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  1. I don't remember much about season 4 of Lexx, except it was absurd. Season 1 and 2 are good, 3 is eh and just drags on.
  2. I watched an LP of Night in the Woods and... it's.. fucking.. with... my... mind. I don't really game much these days. Picked up the Avernum 1 - 6 pack on GoG when it went on sale. Playing a bit of the first one right now. The interface/graphics are a bit meh, but it's fun.
  3. I haven't really been playing games lately. Maybe a bit of Deadly Rooms of Death here and there.
  4. I haven't played it, but from looking at the screenshots, you seem to have a solid grasp on how to map. :)
  5. Cacoward win for certain
  6. I like this wall, for some reason.
  7. My worst is tame. I was playing Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. I was on a mission where you have to get a couple of city states on your side. I was sending out my armies as fast as possible, but after I conquer a city, another on my side would defect and I'd have to send my military there to take them back. This cycle kept going on and I was getting sort of mad. I was going to quit, but kept playing. Then my market burnt down for some reason. That pissed me off quite a bit, as the city is dependent on the market. Then the game crashes, sealing my fate. I haven't touched the game since.
  8. With the amount of caves that I've made in my life, you'd think I would be good at it. Memfis' advice is solid.
  9. Ah, good ol' progression of level detailing. Always fun to see an area grow and change. I used to suck at texture alignment and honestly didn't care about it. Now, even a single miss-alinged line bothers me. I'm trying to get back into making textures/graphics. Made a shitty sloped railing in a short time.
  10. This looks like a cool project, I'll keep any eye on it. I freaking love Doom 64 and know the game in and out. Too bad I didn't get back to mapping earlier, this would be a cool project to work on.
  11. I used to suck at Doom. I remember I had trouble getting past level 4 in Doom 64. Doom is easy to learn, hard to master. It has a culmination of small tricks and whatever that all form true skill. When I play, I often think about what skills I'm using at different points. I doubt I have any advice that hasn't been said in one way or another. Threat Assessment: When you get dropped into a situation, the faster you react, the better your chances of survival. You need to take note of every monster that you can see and come up with what needs to be dealt with first. Of course this requires knowing enemy mechanics and how they work in different situations. In one position or another, an arch-vile can be the first thing you go for, or not really a threat. The environment: Being aware of your surroundings is important. You need to know where you can duck for cover or retreat to. Being able to backup is a good way to deal with a lot of encounters, but the amount of space you have to backup into can vary. Try to minimize the ground you lose when fighting. The more area you control, the more safe spots you have. Enemy Mechanics: Something you learn over time. Knowing how everything acts is a great asset, for obvious reasons. It gets to a point where you can just toy with your enemies and goad them into infighting and stuff. As with anything, exposure is key. The more you play, the better you will be. Just don't be upset when you feel you are not skilled enough. As long as you are having fun, who cares if you can't beat Hell Revealed without dying.
  12. I have a soft spot in my Doom heart for Sodding Death (CChest2.wad - Map32). I feel it has the best gameplay out of anything I've released.
  13. Screw it, actual screenshots. In no way are these actually finished areas.