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  1. It's strange, in exclusive mode with both uncapped and capped fps the mouse itself feels slower/sluggish and there is massive input lag. When in window/off mode it acts the same as shared. Tried turning multithreading to off, but it didn't change any results. My system is Windows 10, Ryzen 1600 and a GTX 980ti I appreciate that, but I mean using it just on my end to check thing angles on decorations and items etc. on my maps for people who do might like to use such packs in their daily play. I have a k8vavoom setup using models for it too, but doing it in software is certainly nice :)
  2. Good voxel pack, really suits the medium quality software setting nicely. The shortened barrel explosion makes them feel more satisfying, wasn't expecting that. A bug on my end, there's no teleport sound. It's not on the engine as the sound works without the mod. The smoke effect on the imp fireball is pretty strong too. I also took the DOOMPAL+.wad out as I wasn't a fan of what the COLORMAP did to the stock textures. Looking forward to seeing more voxels!
  3. Thanks for fixing the music and sound volume being tied together, much appreciated! Hoping that the window scaling option from FPCDoom also comes over, that lets me run lower resolutions on my 4k monitor while looking crisp. The menu controls are great so thanks for implementing that, would it be possible to have weapon key bindings available? One problem I've noticed running on software rendering is that when I have the 35 fps limiter on I get really bad input lag. The OpenGL renderer while limited is fine, though.
  4. Khorus

    Skulltag Was Amazing

    IIRC, 97B's OpenGL renderer was based on ZDoomGL's. I think it was 97D that brought in the GZDoom one.
  5. Khorus

    Akeldama - Beta 3 Released!

    Thanks for the kind words! All should be fixed. For the megasphere trap save conundrum, I added another joint sector to add to the chance of the trap being active, unfortunately it's always going to be cheeseable to a degree. The map should be beyond Chocolate save limits anyway, so I'm not too stressed. Tried my best to fix up the Line 445 area, always messy managing alignment with so much "organic" structure. I tried to imply lava was flowing out of sector 763, but didn't notice BLODGR1 there, thanks! I don't mind the blending of the floor types too much, but I've added a couple of lava falls in that section to make it more obvious there's a difference. I really want that damaging floor in the area ;) Fixed as well. Here's a download to Map28 v2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hojfcb8mnvfbdhl/MAP28v2.wad/file I haven't touched the difficulty of the map at all as I figure @valkiriforce has a much better understanding of the ebb and flow of difficulty through the maps, so feel free to amp up any fights as you see fit mate!
  6. Glad to see new versions still coming out! There's definitely some nice features to play with, and the advanced software renderer is great for my Ryzen 1600. Some of the other tools you've been working on such as the voxel editors must be of interest to a few people out there, too. A couple of usability issues, though. While I'm the sort of user that doesn't mind using a .cfg to change my controls (I recall you stating coding in menus would be rather difficult), being able to change a few more functions would be handy such as weapon keys, automap controls etc. It would also be nice to be able to turn off the Y axis on the mouse. Looking forward to future versions :)
  7. Khorus

    You guys need to see this

    Looks like I picked a bad week to quit LSD
  8. Fuck yeah, good job ketmar! Looking forward to testing it.
  9. Khorus

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.7

    Looking forward to giving this a go, thanks for picking my wad to be part of your mod!
  10. For nodebuilding purposes, it's best to have 2 sectors before trying to test or save the map. If that doesn't work, go to edit -> map options and check the level name there.
  11. I'm not getting any BFG tracers in the latest version, with both perk's smooth weapons and vanilla.
  12. Khorus

    Akeldama - Beta 3 Released!

    Thanks for the great feedback, valkiriforce :) I'll work on the balancing for the lower difficulties, that's always one of the harder parts to fine tune so appreciate the good ideas there. I'll experiment with teleports that only appear for the cybie in sector 347, see how that plays out. I liked the idea of him being a threat if the player decides to just run, but I think that should still work out in that area if he's a bit mobile on the floor.
  13. Khorus

    Akeldama - Beta 3 Released!

    Here's the first version for Map28 "Climbing Blood Mountain", a 15-20 minute linear adventure map inspired by my favourite Alien Vendetta levels. Using AD_79's fantastic "Empire Built Upon Lies" (should already be in the .wad) as soundtrack. Any feedback appreciated, hope it turns out to be fun :) The map is also a tribute to my Grandmother who passed away in February. She taught me to paint, cook and make things to help express myself from a very young age. She always had an amazing garden to explore and get lost in, so there are patches of greenery around the map with goodies and such to represent that. Some screenshots and a mapshot in the spoiler;
  14. Not being a programmer, I don't understand the reasons. But I hope you still enjoy working on k8vavoom! While I look forward to new versions, I wouldn't want it at the expense of your happiness :)