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  1. It is good to see this mod being revitilated... it was one of the classics and now with both Jdoom's waning and (G)Zdoom's waxing, it is good to see where this can go. The weapons are much improved from what I read, and it puts to good use sprites created that better suit the monsters than the previous 3D rips. I imagine the SkullWizards and Xaxer's improvements to the 'Disciple Bishops' to find their way in here as well. I can't wait to try out a new and improved incarnation, with even more levels to boot!
  2. I'll be able to check it out later - but I have a proposition for you that should be interesting! I made a levelpack for GZdoom called Deepest Evil, it's currently complete with 6 levels but not yet added to IDgames. Despite this, it tries to emulate a DooM 1 style of play while invoking some use of slopes and 3D floors. Long story short - any good levels from DooM the way ID Did that don't make the cut in that project are more than welcome here!
  3. I have a mappack, Deepest Evil, that aims to get the feel of DooM 1 while having conservative use of 3D floors and slopes!
  4. 1024, or 512. For HeXen. :P
  5. - 0.09MB This is it! I finished this sucker and it's playable from start to finish! Compare the old and new ones! And forget 'CodenniumRed' - my new screenname is ShadesMaster. And, @ Traversed - yes, please do put the switch on the wall, not the crate - you can see it through the gap, AND it doesn't look unrealistically hideous as it does on the crate, either.
  6. Been fixing up my submission, and by tomorrow I'll have the final one up. Did better than how I changed the areas since last time, fits the original better, but I'll do less talk and more show soon!
  7. TAREDONE.WAD - 0.20MB This is what I have. Unfortunately I lost the final version, so what I submit here, the end of the level is not changed over, although I distinctly remember changing it around.
  8. I had one map that I submitted awhile ago, should still be there.
  9. Slough of Traps: Features: new monsters, upgraded old monsters, new static objects, and two boss fights! GZdooM compatible. Download at bottom of post. E3M2_MAP08.pk3 - 3.88MB
  10. I figured this out, it was the nodebuilder I was using. Different nodebuilder and presto! Working level again.
  11. Is all of this somehow tied into me making a map 'Heretic in HeXen format' with Hpack_Build51.pk3 resource added - when I save and try to load the map everything looks messed up. Weapon sprites miscolored, playerview height at 0 rather than 48 or wherever, cannot walk through sectors I normally can, missing thing sprites from the ORIGINAL game as well, etc. This didn't ever happen with the first DooM Builder 2 release, but now it happens almost every time I save since upgrading DB2, and I don't know why but I know when. Once I save a level and it turns from normal to botched for the first time I cannot turn it back, but lucky I've lost nothing cause I back up my work. :P
  12. DooM Builder 2 is a great editor, but since updating it on occasion when I save a level and I test it out, everything gets messed up! To clarify, I'm mapping for Hpack, using the resources 'Heretic.wad' and Hpack_BuildXX.pk3. The weapon sprites become funky colors, the player's view is at a height of 0, and all original entities in Heretic don't show up. It's as if it defaults to using DooM settings as opposed to Heretic, but it doesn't ALWAYS happen when I save, only sometimes. Sounds like a weird bug in the new DooM Builder 2 release, cause this never happened before! It's as if saving might on occasion cause the level itself to loose the ability to use the right resources, but if I combine the level for real into the build and load JUST the build, that map alone still has the problem while things still work properly in other levels. It's a damn good thing i keep backing up the map lol!
  13. I happen to think this has lots of potential! TO catagorize ammo - you can have way more ammo types without things becoming too cluttered!
  14. Doing the Baron and Mastermind also covers Hell Knight and Arachnotron - the Cacodemon is also similar to the Pain Elemental in ways. With only a handful of DooM 2 monsters left over, it's easy to tackle the denezins of the bestiary, 'cause many are just recolors. aka another skin. Plasma Zombies, etc....
  15. Still, nice levels and a good sequel!!!!