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Ultimate Mortal Kombat DOOM XL In Dev Thread

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Posted (edited)

Hello, this is SkeletronMK with a taste of things to come. so, where has UMKD been and what's with the new update? this is going to be showcase thread of the upcoming progress of UMKDZ 2.0 coming for release of the latest upcoming version of Zandronum 3.2.  This version of the mod uses an INDEV build of the Zandronum engine and utilizes a new feature known as MEDALDEF, that allows modders to define custom medals.


This upcoming update to UMKD will Overhaul the controls, balance, and various other elements of the gameplay and sandbox of the mod including a Kombo system that works on hit of a bleeding actor and also an overhauled UI.
















the video below uses a modified version of TDBOTS that is compatible and will ship with the mod. The bots are modified to attack the player via a Melee distance courtesy of @TDRR 's modification per request. The mod will be playable once Zandronum 3.2 has it's next stable release or beta, i will put servers up for Testing on open servers, this will be a deathmatch mod!

Edited by SkeletronMK666 : spelling, posting more kontent, Renamed the mod

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