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Following Actor

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I want an friendly Actor that starts following the player when he gets near (of course without attacking him). Now if the player brings this follower to a specific sector, he should stop following and a script should be executed. Is this possible?
Up to now the "test-actor" looks like this:

ACTOR Schaf 9971
  Game Heretic
  Speed 10
  Radius 12
  Height 32
    MOSL A 10 A_Look
    MOSL A 4 A_Chase
Now, he starts following me, but beside the fact that he does not stand still after reaching me (he draws big circles around me all the time) i have no clue how to do the rest... how can I ask if he reached a certain sector so that he stops following and a var changes?
Thank you very much!

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For getting it to stop when it reaches the player, try giving it a melee state which doesn't actually do anything aside from waiting a few frames.

I don't know much about actor control. When it crosses a line, you can call a script to give it an inventory item. In the DECORATE code, check for this inventory item and jump into a non A_Chase routine.

No idea if this actually helps you at all.

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