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  1. MAP17 - “The Unholy Crypt” by evocalvin So this map's pretty cool aside from a few snags here and there. Detailing is unusually high for this project and the layout, while very much linear, is pretty cool. There was some visual weirdness beyond the window here, and the questionable block lines trivialized this room. The finale with the Cyberdemon doesn't work out great either, as he splatters his Chaingunner entourage and is then either easily 2-shot with the secret BFG or cheesed through one of the windows.
  2. MAP16 - “Gambit” by Matt Tropiano This map has a very slow start as you have dick-all weapons or armour. Takes way too long to get the SSG after grinding through hordes of Imps and other crap. Then you get the PR and BFG in rather quick succession. The latter isn't really necessary for the mild Revenant ambush at the end, although it does make removing the Mastermind a lot quicker. Also, the blue armour had 2 secrets associated with it. Yeah, I dunno. This map's kind of there.
  3. Says who? It's purely cosmetic while recording and doesn't change the actual aiming. All my other casual maxes on DSDA have it too.
  4. MAP32 - “Have @ It” by William Huber Ugh... this took me way more attempts to no-save than it really should have. Not playing actual slaughter for a while has made me unable to consistently handle large amounts of Cyberdemons, like in the final stage of this map. It's been a long-ass time since I've played Go 2 It or Go 4 It so I won't be making many (or any) comparisons here. So, this is the obligatory map32 slaughtermap with 755 starting enemies. You start with a Megasphere and get all your weapons nearly right away, with enough ammo scattered around to aggressively spam rockets and BFG. That's cool. Plutonia's map32 had an over-abundance of resources so starving the player with health and ammo wouldn't be fun here either. What I don't like is the sheer amount of cheese, monster block lines, and unnecessary Vile spam here. If there's ever been a strong case for why slaughtermaps have setpiece fights and lock-ins, this is it. The hordes unleashed tend to be segregated to a specific part of the map, and door/hallway/window camping with rockets or BFG trivializes most encounters. To make matters worse, Viles warp in repeatedly in the same locations after completing objective and, if you want to get all the kills like me, make you door/hallway/window camp the same fight several times. The red-key building is the worst offender here, which repeatedly respawns its garrison of Revenants multiple times after you've grabbed the key from there. You're better off ignoring it until after flipping the yellow switch and then pumping 70 rockets in there from relative safety. The first PE wave is also harmless as they don't do anything other than waste your time. There are a few functional fights in the starting area which force some aggression from the player, such as the monsters triggered by grabbing the RK and the Rev+Vile pincer attack after flipping the switch in the Mastermind room. The two Cyber duels are also pretty cool as the room you fight them in are small and require precise movement to avoid splash damage. The final area, which actually has a lock-in, is significantly more intense than the first 3/4ths of the map. It requires some good weaving around the hordes of Barons and Cybers while avoiding rockets. If you try to camp the cave leading up to it, you're likely to get overwhelmed by the Baron/PE horde or multiple Cybers that will make their way in there. The 5, or something, by the exit door can be easily cheesed through the fence though. TL;DR +Cool final area. -Grindy and exploitable main/starting area.
  5. You can't. Entering the parameter does nothing as far as I know. I just kept it in since it's part of my copy+paste for recording stuff that supports it.
  6. MAP31 - “Cyberdemon Vertigo” by Whoo Yeah, not really a big fan of this one compared to the other 2 Cyber-themed 31s. It's cramped and the progression is rather nonsensical. And what the hell is the point of that rising bridge that ends up blocking half the map?! There's some rather obscure shit you have to do to get all the kills and leave via the secret exit. I did like practicing close-quarter BFG 2-shots on the Cybers, but other than that this wasn't my jam.
  7. Stop, drop, open up shop. I'm here to bring y'all the map01 UV-Max everyone been waitin' for. Every item has also been collected. Fifteen minutes and five seconds. Can you handle the speed? st701-1505.zip
  8. MAP15 - “Helix” by Xaser Joke's on you @galileo31dos01 , my time is longer! So this map is massive in comparison to the rest so far, especially if you're trying to find all the secrets or playing safely without saves like I was. While not overly difficult, there are a few mean traps that can catch you with your pants down. My favourite is the group of Viles that force you to run up the main tower, as you teleport in there with the SSG as your best weapon. There are also a few dickish crushers which I'm not a fan of. There's a lot more to write about this map, but my ass hurts from sitting down for nearly 2 hours. :P +Cool, complex layout +Interesting visuals and detailing. -Got 'em! crushers.
  9. MAP14 - “Undertaker” by Phobus This map doesn't hold back at the start and gives out your standard arsenal right away. Which is nice; since you're immediately the victim of an 8 Revenant gangbang in a rather small area. Most of the fights, in fact, take place in cramped room and hallways. The exception being the slaughter-lite series of encounters as you transition between teleporters. There is quite a bit of shit packed in there on the teleport back, and leaving the Cyberdemon alive from the first phase seems like a good idea. One thing I wasn't too keen on were the Revenant snipers on the walls. They're mildly annoying to remove as your rockets frequently whiz past them and into the void. Fun stuff overall, though the visuals are extremely basic.
  10. @Voros Watchout your comments bro. ^ Facing the Spider is a cool, fast and high energy metal track; which is better than a lot of the elevator music present in Doom 2. I've never liked Doom 2's map10 midi. The main guitar melody is rather slow and it keeps on droning on and on.
  11. MAP13 - “Slaughter Zone*” by Paul Corfiatis *Not actually a slaughter map. Pcorf Creations™ is back again for map13, which also features a bit too many Pinkies to punch like in his previous map02. This is a small, simple map with a nice looping layout and 3 tiers of height variation. The damaging blood may throw some players off as it was safe the map before; but such is the case with community projects. Diving into said VD-infected mess is still a good call at the start, as you get a vital armour and Berserk. There are more active enemies at the start than you have SSG ammo for, so you can't really spawn camp or Chaingun-snipe (that comes later) much. The 3 secrets here are quite powerful for Pistol Starting porpoises; especially the last one with a free Blue Armour and Plasma Rifle. Gameplay is a mix of punching Pinkies, taking out snipers, punching Pinkies, closet traps, punching Pinkies and punching Pinkies. I screwed up once here and ate some closet-Rev fists. There is a decently large warp-in as you head up the stairs, although the enemies above can't actually walk down. The finale features 2 Viles that are guaranteed to revive a bunch of stuff. You want to save some rockets and plasma for this or it can be a pain in the ass, unless you just book it for the exit. Good map overall, and it's got that woop woop woop midi from e3m1.
  12. I'm still running with 32 since not hearing your SSG or BFG firing sounds (heh) odd to me. Interestingly enough, GZDoom has 64 sound channels now and they don't stack to blow out your eardrums like in PRBoom+.
  13. MAP12 - “Velocity” by Kira A rather blatant Speed homage, occupying the same map12 slot and using the same midi. I enjoyed the gameplay here after realizing both the Cybers can be telefragged, instead of blowing all my ammo trying to kill them. It's a short level and both secrets are quite easy to find. The BFG features a familiar trap with Viles repeatedly teleporting. The ending encounter would be better with some type of lock-in, because as things stand, you can easily run past everything and then pick stuff off that doesn't die to infighting.
  14. Mouse look and free look are the same thing. I have no idea why using the mouse under vanilla conditions would even need a term. It's the standard way of playing for a long-ass time. If you're doing the keyboard-only thing or playing with a controller then that deserves a mention. To answer the question: I prefer free look unless I'm playing in Software Mode and usually only use cosmetic visual/sound mods if I feel like it.
  15. MAP11 - “Will You Be My NME?” by Darkwave0000 Meme title and intermission text aside, this is the strongest map in the set so far. Those looking for a Hunted homage may be disappointed, as this plays a lot more similar to Speedo Doom's Vile Pain rather than the former. The map itself is huge and borrows a lot of aesthetic themes from Gusta's Arch-Violence from PL2. While this map isn't as large or confusing as Gusta's, it's still massive and visually interesting within the context of the set. My completion time was ~45 minutes here. There's a good deal of non-linearity and optional exploration, which usually involves trapped power-ups and the like. Similar to Vile Pain, the combat here is not particularly difficult as long as you mind the environment and where to retreat. There are no lock-ins or setpiece encounters here. Also, this map is very dark in places on default Software Mode. Not a fan of the RL being in a secret, but I guess there's enough Plasma to go around.