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  1. Sorry for not adding more details! It happens for me using either Ultimate Doom or Doom 2 with just the IWAD, no other wads loaded. I figured out the exact setting causing it for me, it's the resolution option "720x576". Starting in E1M1 or Map01 and trying the automap straight away while in software mode regardless of the detail setting. OpenGL doesn't seem to have the issue. A small feature request if it's not too much to ask, is it possible to have a toggle in the Automap options to display a Kills/Items/Secrets tracker? Thanks a bunch! :)
  2. You're on fire with the new releases, jval! Using, getting consistent crashes when opening the automap. Tried some changes to settings like player trace distance, but couldn't find anything that helped.
  3. Khorus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Base Ganymede

    Very neat to see my old wad being given a bit of stage time again, thanks to dobu gabu maru and those who voted. I'm also grateful to everyone who took their time to play, and those sharing their thoughts :) Sorry for those who came across any map issues. I'm recovering from a lung infection with coughing muscle strains which has lasted over a month now, so unfortunately I haven't had the state of mind to keep up with the thread and post any thoughts etc. I hope to have time/energy to answer some of the questions and throw bits of info out there in a couple of days. Are people allowed to author bash in here? This person actually liked the map so I can assume they're joking, but using my real name and capslocking obscenities isn't exactly welcoming.
  4. Owning Serious Sam classic on steam should open up the option to download "Serious Sam Classics: Revolution" which is the old engine further developed by community members. It lets you run FE or SE, adds a new campaign (rather hit or miss but it's there) and allows for higher resolutions. EDIT: Thinking about it, I'm not so sure if buying the old games gives you Revolution now as I've had the old titles for so long, it has a seperate steam listing anyway. https://store.steampowered.com/app/227780/Serious_Sam_Classics_Revolution/
  5. Great news! A big "Thank You" to everyone involved. :)
  6. What I don't understand from the people who cry out about our economic structures shutting down due to a "flu" is why they're more comfortable with the idea of a new virus being a part of daily life, with the potential loss of countless lives. As opposed to directing criticism to an economic system (capitalism) that demands we be in a constant state of thriving growth and profit, and a "mere flu" can outright knock everything over. Make sure we give handouts to corporations, guys, so they keep thriving! Wait, what's that over there? A universal basic income to help see the poor (and soon to be poor) survive and make sure money can be spent in the local economy? Fucking socialism! /s
  7. I remember asking Shadowman what was behind naming the world "Khorus" when one of the Inquisitor projects came out and the paraphrased response being "More than one thing can have a name." Seems like a nice bloke... heh
  8. From someone that's been making projects for the community for 15 years now and mostly lurks in the background; this really sucks. I'm not surprised by the strong reactions in this thread, people are gonna feel hurt. And bloody hell there's a lot of people with no real perspective on this issue contributing white noise here. Sorry for all that have been affected by the plagiarism.
  9. My old Base Ganymede megawad could be a nice fit for consoles with it being not too big a difficulty jump from the IWADS. Uses stock textures, music from @Mr. Freeze, the sky texture was created by @kristus and @dsm and the level design by me so everyone should be contactable. Not sure I ever bothered with a deh patch for level names or anything so should be all good there, too :P
  10. OpenMW Gives me no reason to use the stock Morrowind.exe. Much more stable (no more falling through the mage guild floor heh), better draw distances, works with most mods and better frame rates. Has it's own construction set being worked on, too. Even has a multiplayer branch that I've yet to try. Been following this engine for a good 10 years now, time flies.
  11. Khorus

    What is your favorite sourceport?

    k8vavoom mostly, Crispy probably second.
  12. Khorus

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Good job on the new release! The weapon sprite glitches are all gone, amongst a host of other things. A couple of bugs to report using the new build. Playing some Strife, got to the point of defeating the programmer and getting the first Sigil piece. But then I couldn't figure out how to equip the Sigil again after picking another weapon, none of the weapon binds or using previous/next weapon would select it which would be a soft lock against the Bishop (the next boss). Another bug is one I noticed that was also in the last build but didn't figure out how to reproduce it. There seems to be a slight autoaim pulling projectiles down when the player is using mouselook and on a higher elevation than the monster they're aiming at, even when all the autoaim options are off. Doom 2 Map01, heading out to the shotgun secret and standing on the top step while firing at the imps with a rocket launcher creates the bug for me.
  13. Khorus

    k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies!

    Scrolling through the git log shows an insane amount of work. Can't wait for the new build, ketmar! :)
  14. Khorus

    "Tremors" and Doom 2 to Quake Level Converter

    I haven't tried them yet, but Doom2brush and Doom2Quake bring up some results in google.