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  1. Spectre01

    SlaughterMAX. RC1 available!

    @antares031 You'd need to check the monster counter with "smart totals" off. With it on, like in your screenshot, it only shows enemies killed that started out in the map, and doesn't count monsters revived by Archviles.
  2. Spectre01

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    Any chance the Cybruiser can take the Mastermind slot? Currently, the lack of splash damage immunity kind of makes him shite.
  3. Spectre01


    Is this the new way of making people play on HMP? Or is this a marketing campaign to generate a "buzz" and get people "hyped" for UV?
  4. Spectre01

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Here is something I can hopefully finish in time for the orange version of Mayhem. I have secretly wanted to make a Scythe-style cave which sticks to one main colour scheme:
  5. MAP06 - “The Fort - II” by John Bye It's a neat concept, similar to TNT's Wormhole, but just as half-baked in its execution. The ambient music is really nice, but what you're essentially doing is going back through the same map and fighting even more hitscanners. There is quite a bit of symmetry and copy+paste monster placement in a lot of these rooms too. Honestly, the previous map gave me my money's worth in its brand of content and more of the same was really unnecessary.
  6. MAP05 - “The Fort - I” by John Bye You know, the doors wouldn't be that big of a deal if they were single-use and stayed open. Otherwise you're forced to use them multiple times with all the backtracking involved, and it really kills the flow. I do like the various dead-ends and optional rooms; they make the map feel quite exploratory. Also, did anyone manage to open that alcove before the "boss brain"? I did everything else, but there were 3 dudes in there that just wouldn't come out.
  7. MAP04 - “The Chapel” by John Bye Dark underground cave with some marble and a loud midi. This map had no armour whatsoever, but thankfully I'm playing continuous. Some vanilla deep water effects are used here, which is cool, but also makes the Pinkies in the final section (above) useless. Very simple, linear layout compared to the complicated sequence of doors and teleporters in the previous level. Gameplay is very straightforward without much in the way of surprises. There are a few doors with a buncha hitscanners behind them, so you can't play it too stupid.
  8. Spectre01

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    As far as doors go: Make use of doors that stay open, rather than the repeatable ones that keep closing. Of course there are reasons to use the latter, but single use doors are better for both player and monster movement throughout the map.
  9. MAP03 - “The Cliff Top Fort” by Dan Huff Continuing right where the previous map left off, there is a rather unusual base in the mountains. Now, I consider myself to be quite decent at navigation, but this map was twisting my plums with its progression. I did find everything eventually, but it took a while until I tried using the glowing pillar in the room with the red key bars. It also seems like half the lines on the automap are just missing for arbitrary reasons. I'm not a fan of that, and would rather have mappers not touch that feature at all than erase chunks of the map. Especially in a level that's as winding, non-linear, and full of dozens of keyed doors like this one. On the gameplay front, you're largely up against low-tier hitscanners and Imps, with quite a few Pain Elementals making an appearance. There is also an abundance of weapons and ammunition lying around, as well as a Rocket Launcher and Plasma Rifle for those who manage to check every alcove. My favourite part has to be the giant silo room, not unlike the ending of No End in Sight's e1m7, which lowers to reveal some enemies and contains multiple tiers to ride up to the red key. Definitely some interesting stuff here, and I would've saved a good 10-15 minutes had I slapped that glowing pillar earlier.
  10. Spectre01

    Anyone here as big a Duke Nukem fan as a Doom fan?

    I'm a big fan of the 4 Atomic Edition episodes of Duke3D. Haven't played the other stuff nor tried mapping for it though.
  11. Spectre01

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    For IWAD Doom? UV-Continuous every time. I tried pistol starting... fool me once, can't get fooled again!
  12. MAP02 - “Desolation” by Malcolm Sailor After leaving behind the ship, you find yourself in a mountainous region of the planet you've landed on. There are no hitscanners here, so this map is perfect for Berserk-punching everything down. The spaces are massive and monster density is very low, which makes for a nice exploratory stroll while bashing some Pinkies and Imps. The atmosphere really worked for me here, and stretches without any combat only enhanced the experience. The dark tunnel before the Berserk, the main area pictured above, and the bloodfalls near the exit were all very memorable. It's also nice to get two Backpacks and an SSG, although even the Barons were no match for the mighty fist. Love the midi too, great stuff.
  13. The Talosian Incident So, apparently this is supposed to be a sombre, atmospheric wad. The opening story text was certainly good at setting up the story, as far as Doom lore goes. For maximum enjoyment and immersion, I will be playing this continuously and only dropping saves at the start of each level. GLBoom+ in 8Bit Software Mode, let's roll! MAP01 - “The Transport” by John Bye A moody stroll through an empty ship. Surprisingly, there is no sign of structural damage or wires sticking out... Everything appears in a squeaky-clean, shiny metal aesthetic; reminding me of map02 in Icarus. Some points of interest are: The voodoo dolls in what's supposed to be a cryogenic sleep chamber. The equipment room which gives you all the basic gear and armaments. The secret Chainsaw in one of the living quarters. And, of course, the radioactive reactor room, harnessing the power of FIREBLU. Now that I'm all set, let's move on to a map with something to shoot!
  14. The Troopers' Playground - Final Thoughts: This wad was alright. I don't really feel like it stacks up to some of the bigger '96 projects, namely the MM series. Some custom music would've definitely helped, as I feel it lacks its own personality. Certainly a more enjoyable and smoother experience on continuous, but otherwise there's little in the way of impactful scenes or memorability. Overall rating: 2/5 - It's OK.
  15. You can always drop down to a lower skill setting (HMP/HNTR), if a wad that you've been enjoying on UV becomes too difficult to be fun in the later stages; i.e. Scythe 2 map23+. There is no rule that you have to finish every map on UV, and the flexibility of pistol-starts makes switching difficulties easy.