in it? I think I would need to rebalance the entire map to make it fit since weapons and monsters changed enough to ruin that map's balance... Maybe I should revisit that map (again) and see how it would work.
  11. I should apologize as well. I acted rashly and just spoke my mind without being specific enough (mainly to avoid mentioning names since I didn't want to). Your interpretation of what I said is not entirely invalid considering what little information I've gave you. No need to be tad too harsh on yourself. I'm actually trying to get a better laptop (my only actual option right now) by saving money, but the latest developments in real life are really getting in the way, you know? It's this kind of stuff that makes people break a little and make posts like the one I just did. I understand the side of the developers, as I've stated earlier, but I just can't help but feel bothered (to put it lightly) when somebody decides to tell me to just suck it up and upgrade. I mean I already know that, but it's not like upgrading is easy for everybody...
  12. Said sarcasm was aimed directly at the people who seem to ignore the fact that not everybody even can upgrade to the point of not being able to understand why they can't "simply upgrade", not necessarily to developers who just want to enjoy their hobbies. If you, as a developer, at least are able to acknowledge this as something that exists and tries your best to find a balance if possible you deserve my respect, but I shouldn't just tolerate when people come to me with some bullshit like "just upgrade" and expect me not to be sarcastic about it.
  13. This. Honestly I don't understand why people can't simply put an idea so simple in their heads. Not everybody can even do the upgrade in the first place. But yeah, judging by the conversation here we, who have got the short (or should I say lower?) end of the stick, will have to just suck it up and download older versions of the sourceports we want to use... if they still work. Too bad for online though, because in that case we will just have to quit since "everybody" will be playing on the newer version. But that's ok, guys. We are just lagging you behind. Have fun with your newer and shinier stuff. lol
  14. [Vitz!]

    Favorite Doom Weapon?

    I second that. I used to have a single weapon as my favorite, but the more I play doom, the more I discover and understand the other weapons potential. And heck, unlike you I even use the pistol for sniping weaker enemies from time to time.
  15. Couldn't have said that better myself. Same.