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  1. MAP03 - “Binary Compound” by Adam Windsor Another nicely-detailed map, combining the gritty techbase and outdoor mountainous terrain. This episode seems to be very conservative in regards to weapons - with nothing more than the basic Shotgun and Chaingun making an appearance. Thankfully, this map is generous with health, armour and ammo - so you don't have to play as carefully as before. I found 2/3 secrets, both of which were a stack of health bonuses. Yeah, fun map.
  2. MAP02 - “Biotech Terror” by Jan Van der Veken, Derek MacDonald This rusted, underground base can be summed up as "hitscanner hell". While the usual culprits, Chaingunners, are not yet present; there are plenty of Shotgun dudes teleporting around and ambushing you around every corner. There's also dick-all in the way of health, so getting unlucky at the start and taking a few hits can make you shit out of luck for the rest of the map. I died once right at the end because software mode did that 0.5 second lag thing and I ate a Rev rocket. Pretty mean level from Pistol Start, all things considered.
  3. MAP01 - “Outpost Mortem” by Ola Björling Now this is off to a much better start! The detailing has improved significantly, and the base in the mountains has a real sense of place and "realism" - compared to the simple architecture in the first episode. Resources are, once again, quite scarce. I ended up entering the base from the "wrong" side and quickly ran out of ammo with no Shotgun in sight. Ended up punching the first Sergent for his weapon too! The layout is quite cool, featuring a variety of floors and crate mazes to explore. There's some minor "platforming" too, and the yellow key took me a few attempts to sneak around that crate without falling off. I also liked the look of the furnace in the underground caverns and the mountainous skybox. I've always preferred a sky that shows something in the distance, rather than one with no background detailing. i.e. E1 vs E4 sky in Doom 1.
  4. I want to try the mid-level music change in GLBoom+, similar to what was done in Valiant map27/30. How would I go about doing that? I can't seem to locate the music changer object.
  5. Don't like the sound of that...
  6. What about a default GZDoom demo format that can be watched with current and future versions? Doesn't have to be PR+ compatible, just within GZDoom itself.
  7. I've got a feature request: I like using the advanced HUD, since I've never been a fan of the status bar, but the one thing it's missing is ammo counters for other weapons. The GZDoom alt-HUD is great example of a minimalistic type of HUD which shows everything you need to know. Would be cool if PRBoom+ included ammo counters to the side somewhere.
    I didn't really enjoy this wad; compared to the IWADs or other 90's PWADs that I've played. The visuals were 90% brown brick/rock. Pistol Start balance sucked. And the gameplay/map progression was mostly uninteresting. I'll keep the negativity to a minimum so - overall score: 1/5.
  8. MAP11 - “Stone Tyrant” by Adam Windsor An alright finale, culminating in an expected Cyberdemon boss fight. I missed the Rocket Launcher up the tiny lift, but the SSG did the job just fine. Rather underwhelming combat and enemy selection leading up to the Cyberdemon. With 52 monsters, you can't be wasting it on junk enemies that pose little to no threat. Why am I still shooting mostly Zombiemen, other dudes, and Imps in the finale? Final Thoughts I didn't really enjoy this wad; compared to the IWADs or other 90's PWADs that I've played. The visuals were 90% brown brick/rock. Pistol Start balance sucked. And the gameplay/map progression was mostly uninteresting. I'll keep the negativity to a minimum so - overall score: 1/5. Top maps: 04, 10 No thanks: 05, 06
  9. MAP10 - “Under Earth” by Travers Dunne Some cool height variation here, which doesn't always mesh well with infinite height, and more attention to detailing. I managed to get stuck between some boxes and couldn't reproduce how I did that after noclipping out. Must've been an accidental glide or something. But yeah, after the opener, the more liberal resources make this map more enjoyable than just Chaingun-tapping or shotgunning everything.
  10. MAP09 - “Military Complex” by Jan Van der Veken Yeah, not a big fan of this one. The only weapons I've managed to find were the Shotgun, Chaingun, and Rocket Launcher; which made for a lot of boring sessions of shotgunning Spectres, Barons and Cacodemons. Barons were particularly used quite liberally after the red door, and it boggles the mind as to why the author didn't include cell weapons or at the very least an SSG. And I mean in regular progression, not some super secret wallhump. This map does manage to stand out due to relying on lock-in traps, which wasn't really a thing before.
  11. Are they set to Ambush and do they attack after you shoot? I've noticed that monsters will not react to you if set to Ambush or if you don't fire when they're really far away.
  12. MAP08 - “Discordia” by John Bye Had to restart the map after jumping out a window and to the exit early on. This is my favourite map in the set so far, with a nice midi, and larger scale than the previous levels. It does suffer from largely being made up of rooms (packed with hitscanners) connected by very narrow hallways. The warehouse area is somewhat bizarre, with 3 Viles trying to make their way past the, highly ineffective, Pinky horde and up the stairs. It was also nice to see some textures that weren't variations of brown.
  13. @Krull I've had the same issue in Software Mode in two maps I've made with very large open spaces. The geometry ends up freaking out when the player is moving like in your screenshots. My solution was to play in, and recommend, GL mode. :P
  14. MAP07 - “Dead Simple II” by Nick Baker Pretty sure I've heard this midi in MM2. Anyway, despite the name, it's not really a Dead Simple remake or sequel; rather, a compact and traditional key progression map which happens to have some Mancs and 'Trons in the 2nd half. Aesthetic remains very brown; to the point where I'm compelled to flush it down. Map's ok though.