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  1. Chopkinsca

    Funny TextSynth Prompts!

    For some reason, this amuses my dumb mind greatly. Now I'm imagining Doomguy talking to a suit of green armour.
  2. I've messed around with level editors in quite a few games, but nothing as extensive as Doom. I think the OG Starcraft is one I did the most with. DRoD! I love that game. It is kind of like Doom, in that user content is keeping the game alive. Not to say the official 5 games aren't worth playing and will take quite a bit of time to master.
  3. If you had to set up your desk in any spot in E1M1, where would you put it? 

    1. Use


      Hmm great question. It would have to be the little secret area overlooking the zig-zag nukage room.

  4. Chopkinsca

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    I'll take that. Looking back, Sodding Death was quite cramped. And yeah, hard to go lower than Gene Bird's contributions there.
  5. Your data will be flyin'. This new laptop is my first SSD and it is quite amazing. My old laptop would take quite a few minutes to fully boot up (when the cpu and disk are done doing whatever startup stuff they do). Restarting for an update isn't much of a hassle now, with a SSD.
  6. Chopkinsca

    [GZDoom][Abandoned] Obstacle V2

    I guess this is abandoned at this point. There is some things to play around with, so I guess I will upload the file in whatever state it was in. Link here
  7. Chopkinsca

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    Now and then I'll check out some older threads. I'll see people I remember from back in the day and check when they last visited. Feels weird when I see it has been over a decade since their last visit. I'd be surprised if anyone noticed I stopped coming around here though. I guess I should try not to take that too personally.
  8. Just started the second Where's Waldo book. It's the only one I haven't looked at since I was young. Should be a good time.


    I'm such a fucking child.

  9. Chopkinsca

    WADs/Mods far away from the Doom/FPS formula

    I need to keep this topic in mind for when I can actually play games on this damn laptop. And damnit my letters are slanted.
  10. Chopkinsca

    I have surprise dental surgery Monday

    Years ago I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I wasn't put to sleep for it, but it all went fine. I've heard stories of people having pain afterwards, but I was fine and didn't need any of the pain meds the prescribed. I asked to see them in the middle of them being pulled out. It is crazy how much of the tooth is hidden.
  11. Chopkinsca

    What country are you from?

    I feel that Canada is a fine place to live/exist in.
  12. I don't have much to add to this conversation, but I'm on Windows 11 and I don't find it to be too bad. It wasn't by choice though. I ordered a laptop that said it was windows 10, but came with 11. I had a few issues with it, but they were mostly all just driver issues. Every now and then I'll get a nag notification that I should log in with an online account, but that is easy to dismiss. It could change at any point though.
  13. I'm stealing this reply and using it as my own.
  14. Chopkinsca

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Hungry? Why not have some Prin... oh wait damnit, wrong commercial product