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  1. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    MAP07 - “Pirates” by Nomad Pirates? More like Pinkies, right? Har har har! Certainly a step down for Nomad after map06, this level is a bit silly overall. The excessive number of Pinkies at the start feels like a noob-trap for that one guy who pistol started and missed the Berserk. Even then, it still takes a while to punch them all out. If you're wicked-sick at Doom, you can probably kill the Trons and run back fast enough to grab the BFG without getting stuck on Pinkies. Otherwise, the BFG isn't particularly useful here as the one Mastermind is really far away, and the buddy Manc pirates can be killed with rockets or plasma. I do like the interior decorating with the strong lighting and pictures on the walls. Also, the beach near the exit provides for a nice vista. But overall, this won't be in my top maps list.
  2. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    MAP06 - “Sanctuary” by Nomad I was already sold on this being another city map, but the surreal teleportation journey really makes this map memorable. A bit of an appetizer for the magnum opus that is map11. To the folks paying attention, the start of the map is the exit room of map04, minus the moving demonic faces. I like how nothing in the opening room seems to do what you expect it to regarding the switches and doors. Gameplay in the city is your usual Doom affair until you make your way up to some cliffs and then notice a teleporter at the edge of the world. The two invuls there (I ate one before the shot) do a pretty good job as atmospheric decorations. You don't really need them for anything in the giant blood crater, but it helps with facerolling some Viles. The teleport sequence takes you to various distinct locations, some of which are really damn dark in software mode. I couldn't see shit in that cave area with the Cacos and Revenants in the middle. Never had that problem when I played in GZDoom, but maybe I'm getting the intended atmosphere. ;) The rocky spiral with the flesh pillars is probably the most memorable piece of sector art here, and I like the Imps teleporting in your face with the limited space available. Solid map; can't complain.
  3. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    MAP05 - “All Nightmare Long” by Azamael I live again! Nice Blood midi here which I tend to associate more with Doom PWADs than anything these days. This map is really great, taking you through a creepy apartment complex and industrial facilities near a nice looking train station. There is plenty of cool detailing and lighting effects everywhere, from the crumbling buildings to this poison lake surrounded by natural terrain and marble face slabs. The kiosk with the Hell Knight serving refreshments is also a nice touch. Compared to previous maps, there is a lot more vertical combat and progression, with enemies occupying ledges that you have to climb. Such as the area with the Cacodemon trap and the secret SSG. Now, I don't like secret SSGs, but there is generally enough rockets in this map to kill any of the bigger demons while the Chaingun takes care of the fodder. Then again, I found all the 8 secrets, so that might make a big difference. Definitely my favourite of the 5 starting Azamael maps, who ain't coming back for a while as other mappers take over.
  4. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    MAP04 - “Death From Above” by Azamael  This is a fun, short map as you dodge a Cyberdemon while platforming over rooftops and other obstacles. Although it probably doesn't always play out as intended, since falling off and running around at street level (should've been a damaging floor, IMO), can make the Cyber teleport to later parts of the map and reduce some of the threat level. There is also a secret pretty much right at the start which allows you to skip like 1/3rd of the map. Also, just like that Arachnotron-themed map at the start of Ancient Aliens, you can simply remove the Cyber threat playing continuously with all the SSG ammo from map03 earlier. So it kind of, sort of, doesn't really work unless you pistol start. Also, it appears that some of the rooftop zombies are not shootable with regular Doom autoaim, so I guess UV-Maxers get their plums twisted. With that roast out of the way, I think it looks cool and the midi is quite rockin'. I remember having a lot more trouble with platforming when I first played it, without much prior platforming experience. There is also an amusing maze room with a Revenant forever stuck in a teleport loop, with a Chaingun and bullets provided if you want to tap him down. I also like the exit sequence with explosion and a moving IoS face.
  5. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    MAP03 - “Dies Irae” by Azamael This is probably the map that sold me on playing the rest of the wad. I'm a sucker for city maps with lots of non-linear exploration, and this level perfectly fits that mold. There are a bunch of different paths you can take along the streets and alleyways, or explore one of the many buildings. It also fits well as a direct follow-up to map02, with you starting in an alley visited before and being able to see the tail of the crashed plane beyond the fence. Many visuals themes are used here, and every building has its own distinct interior setting that stands out. Like this gore pile near a church room with a Baron preaching to a large groups of Imps and Dudes. Or what looks like a torture chamber on your way to the roof, with some really cool wall decals. Unlike the first two-maps that featured some legendary pistol gameplay, the combat and weapon progression is quite standard here. I like to grab an early SSG from this hellish altar, which has a quirky barrel maze over a pain sector. There is a decent number of mid-tier demons, and the occasional double-Revenant surprise. The non-secret Computer Map also helps with navigation and grabbing the secrets, though I don't remember getting stuck or lost here before. But yeah, huge fan of the gloomy and desolate cityscape in this map. Fitting midi too. Also, since it looks like nobody's mentioned the super-secret, there is a very hot picture of Duke Nukem in a bikini after shooting a switch in the room with the beds. I assume it's some kind of inside joke, as it makes some memorable appearances throughout the wad.
  6. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    MAP02 - “Dead By the Down” by Azamael The plane goes down and the wreckage devastates the surrounding town. The start of the map unironically made me appreciate the occasional pistol gameplay. Something about picking off Zombiemen while tap-firing your pistol with pinpoint accuracy is quite satisfying. The general idea here is making your way through the crash site, while climbing cliffs and parts of the plane to get to a nearby warehouse. There is a Chaingun that can be picked up quite early from a Chaingunner that opens a door after you climb the tail of the plane. Really nice attention to detail when it comes to the lighting and sector shadows in the outdoor areas. The sky texture is great too, especially the really bright sun above the grey mountains. There is a secret SSG in the warehouse that I don't think I've found before, guarded by some zombies and a Revenant. The rest involve some form of platforming to get. Another cool map with a rather unusual concept and visual style when it comes to Doom. Also, the chairs and fancy sector carpet landed in one piece.
  7. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    Hey, about time this got picked. PRBoom+, UV Pistol Starts with a continuous mindset, and saves whenever I feel like it. A few of the maps (only one off the top of my head) have some death zones, so any no-save flexers be warned, I guess. MAP01 - “Seele” by Azamael Interesting starting location. I can't think of any other Doom maps with the player onboard a plane, complete with a moving night sky outside the window, giving you a sense that you're really flying. Very nice sector carpet too! Something you don't see too often is the use of the SS enemy outside of Wolf3D-tribute and joke maps. He tends to severely clash with the rest of the Doom bestiary, but doesn't feel that out of place as the main enemy on this plane. There are a bunch of Zombiemen in a cage as well as a Hell Knight and couple of Imps once you get to the cargo area. This houses the Absolute Life Transformation portal, as well as various occult symbols and human sacrifices. Entering the portal is entirely optional, but it teleports you into what looks like a burning hell, an area that will make another appearance further down the line. Things get weirder as you reach the hole in the back of the plane, upon which you're teleported back to the start before a loud explosion. Gotta be quick to shoot that last Nazi if you want a UV-Max before the map ends! Pretty cool opener for the setting alone and foreshadowing for later maps in the wad. People like whining about custom sounds in literally every wad that includes them, so that's nothing new. I personally don't mind them here and other PWADs that I've played.
  8. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: A.L.T.

    That message about February gave me a brief existential crisis before even playing A.L.T. again.
  9. Spectre01

    Favorite Source Port?

    Eternity is an interesting port, but it's currently missing a lot of the polish in PRBoom+ where it's easier to make things "just work". Pistol starting vanilla wads is a pain because you have to quit out and run an edited .bat file after each map. Otherwise, it resets to default Eternity complevel if you idclev or restart a map from scratch. No "secret found" sound, advanced HUD that's less advanced than in PRBoom+, and other misc. quirks keep it from being a better version of PRBoom+. Also no OpenGL for maps made around or running better in OpenGL.
  10. Spectre01

    [released] Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    Regular jumping is not too bad to map around, but Quake-style rocket jumps is where things start getting, uh, interesting.
  11. Spectre01

    What is your best map?

    Either map29 in SlaughterMAX or map35 in DMP2017.
  12. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Deathless

    <Insert snarky response about voting for ESP 2.>
  13. That feel when you're zooming around the map at SR40/50, doing some sick S, U, 8, and O strafing, and some brainlet modern mapper puts some trees in the playing area that you bump into and die to a swarm of extra fast projectiles. Oy gevalt!
  14. Spectre01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Deathless

    Voting should be open! +++ A.L.T.
  15. Spectre01

    Doom Streams

    Good to hear John. Eternal Doom is a legendary wad, and you will not be disappointed!