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How to change title pic and music, and combine wads

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First I use Xwe, how do I use Xwe to change the title pic and music along with the status screen music and pic. I'd like to know the specifications on the pic size and such please. Can I change my level name with XWE?

Lastly, I have 2 texture wads that I always use. Recolored doom and mortres, however, I would like to know how I can combine the 2 so I can always have my favorite textures on every map I make. This one is really hard for me and I would love to have this one the most.
Thank you in advance.

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If you know the basics of using XWE, putting music and title pictures is very easy (I'm assuming you're using this for vanilla pWADS);

Just get a 320x200 picture, name it TITLEPIC, and put it in your pWAD. I'm not even sure if you have to add markers such as SS_START and SS_END around it, I think you don't have to.

The same thing goes to music (unless you're using ZDoom secific files, or something like that); use XWE find the music inside a wad you want to replace, and you'll know how to rename your external midi.
Now put it in your pWAD, and voila!

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