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  1. No, but people are going to ask.
  2. Khorus

    k8VaVoom: no good thing ever dies!

    I've been noticing some timing issues. On my zen Win10 desktop, the game feels like its 3/4 real speed when capped at 90fps. Uncapping the framerate shot it up to several hundred fps and it felt like the gameplay played at the speed it should. This is on the last version though, will test on the new one later.
  3. Khorus

    Nuclear Chunks; A 6 map LR Plutonia WAD (RC1)

    Well, I never did get the inspiration to finish up Map07 so I've decided to polish up before unleashing onto the archives. Here's the first release candidate, please do report any bugs or problems. Hope any new players have fun. :) heh, well I've placed what was completed of Map07 into Map08 and created a simple bookmark style to occupy Map07's slot to show it's the end. Not sure if I'll keep that for the final release yet though.
  4. Khorus

    k8VaVoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Having a good test with some wads and the performance of this is much more impressive than I was expecting! :) Had a run through my current WIP limit removing set and my old 2015 large limitless map with the stencil mode returning nearly constant 90fps at 4K on a Windows 10, Ryzen 1600, GTX 980ti machine. The lighting does a good job of subtly adding depth and mixes very well with the sector lighting. Would love to build some maps around this lighting! One bug I've noticed is decals are appearing on *scrolling textures. Another small bug/feature request; this port looks and feels great when pumping up the FOV, but going over the default 90 using the console makes the HUD weapon disappear so having a larger number like 110 but having the sprites in the normal HUD position would be great. edit: scrolling textures, not animated textures
  5. Khorus

    k8VaVoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Thanks for working on this! I have fond memories of checking out VaVoom builds to see new oddball features. Though it was never really a good port for actual playing, k8VaVoom already feels much more usable. A couple of things I noticed playing Doom 2 map01-map07 from the Oct. 17 windows build (another thanks for those!): The pistol and chaingun don't have perfect accuracy on their first shot The firing animation for the chaingun and plasma are both broken. The weapons function correctly (beyond the chaingun's first shot accuracy) but visually it looks like it skips one of the firing frames in the animation. I recall this being there back in regular VaVoom days and fixing myself in the decorate files. I'll be keeping my eye out for future releases, best of luck with the hacking :)
  6. Out of curiosity, Khorus, what happened to:


    1. Khorus


      Hey! Thanks for asking, means a lot when people think about the project. :)  I haven't done very much level design work on it this year so far unfortunately as I'm back into full time study. Hub 1 is nearly playable from start to end but needs a good bit of polishing. But this year has produced a good amount of music for it, each hub 1 map has finished music in now.


      I haven't really sat down and conceptualized what I would want the next hub to look like so I think that is stopping my progress in finishing hub 1. I'll get a big energy burst to work on it at some point and maps will start flying again. :)

  7. Khorus

    ClusterF*ck Files?

    Woah there buddy, your thread was only third from the top, no need to spam. A quick google reveals it looks like it isn't released yet so either you'll have to be patient or maybe someone might PM you.
  8. Khorus

    Share your music Collection

    Way too many CDs to think about, so I took a photo of my vinyl collection. Various electronic and industrial things.
  9. Khorus

    Nuclear Chunks; A 6 map LR Plutonia WAD (RC1)

    Here's Map06! We journey out of the brick base and into another grass/dirt/rock map (I love building large, organic outdoor areas) and trek towards a long ago abandoned techbase, now overgrown with vines and greenery. I'm not sold on how the last fight in the map turned out, so I might revisit it for the final release. Speaking of which, Map07 might be the final map for the set as it's feeling right to end it there. But for now, enjoy Map06! The music is by Jimmy, Map07 from the Plutonia Midi Project. EDIT: Forgot to mention, this map has a couple of instances where I break the 32 grid "rule" for aesthetic things I wanted to pull off.
  10. Khorus

    Nuclear Chunks; A 6 map LR Plutonia WAD (RC1)

    Thanks for the feedback! :) Ahh bugger, no idea how a bunch of non-nukage flats got the damage special considering it was the last thing I did after all sector building (find and replace tool on nukage flats). Thanks for catching it. Definitely don't want people to SR50 to get important things! I made sure you could run straight ahead to get to the blue key using Crispy, but I'll make each pillar a bit closer/lower so it's not as difficult or potentially confusing. Thanks Phobus, hope the secrets weren't frustrating! Thanks for the starting bars and the soul sphere feedback! There's the odd bit of flesh around the maps, AASKIN3-4 at the start of Map05 and near the chainsaw in Map01 for example. I think SP_FACE2 breaks up the wall nicely and suits the red splashes of FLOOR6_1 on the ceiling. Why did a secret that isn't marked piss you off? The point of it not being marked is so max runners aren't depending on such a random event to complete their run. I think it's cool to have such easter eggs in maps. Considering the player is half way or more through the map and you get a megasphere at the very start of the next, it isn't a massive deal. Are you complaining about the lack of consistency/predictability in secrets? :P Glad you had fun with the maps! Cheers for the demo NoisyVelvet, yes a few sectors somehow slipped through with damage when they shouldn't. Will be fixed for the next version.
  11. Khorus

    Nuclear Chunks; A 6 map LR Plutonia WAD (RC1)

    Here we go with Map05! A large map (well, by far the largest so far at least) set in brown brick and stone, our boat is disintegrating in the nukage the map is soaked in so we're forced to explore! Go grab it here. The music is Jimmy's Map08 from the plutonia midi pack. The area you can only see and not access to the east of the map is the starting area for Map06, so a teaser of what's to come. ;) Screens; Nice to hear people looking forward to new releases. :) Hope this map doesn't bring the difficulty up too much, especially if it feels cheap! Thanks! Hope map05 isn't too big then. Funny that there were complaints on earlier maps that things were a little straight forward, hopefully it wasn't too frustrating.
  12. Khorus

    Nuclear Chunks; A 6 map LR Plutonia WAD (RC1)

    Ha, that's nice to hear. I wouldn't worry though, there'll be a good few maps yet; I still have plenty of ideas! Hope it wasn't too confusing! I tried to imply the boat exit through an extra exit sign on top of the boat as well, a pipeline leading back to the boat with a drop off point in the terrain and a matching pipe texture that lowers near the switch and on the boat. Fortunately the map isn't too massive if one was to get lost. Yeah I understand that in regards to secrets. There's only one on this map (plus an extra unmarked secret so max runners don't get screwed) because I don't like to shove in too many "closet with goodies" type secrets and the more special ones are a bit harder to place once the map is mostly done. I'll try to keep it in mind when building future maps! Here's a screen shot of today's work on the next map. Aiming for a larger map that uses less textures but makes up for it in shapes and architecture.
  13. Khorus

    Nuclear Chunks; A 6 map LR Plutonia WAD (RC1)

    Here's the link to Map04! (*cheer*yay*) We stop off for some fuel for our boat on an island, pity it's been buggered by demons. Let's kill them! The music is another track from the Open Transport Tycoon music pack, it may be a bit sedate for some but it help gives the map a sense of exploration and place that I wanted. Glad you had fun! For the manc, there are a couple of WR lift lines around where I think the player would go to handle or avoid the cacos. There's also a walkover door open line in the yellow key area for a door in front of the lift that opens the way for the manc. Cool, hope it helped at all. I was worried the map would be starting to wear out its welcome a bit which is why the yellow key area is short, to keep a lot of the action in the main first area. Map04 and hopefully Map05 should be a bit longer. :)
  14. Khorus

    Strife - Mothership (WIP megawad for GZDoom)

    Thanks everyone! I haven't worked on this in a good month or so since starting my Plutonia maps, but I'll be coming back to it all refreshed after I'm done with that. :) Ha, I get what you mean but I wanted some oppressive architecture to fit the mood of the assholish foreman behind the desk and I like the contrast of the different woods. There are invisible bridge things that mean the floor is all flat for the purpose of movement so it's not annoying in that way.
  15. Khorus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    A couple of screens from my next weekly limit removing plutonia map. Those are looking great! You've done an excellent job transferring that world to 3D.