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  1. Slade shows them as Type > Marker for me. I copied those over from Stardate 20x7, which plays no demos, and that seemed to work in GLBoom+ at least.
  2. Looks like adding Demo1-3 markers in Slade with no demos between them did the trick.
  3. Hey guys, how's it going, Spectre01 here. How do you stop default Doom 2 demos from playing after launching a PWAD?
  4. It's for whatever somebody on the Cacoward team liked playing that year.
  5. Industrial metal for this song. Or something.
  6. Apparently not. Thanks for catching that!
  7. Map09 bugged/10 But seriously, I liked the large outdoor areas but the room with invisible stuck in the floor whatever wasn't fun. Map10 This one needed some trial and error to see what works after flipping the 3-key switch. Using the invul to break through into the exit area and making good camping use of the upper platform did the trick. The Cyberdemon count felt a bit much but I guess the unlimited cells made up for it.
  8. Map08 Hey, remember the pyramid thing from Speedo Doom? Same red sky too! This map is arguably not as dense and punishing as the former but it still provides a good time. I'd say map08 is my favourite in NG2 so far actually. It's got a nice balance of smaller scale indoor setpieces, which are not trivial to cheese or escape from, and a lengthy outdoor fight in the final area. One thing I will say about the last encounter is that it probably takes a bit too long for all the Hell Knights to finish teleporting in considering how the threat level plummets after you go around and take out the turret Viles. The Cybers were also rather inconvenient to remove from the top of the pyramids but those are rather minor points. Good map overall.
  9. Map06 This one was fun. Large, almost city-style type area with lots of room to run around and generally easy encounters. Map07 Theme shift from goth textures to an Egyptian/temple style. Very cramped encounters but I've got no issue with those. Not a fan of the ending with the Arachnotron crypt and the excessive amount of Cybers in there. You can get them to kill everything but they're a pain to clean up.
  10. Replaying Epic 2 UV-Pistol Starts and saveless. I've played it continuous way back but resource scarcity is quite surprising playing from scratch and makes finding secrets all the more (mandatory) rewarding. Also, map16 is no joke.
  11. ZZWOLF7 is highly underrated. I don't remember the last time I saw it used in a serious, high-production value mapset.
  12. That's an interesting statement. What did you find better about those compared to Valiant and AA?
  13. In addition, GLBoom+ has a nice feature where the crosshair turns from green to white when the monster is in autoaim range. Really useful for sniping and seeing the maximum distance you can take out turrets from and whatnot.
  14. Yes, mainly due to all the aliasing that starts to look messy in the distance. Although apparently some settings fix that. In GZDoom I combine filtering with xBRZ 3x resize which makes for a smooth but still sharp look for all the textures and sprites. In GLBoom+ I ScaleX 4x everything.
  15. Map05 First of all, great midi. The visuals sometimes remind me of Sunder map04 with all the dark metal texturing and lava. The opening fight is pretty cool as you lure the Imps up the stairs and then break through one side with the SSG. Not a huge fan of the next major area pictured above as it consists of rocket sniping perched Mancs, Imps and a Cyber. The pre-exit fight on the return trip also makes for another door camp/infighting simulator since it's so easy to run out and beats taking hitscan damage from the respawning Mastermind. Also the Cacos got seriously infinite-heighted by the Imps on the ledge with the teleporters. The most fun area is the large lava room with a sizeable Cacoswarm and some radsuit management as camping the high ground didn't seem like the best idea.