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Mustafa Kemal Pasha

Is any of you have Mail-Order version of DooM ?

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Hello people, How is going ? I hope you are all doing fine and happy. As I asked on the title, is there anyone still has mail order version of DooM.

I am asking because I have a friend and he is a DooM collector. He has been collanting rare items about DooM since mid 2000s as far as I know. He asked

old id software team on facebook and twitter about this but unfortunately, none of them gave him a positive answer. Lastly, he told me about the discussion

he had with Dave Taylor. He has it but refused to give it to him. I've been searching this about a month for him but damn, it is not an easy item to find online.

If you have any knowledge about where and how can I get it from ? Could you please inform me ? Thank you.

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