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  1. Spectre01

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    @Delfino Furioso Is it possible to add ammo counters to the advanced HUD? For instance, in your HUD #2, there would be 4 lines showing bullets, shells, rockets, and cells above your weapon stats at the bottom right.
  2. Spectre01


    @Ofisil I checked map28 in the "thgawd01 BETA.rar" that's in the OP, and the Node Builder appears to have suffered catastrophic failure in that version. Flats bleeding over, HOMs, invisible walls, and a Revenant falling through the floor (which was reported). I rebuilt the nodes again using DeepBSP, which appears to have fixed the problem. Here is the main wad with 28 working properly again: thgawd01_28fix.zip
  3. Spectre01

    Wads and mods with the Alien Vendetta influence

    Bloodstain feels a lot like a spiritual successor to AV, visually and thematically.
  4. Spectre01

    Quantum Strike (V2) [now on /idgames]

    That sounds awesome! I'll be sure to check his VOD. Edit: Extremely well played by decino. It was a blast watching the run.
  5. Spectre01


    Oh no... which port were you playing with? I've encountered that issue before in the same spot, and it's something to do with the NodeBuilder. I was hoping it wouldn't happen again, and I didn't see it while testing after rebuilding the nodes several times.
  6. Spectre01


    Thanks for the new midi @Ofisil! Very ominous and atmospheric.
  7. Spectre01


    Here's the final version of map28! Download Title: The Drowning Labyrinth I added coop starts, difficulty settings, as well as various adjustments. Should be good to go. Will be interesting to see what kind of midi it gets. Cheers!
  8. Spectre01


    Hey, I'll be uploading the final version of map28 in the next few days. Just got a few minor changes I've been working on.
  9. Spectre01

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Awesome! Software stuttering seems to be gone on my end and Portmidi is playing smoothly as well.
  10. 32 Inch Nails is an atmospheric horror wad, strongly inspired by Doom 3's gloomy techbases. Skip map05 if epic slaughter is not your thing. That one's an outlier in the wad.
  11. E4M3 - "Earth, Blood and Fire" by purist The main theme is those sniping Barons that you telegrag later, so ammo is really tight to prevent you from simply shooting them. Not really my cup of tea gameplay wise and it's not exactly a looker with all the grey bricks and strict adherence to right angles. E4M4 - "Unclean Spirits" by Marcaek I assume this map is fun when done in a specific order, but it's rather obnoxious playing without foreknowledge. My attempt resulted in a lot of Baron grinding with the Shotgun as I didn't encounter many rockets or plasma until later. I actually bumped the Plasma Rifle after returning to the central area, before lowering the platform properly with the secret. But yeah, this is more in line with a later NEIS map when it comes to difficulty and encounter style than anything id-like. Seems out of place in this project compared to the other more moderate entries. E4M5 - "Doctrines of Devils" by Gifty While I'm not a fan of mandatory pain sectors and lack of Radsuits, there is a lot of creativity on display in the various side areas. My favourite is the red key surrounded by 4 moving floors. The BFG room seems like a death trap without either grabbing the Invul beforehand or hitting the escape switch ASAP. The circular platforming area is also fun.
  12. E4M1 - "Into the Grave" by Pavera Engaging opener which forces the player to run past the first Caco and in search of more ammo. The teleporting enemies, and especially Sergeants, may seem scary at first, but they end up congregating at player spawn and the structure across. Snipe them from the rocky tunnels and you should be fine. After the lift with the Sergeants lowers, the Imps below have a tendency of infinite heighting, which is somewhat annoying. The exit Cyberdemon is the most surprising part of the map, and the bridge is not the best location to dodge his rockets. Grabbing one of the Radsuits and retreating into the lava is the safest bet and being on a timer feels exciting. Good opener to the wad. E4M2 - "Vile Affections" by RottKing Not nearly as punishing as Romero's Perfect Hatred, this highly orthogonal map is mostly shotgunning Imps. Sergeants remain the most dangerous Doom 1 enemies, but, as long as you don't rush in blindly, they aren't too threatening if picked off from a distance or behind cover. Also, I'm not sure how this layout is emulating Romero's style. None of his maps are this committed to 90 degree angles. E4M9 - "Terror" by USE3D Wide open layouts and flexible encounters. I made good use of that Berserk from the starting room. There are plenty of Pinkies and I only found the BFG after everything died. As with the previous map, squads of Sergeants are the thing to watch out for, as well as that one surprise crusher. The red brick doesn't really gel with the tan and water textures, but I like how the map looks. Good placement of barrels as well. +++ Community Chest
  13. E3M6 - “Depths” by Phobus  If the previous 5 maps seemed too refined and visually consistent to be Sandy's Inferno, then this level overcompensates on the zany and weird aspect. The opener is guaranteed to kill without foreknowledge and the crusher hallway to the blue key is simply obnoxious, and that's WITH the Radsuit secret beforehand. The geometry is full of cramped hallways, connecting the misshapen rooms, which doesn't help moving around with Doom's vanilla collision. The height variation seems to be there for the sake of it, with high-step staircases and rooms you can't see into before falling down. The saving grace is most of the liquids aren't damaging, as the rest of the map is already frustrating. I will commend the secrets, as those are intuitive to find and the "which switch doesn't belong" gimmicks are always fun. E3M9 - “Lake of Fire” by Lutz Wait a minute, I've played this map in No End in Sight. Not actually sure if anything is different between the two versions. Anyway, it's a very obvious re-imagining of Mt Erebus, containing the signature lake of fire surrounding the sandboxy playable area. A visual step up from the map it's referencing, with each landmark looking sharp and consistent with its theme. The slow crusher hallway is the least fun, but the rest is enjoyable. Just like in the original e3m6, the idea is to gear up and find weapons and ammo while ignoring the swarms of Cacos and Lost Souls unleashed into the main area. Though this map seems to have a more pleasant ammo to monster ratio. The trickiest secret to get was that Soulsphere, as the trigger is far and inaudible. E3M7 - “Inner Sanctum” by ellmo Dark and oppressive, almost like a Sigil map. I wasn't a fan of the gameplay. Maybe because so many other maps in this episode have already done it, but I'm actually fatigued by the "e3m6 sandbox where you aimlessly run around with just a Shotgun and avoid enemies while looking for better weapons" motif. Is this how people who don't like Downtown feel, maybe. The BFG secret is activated from the exit room when nearly everything is dead, too. E3M8 - “Core” by ProcessingControl This is a great final map. Looks cool and isn't annoying to max. No resource starvation either as you're loaded with 300 cells straight away. One of my favourite Doom 1 boss levels. Final Thoughts DTWID is an enjoyable classic-style megawad. Having said that, the title oversells its level of adherence to the style of id's mappers. E1 seems like the closest to its IWAD counterpart when it comes to layout complexity, visuals, and gameplay. E2 and E3 have a noticeable divergence from the source material and contain larger and more refined maps. If not for intentionally misaligned textures and lack of microdetailing, most of those levels would not be out of place in a modern vanilla community project. The maps are mostly fun to play but E2 and E3 lean too heavily on Shotgun gameplay for my taste. The "fun" is often locked away behind secrets, so enjoyment can depend on how early and often you find them. But that's often the case with IWAD levels as well, I just have the luxury of having the maps routed in my head. Rating: 3/5 Top maps: e1m4, e2m3, e3m5
  14. Spectre01

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    @Hirogen2 I had the same issue with Fluidsynth, where my font was set to TimGM6mb.sf2 and that file didn't exist. Had to drag dsda-doom.sf2 from the soundfonts directory into the main one and set it in the config file.
  15. E3M5 - “Chapel of Scorn” by pcorf Nice looking map that captures a variety of visual themes. There's an interesting mix of traditional hellish imagery mixed with some nukebase aesthetic. Every liquid texture also makes an appearance. The secret area with the BFG, which is a lake of water surrounded by fire, is something I can imagine Sandy doing back then. Finding the secrets is also enjoyable, though I missed the unique teleport from that row and only got the BFG after clearing the map. Not that it was necessary, the difficulty here is more in line with what I'd expect, compared to the previous two maps.