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  1. Spectre01

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    Moonblood by Deadwing is a good megawad of short-medium maps that are not too difficult.
  2. Spectre01

    What the fuck's a nodebuilder?

    Might as well ask this here: If I'm making a large limit-removing/Boom map, what is the recommended Nodebuilder choice in GZDB? I currently have ZenNode - Normal for saving the map and ZenNode - Fast(no reject) for testing. Should I be using something else?
  3. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    MAP07 - “Colliseum” by Shadowman Well, shit in my boots! An entirely symmetrical Dead Simple clone with the spawn on a damaging floor and 8 Mancs to fight with an SSG and no armour. Yeah, nah. I do like the city background, but that's about it here. Also, the switch to open the exit randomly appearing in one of those burning alcoves is irritating. As Alpa Chino said in Heat: "Don't waste my <expletive> time!"
  4. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    MAP04 - “Survival” by Lainos What stood out to me here, aside from the point of these Pinkies that do a whole lot of nothing, was the lack of any sort of lighting variation when you make it topside. It looked like both indoor and outdoor locations were all set to the same brightness level, which gave it a lazy and ugly looking "fullbright" effect. The initial drop into the damaging lava is quite mean, but otherwise I didn't encounter much in the way of encounters that I could classify as engaging. MAP05 - “Canyon” by 3EPHOEd It's a mid-90's looking outdoor canyon with some peculiar block lines. MAP06 - “Nemesis” by Archi One of the better maps, along with map03, this is a fun little map with some very snazzy scrolling yellow lights. The courtyard area is also quite nice and contains familiar platforming we know and love. The boss fights with the Spider above and Cyber below are a cool way to wrap things up from a cinematic perspective. What I like here is that ammo and weapons are not held back from the player and provided when needed to handle a particular situation. In contrast to some of the previous maps with shotgunning big boys.
  5. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    I'm generally not a fan of speedmaps, but gonna try this out and see how far I can go. PRBoom+, etc. MAP01 - “Ancient Valley” by Lainos  A somewhat disappointing map, considering the author's reputation. I didn't mind the initial crusher due to the automap showing the door to exit the room. The 2nd crusher room with the blue(?) key was more annoying, and I ended up getting clipped. After killing all the enemies and finding the secret, the actual exit still managed to elude me. DNF MAP02 - “Ruins” by Shadowman Kind of liked the ashwall cave at the start, which is something you'll never hear me say again, but the map got progressively more dull as fatter monsters started appearing and your arsenal was limited to E1 crap. The exit Cyber was surprising, but not at all interesting to kill. Walking over the brick maze was cool though. MAP03 - “Aquapark” by Wraith Hey, this was actually fun. I enjoy non-linear, sandboxy, abstract city maps, and being able to grab some real weapons early on made this enjoyable. The sniping Revenants are well-placed, and nearly got me when I entered the tangled fence maze before clearing them out. Those two Pain Elementals had some fun at the start, since I don't normally see a useless PE when the Lost Soul limited gets flooded.
  6. Spectre01

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    That's too bad. I've always found vsync to feel awkward with what feels like slight input delay. I was hoping there was some kind of option to set a manual cap in the config file. Also, I can confirm that vertical aiming has been under "compatibility for common mapping errors" as the last option since at least Although, to be honest, a more advanced port like GZDoom is better if you want to use a more modern FPS control scheme. Free aim combined with infinite height creates a lot more cheesable scenarios.
  7. Spectre01

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Is there a way to cap FPS to something reasonable in GLBoom+, like how ZDoom stops at 200? I'm getting over 2k frames on vanilla/low detail maps and it looks weird when turning quickly. And I'm not a fan of vsync or the standard 35FPS cap.
  8. Spectre01

    Da Will

    Done with these settings: - PRBoom+ complevel 4. - Ultra Violence. - Pistol start combined with a pistol start mindset. - No saves. Pretty good Plutonia-inspired set, containing both regular style and some artistic/experimental maps. A few of the levels aren't afraid to play around with very dark lighting, or go entirely off the rails with the visuals (like in map06). The map order is a bit strange if viewed from a continuous perspective, with some generous weapons and resources in the early maps and scarcity/low-key combat in the later half of the wad. Using the regular shotgun against Barons/Mancs/Cacos is not entirely uncommon. Some of the layouts are very interesting and provide a more adventurous and non-linear experience. 3/5 Highlights: maps 03, 06, 08, 10
  9. Spectre01

    What are you listening to?

    Heavy metal with some harsh vocals:
  10. Scythe X: Maps 06-10 The Long Range Teleport takes you to a station floating through space. This episode continues to explore the "space-base" theme of E1, only now you're traversing platforms and bridges floating in the blue void. This type of theme has been done elsewhere, but it's rare and unique enough compared to something like red caves that's been beaten to death. The coolest example is the large solar panel array outside the playable area in map08. Erik Alm's fetish for Revenants is completely absent here, with frequent Mancs replacing the bony encounters of the last two Scythes. The Encounter in map10 takes on a different theme, starting with a dark and moody base interior, with a tight Cyberdemon fight, and concluding on a green, alien-looking asteroid chunk which introduces some new enemies. The dark Imp and green PE are both interesting, as they summon ghosts from their projectiles which can quickly flood the area. It's a shame we'll never see what further plans Erik had for these enemies in future episodes. Overall score: 5/5, legendary wad etc. Standout maps: 03, 07, 08, 10
  11. I'll drop in for some Scythe X as it's short and one of my favourites! E1: Maps 01-05 A sequence of thematically-consistent, short and easy, "space-tech" maps. The choice of sky texture is excellent and really makes you feel like you're not just on some base on Earth, which is more evident in the 2nd episode here. The attention to detail and overall visuals are still great to this day. There are some cool design tricks too, like the vent in map03. Also really like that computer room with the mini-terminals and places to sit. I believe Mr Alm mentioned that the ending of each episode would present a spike in difficulty, and that's indeed the case here with map05. I made the "mistake" of grabbing the Chaingun first, which made keeping the Cacoswarm under control a bit harder than with some rockets. Nothing too serious, but enough to present an element of danger compared to the previous maps. Huge fan of pcorf's music work here too, with the main melody in map03 and 04 appearing in several of his other tracks. The intermission is simply great too.
  12. I've been out of the loop for a bit, but does anyone have or plan to have a BFG in their map? If so, I'd like to have that in mind when making the opening encounters in e2m8.
  13. Spectre01

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Trying to play through The Witcher series; currently near the end of Act 3 of the first game. Looking forward to the 3rd game, since my PC wasn't able to run it properly on release.
  14. Spectre01

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I shaved my armpits once while jogging daily during a hot summer. Never again!