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  1. Foxpup

    DEHACKED crashing my friends Zandronum server.

    There's nothing wrong with your DEHACKED lump, and I don't know why you thought it was to blame. Remember that projectile speeds are multiplied by 65536, so your projectile actually had a speed of "only" 70. This is still extremely high, and you may observe various problems with projectiles this fast, but crashing the game isn't one of them. No, the reason your WAD crashes is simply that you forgot to convert your punch sprites (PUNG*), which are still in PNG format. Any port that can't use PNG sprites will crash when a player selects the fist (either manually or automatically when going berserk or running out of ammo).
  2. Foxpup

    UDB Noob Question (Exiting a level)

    More specifically, switches, teleporters, and manual/push actions work only from the front side. Walkover actions other than teleporters and all gunfire actions work from either side.
  3. There are a few exhibition and cowboy action shooters who are this fast, though it's probably not a viable technique under combat conditions. The real question is why Doomguy fires the pump shotgun so slowly by comparison: anyone this skilled can easily run a pump gun almost as fast as an autoloader. It's almost comical the way Doomguy handles the pump shotgun like a total beginner but the double-barrel like a world champion.
  4. Just teleporters, specifically. This is so that a traditional pad-to-pad teleporter won't just immediately teleport the player again when they step off the destination pad.
  5. Foxpup

    What’s the best version of duke nukem?

    The original v1.3D release is clearly the best. They never should have patched out Duke's impressive hopak dance moves.
  6. Foxpup

    Doom Legacy crashes

    Which WADs specifically are you trying to play? If they require a modern source port, well, there's your answer. Or are you having this issue with vanilla-compatible WADs or the original IWADs?
  7. Foxpup

    Looking for some technical info on sky rendering

    What you're seeing is pincushion distortion from mapping the cylindrical projection used in sky textures to the gnomonic perspective used to render the game world, so that the rendering of the sky visually matches the rest of the world. For example, step onto the balcony at the start of Doom 2 MAP01, and turn slowly while looking at the sky through the fence. Observe that the horizontal spacing between the fence posts changes as your view rotates due to perspective, and the sky distorts to match it (at least on the horizontal axis). The perspective mapping of the sky is done using the precomputed math table xtoviewangle[], which is generated in R_InitTextureMapping() using the tangent table. The effect is that each vertical column of pixels in the sky texture is stretched horizontally by a factor of 1/cos2(α) where α is the viewing angle relative to the centre of the screen.
  8. Write caching is the culprit. When you save a file, it is not actually written to disk immediately, instead it is temporarily stored in the disk cache so that multiple file operations can be batched up and written to disk all at once, improving both throughput and disk lifespan by reducing the number of physical writes required. It does have the nasty side effect that a power failure will cause loss or corruption of cached files that you thought were already saved, which includes not just your WAD but also UDB's configuration files. Write caching can be disabled if you want extra protection against this type of event, though it will impact disk performance. An uninterruptible power supply is a far better solution to the problem of power failures.
  9. Foxpup

    P_CheckMissileSpawn bug

    Actually, the fact that projectiles without NOBLOCKMAP will randomly crash vanilla Doom has been common knowledge since as early as 1995 (the phenomenon is mentioned in Fun with DeHackEd!, for example), though until this thread I don't think anyone has known why.
  10. Foxpup

    Big Half-Life Update

    No doubt this is because Blue Shift isn't actually a Half-Life mod; it actually uses its own modified engine (for some reason), and is totally incompatible with the original Half-Life engine. It would indeed instantly crash if you tried to load it as a Half-Life mod, so the behaviour in the update isn't a regression.
  11. Foxpup

    Source Ports personal deal breakers

    This actually pre-dates ZDoom - the first source port to add vertical spread to all hitscan weapons was none other than DOSDoom , which I don't think even gives you an option to restore the original behaviour at all.
  12. Foxpup

    Beyond just a bool

    Part of it is coming from the fact this is the usual reason for people to ask questions similar to yours, but most of it is coming from the fact that you said "ya pretty much" when I straight-up asked you whether this is the case.
  13. Inb4 "the hanged corpse sprites are edited photographs of the execution of Mussolini and his followers". They're not.
  14. Foxpup

    PrBoom+ giving me error message when using custom wads

    Considering the error message specifically refers to a sky texture, this may have been worth mentioning earlier. Does your WAD's TEXTURE1 lump (or TEXTURE2 if present) contain a valid texture named "SKY3"? Because it needs to even if your map doesn't contain any sky sectors, as Doom unconditionally attempts to load the hardcoded sky textures when starting a new game.
  15. Foxpup

    Dehacked : Monster keeps refiring infinitely.

    They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. That's actually not the case: the definition of insanity is being mentally incapable of controlling one's actions or understanding the difference between right and wrong, and therefore being unable to be held legally or morally responsible for said actions. Still, it is the case that you're doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result, so let's start there. You still have state 741's next state inexplicably set to 737. (Also, I think you need to think harder about how your monster's pain and death states are going to work if you're overwriting them with an extended attack.)