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  1. Again some WIP Strife shots. Really happy with how this map is turning out.





  2. More Strife work. First hub is going well, nearly 4 maps down.



    1. Liberation


      More Strife love then!! Good to see


  3. Lots of work again on my current Strife project.



    1. esselfortium


      That bridge architecture is mega gorgeous.

    2. Marnetstapler


      I need this in my life. 

    3. Walter confetti

      Walter confetti

      This is wonderful! 

    4. Synndra


      That is so beautiful.

    5. DOOMmarine918


      What's the name of the WAD going to be?

    6. Anidrex_1009


      o.O Look at that sexy bridge. 11/10

    7. Khorus


      Thanks for the nice words everyone!


      @DOOMmarine918 The working title is "Strife: Mothership". There will be 2, maybe 3 hubs with around 15 maps. omg strife megawad

    8. DOOMmarine918


      I hope to start mapping one day, I enjoy seeing the work. The architecture looks pretty godlike

  4. Don't feel like you have to separate each "room" with a door, they slow down movement for both player and monster. Thinking of ways to meld areas together can improve the flow of a map. My last map is an ~hour long adventure and the only doors are key bars.
    Having come back from a year and a half break away from Doom, this was a great wad to get into the swing of things again. Solid construction which fits the gameplay and some pretty creative situations. A solid sense of world building which doesn't stick to IWAD progression. There is some backtracking for key doors that feels like padding rather than exploration, but it's a good wad with a comfortable challenge.
  5. Might and Magic 6-8 I play with only one character. Favourites would be lone sorcerer in 6 (best spells ever in that game), solo thief or monk in 7 are both excellent fun and solo vampire in 8. All might party in 6 is fun too as might is much more underpowered there.
  6. Glad to see you and your team progressing with the game. :) Haven't had a PC for a few months now so I'll enjoy watching the VOD.
  7. Why? It sucks more to be hurt by something you can't see.
  8. Kristus immediately springs to mind with his work on Phobia, Nimrod and the Curse Heretic/HeXen series.
  9. ZDoom has been in my life for 12+ years and has given me more enjoyment and creativity out of a game and its engine than I could hope for. Cheers, Randi!
  10. Easy to remember the anniversary! Congrats.
  11. Trees and scenery change according to season in Might and Magic 7 and 8 in some areas. Though 6 has a quest around the moon cycle as well as the solstice and equinox events (those games taught you things). EDIT: eurgh, 4 edits. Never typing from my phone again.
  12. she'll be right, mate
  13. Kind of. Typically, Direct X 11 and older titles alternate rendering frames between each card which means they each have to access their own memory (using two Fury X's which have 4GB of HBM memory doesn't mean I now have 8GB of memory in these titles for instance). Certain new/upcoming titles under the new Vulkan and Direct X 12 APIs like Ashes of the Singularity have modern multi-gpu techniques that can let Radeons work with Geforces (or your integrated gpu) and share memory pools. Lots of work for developers, though. SLI or Crossfire is never recommended for a casual gamer. Besides, I think SLI is only on the 1070 and up this generation for the Nvidia camp.