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  1. https://mega.nz/folder/T0MXQAYS#5w06hXksoYkKIzVkOUJzfw this is the RC2 Hotfix.
  2. ok so imma try to upload to mega, im doing some revisions of this, i see the textures aren't yet imported, so run it with OTEX1.1. ALSO i'll give the NOW07 verison with the FIXED music file names.
  3. damn mediafire ads lol
  4. also, i would consider this a RC untill it gets tested. Thanks for working with me @obake!
  5. The sequel nobody asked for, for the wad nobody knew about: Penance 2: The Retribution! hell yeah!!! @systemofadork compsed the GHOST midi, someone i know named ZANITY FOX and I composed Map08 midi. killer bro!
  6. SkeletronMK666

    Hordamex: 1.0 is OUT!!

    had SOO much fun working on this project thank you @Kaapeli47 @Bridgeburner56 for letting me contribute in this project. it brings so much meaning to my life!
  7. SkeletronMK666

    Looking for weapon mod recommendations

    wait i didn't read correctly, after second reading of your post you want weapons that don't change function... ah....
  8. SkeletronMK666

    Looking for weapon mod recommendations

    my mod Robocop vs Termiantor Deathmatch DOES replace weapons and player classes for deathmatch, co-op, and single player. https://www.moddb.com/mods/robocop-vs-terminator-deathmatch/downloads/robocop-vs-terminator-deathmatch-v131 although this mod received mixed reception, if your a fan of robocop you might enjoy the mod :P i updated it just this morning. have fun! i've also made ENTORPIC DOOM, witch doesn't change the core gameplay too too much. https://www.moddb.com/mods/entropic-doom/downloads/entropicdoom2-0-1 other mods i can recommend is DOOM 4 Vanilla: and also final doomer+ https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=55061 have fun!
  9. SkeletronMK666

    POOGERS.wad [Final release]

  10. SkeletronMK666

    POOGERS.wad [Final release]

    thanks for the acknowledgements kaapeli! good work putting those sprites btw. i never played poogers but will boot it up shortly.
  11. SkeletronMK666

    Share Your Sprites!

  12. SkeletronMK666

    Share Your Sprites!

  13. SkeletronMK666

    Share Your Sprites!

    Mimetic Poly Alloy- liquid metal
  14. SkeletronMK666

    Share Your Sprites!

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/kt5jj760u9wjais/MK3ninja.zip/file i have a compressed file for a spriteset, it's the UMK3 ninja, he's green so he's good for color translation and deathmatch mods or something. i made him by tracing over the allied marine melee sprites. Credits: SkeletronMK666, IDgames