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Can I have some opinion about my wad Crimson?

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It's a very nice idea and a decent level. I do like the use of DooM 64 assets though the level itself is OK. There were a lot of switches that opened doors that I was unsure of, and doors that strangely remained closed, which made navigating the map very very confusing.

But stick to those DooM 64 assets, they're nice. I'd really like to see a handful of those used in conjunction with regular DooM ones, even if it's just one new weapon. ;)

Overall a decently nice map, keep it up. :)

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*Downloads before "Lol anything with copy and pasted resources deserves to be savagely witch-hunted into oblivion if it isn't made by a well-known member of the community, regardless of if it's any good or not" people arrive*

Don't know when i'll get around to playing it, mind. Still plugging away at that "Last Man On Earth" wad that was released

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