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Stray Ideas

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I've been thinking of things to do for some upcoming projects, and I'd love some feedback and suggestions:

1. A DM map with item cages that only open for a second when a player gets fragged.

2. A DM map that opens up and adds more powerful weapons as the kill count rises.

3. This is an ODD idea. A set of several levels, but ALL of them are the same map. I'd make a simple, well balanced map, but in each level, the item placements would be tuned to a specific weapons mod, is if you wanted to play with plain ol Doom, you'd go to map01. MAP02 might be geared for T7D, MAP03 for Bomb_X, etc etc.

4. This is one I WILL do one day: a map that has basically shotguns only, in tight quarters, with a regeneration rune to fight over. No health other than the regen (which I should put more than 1 in the map). no armor, just shotguns and ammo and the regen. Or maybe a regen and a drain... hmm.

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I like idea no.4. Sounds very interesting and original!

3 sounds cool aswell,

Hell, they are all good ideas! Go for all of 'em!

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