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peach freak

Dummy Sector Help

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In one of my maps, I am trying to use a dummy sector so that the floor instantly drops and raises (such as seen with the sectors tagged as 18 in Map19 of Plutonia 2).

I can get the sector to instantly drop to the floor beneath it, which has a floor height of -200 using the action "SR Floor Raise to Lowest Ceiling." I have a dummy sector off the map that is adjacent to a sector with a ceiling height of -200.

However, I cannot get this sector to instantly raise up. I am using the action "WR Floor Lower to Highest Floor." When you walk across this sector, it should immediately raise you back up to the floor above you (which has a floor height of -72).

Attached is a picture of where I am in Doom Builder and all of the sector properties. This is the same situation as described from PL2 Map19, except with different floor and ceiling heights to accomodate my map. As I said, I can get the Floor to insta-drop with Action 64, but I cannot get it to insta-raise to 83.

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Strange as it may seem, it's the change in ceiling height on either side of the walkover trigger that's stopping it from working.

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I think what's happening is, since the player is standing on the line between the two sectors when the floor is raised, he gets stuck between the lower ceiling and the higher floor, so the floor can't move any higher. Normally a moving floor will simply stop then continue its movement once the player moves out of the way, but I don't know if that works properly with instant movement. Possibly that's why it's not working.

I'd suggest drawing another line bisecting the riser sector (but keep it as one sector), and make that the trigger, so the player is not in the way when he activates it. See if that makes any difference.

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