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Performance Oddities

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It seems like Eternity struggles a lot more on my end with maps containing complex geometry, more so than other ports. I like using Sunlust map28 as a test case because the spawn point is rather demanding. All comparisons done in Fullscreen at 1920x1080 resolution. Using DSDA Doom 0.18, I get 53 FPS, which isn't ideal but manageable. Meanwhile, Eternity (Eternity-x64-4.03.00-pre-244-g3099311a) maxes out at 24 FPS in the same area, which is unplayable. The 4.02.00 release fared better at 28 FPS. Just out of curiosity, I fired up GZDoom in Software mode and still got 34 FPS, so at least that's playable with the vanilla FPS cap. 


I've had the same experience with other high-sector maps where Eternity could not keep up.

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