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  1. Awesome! Will test my limit removing projects and let you know if anything crops up. :)
    I worked at a bunnings warehouse for 4 years. This brought back and created some bad memories. 1/5
  2. Hoo boy, thanks for all the playing and feedback everyone! The next version of the wad will have Map02 and a bugfixed/tweaked Map01. Cheers mate! Good point on the baron, his skin has fallen off and he's become a revenant now. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I understand your point and it's fair enough, the problem is the maps will link together from the exit of one to the start of the next for a sense of progression and cohesion and I've already finished most of the next map. It also helps keep the ball rolling for inspiration on my end. Ha, not surprised you found it a little easy. :) You've got a good point with the central area being nearly all projectile based so I added a few more sniping hitscanners with a bit of health to compensate. I wanted the player to hunt a bit for weapons without feeling overwhelmed in the Map01 slot so was avoiding shotgunners and chaingunners on the floor allowing for an easier to get weapon. Boosted the red key area a bit as well. There will definitely be interconnected, continuous feeling maps later on! I love playing and making them. SSG will probably make an appearance in Map03, nice to depend on some other weapons too. This is a wad for Plutonia, but it isn't Plutonia 3 or something. Just as a Doom E1 wad doesn't have to be an E1 rehash, so I'm not going to stick to the thematics and gameplay of the orignal maps to the letter. Thanks for the missing textures and start suggestion, I like that more too. :) Thanks for playing! I like having the plasma in, there's not enough ammo to depend on it but use it in a pinch (good for the revenant trap too). I wanted a chaingun/SG map with some heavier weapons as backup. I'm happy with the revenant trap as is so it forces the player to fend off hitscanners and use the column in the area, or make a solid break past the revvies, but I like replacing the arachnotron with the hell knight! Not sure what reasoning I had with the block line, so off she goes. Don't worry, pressure will build up. :) Did you play with a gameplay altering mod or purely visual out of curiosity? Fixed! Computer -> Window Srsly though, I'll probably later incorporate that when I get to some jungly techbases. That's great to hear! Hope you have a good time with it. :) Yes, there will be a good few maps when it's all said and done. Doubt it will hit the esteemed megawad status, but I'm aiming for around 10 levels. Cheers! You should do that, helps force me to go with the flow without being a full on speedmap. The grid size hasn't been an issue at all so far, quite a pleasure in fact and helps keep things simple, but it's nice to know I won't be lynched if I change my mind. ;) I will definitely watch it, sorry for the wall humping. I was trying to avoid that but looks like I failed a bit there. I tried to show the wall by having an ammobox very close with a light and angle change, but instead I've put a line of clips leading into it now. There's a triangle light on the cave lift which I've now given another light boost and made glow to help there and I've made the lift at the start show as 2 sided as a hint to how to get up. I've made the exit a switch now to avoid any confusion, and whoopsie on the line 5 bug! Thanks for playing!
  3. Gudday I felt a little trapped working on very complex and scripting, decorate, dialogue etc. heavy maps in my Strife project so I felt a side project was a good idea. Nuclear Chunks is a limit removing Plutonia project where I'm limited to using a 32 grid size for linedef (allowing myself rotation for a bit of flexibility) and things placement, similar to my favourite Eternal mapset. I'll be releasing a map each Friday until I feel it's done to give me incentive, it's a bit of a spiritual sequel to an old megawad of mine. Testing is done using Crispy (both in sp and co-op with the mrs) and DelphiDoom using the voxel pack for thing placement. Difficulty will be around Plutonia levels, maybe a bit more now and then. Feel free to play along each week as I add another map or wait for the finished product. :) Here's the download for the current version starting with Map01, a brickbase set amongst some greenery, rocks and a cave. Music is Map04 by ClumsyDoomer from the Plutonia midi pack, still waiting on a response for track permission so this could change (the text file allows it but I want to be all sure). On to the screens; Any feedback appreciated!
  4. Working on it! (albeit more slowly than I'd like)
  5. Been posting some screens of this the past few months, so let's make it official! "Strife - Mothership" is a 3 hub megawad made by myself for GZDoom. There are balance changes to the core Strife gameplay to plug some holes while keeping in the spirit of the game. These include a new enemy, the blue eyed Rocket Reaver, and the flamethrower having its own ammo type amongst some other things. Custom NPC dialogue is in, and each map has its own mp3/ogg soundtrack created by me. Hoping to have objectives that update to guide the player along too. Currently, I'm close to finishing the last map of the first hub which will bring map total to 6. I will probably seek some testers once the first hub is fully finished to get a feel for how things are going. Screenshots: Hydro Power Waste Processing The Warehouse
  6. Much appreciated! I half assed my last project from 2012, that's definitely not happening this time.
  7. A new, still WIP shot of my Strife project. I'm a little obsessed with height variation! Hiding in shot is the blue eyed rocket reaver, I needed a weaker yet dependable projectile monster as part of my minor balance tweaks for the game. Getting close to finishing the first hub, 2 more to go after this. Conversations are now in, roughly half the hub done there. Choices to make, lots of things to find. All but 2 maps have their own music in now, created by me. My partner will likely join me on some other tracks. Never felt so creatively fulfilled :)
  8. Sure is! A WIP megawad with a few hubs, 5 maps down so far. You can see a few more screens on my profile.
  9. You're going to wish your office was as well equipped for peasant murder as this warehouse foreman's.
  10. Probably either The Incredible Machine, a puzzle game which I remember loving. Or Word Rescue, old DOS platformer for kids. Commander Keen was a better game to get into not much later.
  11. It wouldn't be Strife without a sewers map. Except this one won't be a claustrophobic maze of shite, just a more open optional small area with some goodies to reward your effort.



    1. DeathevokatioN


      Awesome looking! Love the height variation... but then again that's pretty much one of the things I like about your style.

  12. Again some WIP Strife shots. Really happy with how this map is turning out.





  13. More Strife work. First hub is going well, nearly 4 maps down.



    1. Liberation


      More Strife love then!! Good to see


  14. Lots of work again on my current Strife project.



    1. esselfortium


      That bridge architecture is mega gorgeous.

    2. Marnetstapler


      I need this in my life. 

    3. Walter confetti

      Walter confetti

      This is wonderful! 

    4. Synndra


      That is so beautiful.

    5. DOOMmarine918

      What's the name of the WAD going to be?

    6. Anidrex_1009


      o.O Look at that sexy bridge. 11/10

    7. Khorus


      Thanks for the nice words everyone!


      @DOOMmarine918 The working title is "Strife: Mothership". There will be 2, maybe 3 hubs with around 15 maps. omg strife megawad

    8. DOOMmarine918

      I hope to start mapping one day, I enjoy seeing the work. The architecture looks pretty godlike