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  1. Foxpup

    Sandy Petersen giving a Doom 2 level 16 house tour

    Actually that one's purely due to vertical autoaim affecting monsters' hitscan attacks the same as the players': shots are autoaimed towards the nearest shootable object, even if it's not the intended target. Hitscan attacks are otherwise fully three-dimensional: in that example, the demons do not intercept all the bullets, it just seems that way because missed shots will (due to their downward trajectory) impact the canyon wall instead of passing over it to potentially hit the player; and the demons also will not be autoaimed at in the first place if their altitude places them out of sight of the shooter, in which case bullets (and projectiles) will pass harmlessly above them.
  2. Foxpup

    Sandy Petersen giving a Doom 2 level 16 house tour

    The idea that Doom is 2.5D is a common misconception, stemming from the idea that bugs and inconsistencies in the implementation of the Z-axis imply that Doom is fundamentally a 2D game, with the Z-axis tacked on as an afterthought. But by this logic, Doom is in fact a mere 1D game, as only the X-axis is fully implemented; the code to handle the additional Y-axis was just poorly copied from the X-axis code, leading to this bug which often goes unnoticed, but when you do notice it, it shatters the illusion of Doom's second dimension.
  3. The background image for the Episode 1 end text screen is the flat FLOOR4_8, and there are two ways to change it (at least in vanilla; advanced ports may provide other methods): Create a custom flat named "FLOOR4_8". All the usual caveats regarding custom flats in PWADs apply. Note that this will also affect any floor/ceiling using FLOOR4_8 as a texture; or Create a Dehacked patch replacing the text string "FLOOR4_8" with the name of another flat (which can be either an existing one in DOOM.WAD or new one in your PWAD). Note that in both cases, the graphic you want to use must be a true flat; other image formats cannot be used.
  4. Foxpup

    Doom 2 under Win10

    Yes, it is almost certain that someone, somewhere, at some point in time, has experienced a slowdown running Doom 2 on a Windows 10 rig. If you are one of them, additional information on your setup could be helpful in determining the cause of the problem. Useful information may include (but is not limited to): Are you using a modern source port such as GZDoom or PrBoom+? Or are you using DOSBox or Doom95? What are your hardware specs? Do you have up-to-date drivers for said hardware? Are you using gameplay mods such as Brutal Doom? Does the game run consistently slow or does it vary? Does it seem random or are slowdowns caused by specific triggers? Are there any error messages, either produced by the game or Windows itself? Do your log files (if present) contain warnings/errors or other information that seems relevant? What attempted solutions (if any) have you already tried? Did they make the problem better or worse? Until at least some of the above information is provided, I'm afraid there is probably very little anyone can do to assist you.
  5. The reason is that due to an off-by-one error in the texture lookups, the first entry in TEXTURE1 (AASTINK/AASHITTY) is treated the same as a missing texture, and vice versa, with the result that the RaiseToTexture action will raise no higher than the height of AASHITTY (64 units) if any two-sided line has a missing lower texture (even on the non-visible side).
  6. Foxpup

    Is there an ideal FOV?

    If anything, the ideal FOV equals the physical portion of your visual field subtended by your monitor: 2 arctan(W/2L) where W is the monitor's horizontal width and L is the viewing distance. Note that this applies to the actual FOV, so for widescreen monitors divide W by the ratio of your monitor's aspect ratio to 4:3 (eg (16:9)/(4:3)=1.333). Or you can just adjust your FOV and viewing distance until it "looks right", which will probably work out to the same thing in the end.
  7. Foxpup

    The "Ask a Simple DOOM Question" Thread

    Punching (unrealistically) alerts monsters the same as firing a weapon, and so can be used to lure previously dormant monsters out of hiding. If it's a TAS (tool-assisted speedrun), punching can also be used for luck manipulation. (Both of these can be done with other weapons, but punching has the advantage that it consumes no ammo.)
  8. Foxpup

    DosBox Issue

    Dunno about uncapped framerate, but I can confirm that arbitrarily high resolutions were always supported in the vanilla Build engine using VESA 2.0 video modes, though only a select few were presented in the setup menu (oddly, a different set are available for the editor and the game itself). If you edit your DUKE3D.CFG file, you can set ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight to anything supported by your video driver (or emulated by DOSBox) and it will work. (I find 1280x1024 works best in DOSBox with machine=vesa_nolfb, but YMMV.)
  9. Foxpup


    REBELVODKA appears to be a portmanteau of Rebdoomer (Eric Harris) and Vodka (Dylan Klebold). A couple of days ago OP posted what he claimed was a lost Harris level found by "his friend", then got angry when I pointed out it was an obvious forgery. The thread has since been deleted, but these maps are made by the person. Some include poorly done rip-offs of actual Harris levels, perhaps to lend extra credibility to such claims. @Raleigh, I don't know what your motive is for posting this nonsense, but I'm not falling for it.
  10. I doubt if the driver's to blame, either. The problem is most likely at the physical level: all wireless devices are inherently prone to electromagnetic interference resulting in random dropouts and/or lag as the device re-transmits lost or corrupted data. There's a reason we're still using old-fashioned wires for data transmission more than 100 years after Marconi tried to demonstrate their obsolescence for this purpose.
  11. Foxpup

    You'll not believe this... I found a lost WAD

    What picture? What are you even talking about? I have the surviving WADs archived and am looking at them right now. It's only real in the sense that a counterfeit Stradivarius is real: it physically exists, and you can even play it if you're bored, but it wasn't made by the famous guy it was supposedly made by, so it's basically worthless except to fool people who don't know any better. Even professionals make mistakes, and they can be pretty blatant if you know what to look for...
  12. Foxpup

    You'll not believe this... I found a lost WAD

    In fact, I don't believe this. While I'm not familiar with the hoax Harris levels known to exist, I am familiar enough with the real ones to tell you that this definitely isn't one of them. (It's actually a very obvious fraud, but to avoid giving the fraudsters hints on how to avoid detection, I won't say how I know that.)
  13. Foxpup

    Undocumented vanilla bug?

    Totally off-topic, but I think this is what you're asking for: Try it on MAP23 in a port that doesn't limit soul spawning for endless lost soul fun!
  14. Foxpup

    Undocumented vanilla bug?

    I think I've always known that the chainsaw doesn't knock back targets, but it never occurred to me that it could affect projectiles. Neat! This may be slightly off-topic, but I noticed years ago that monsters can target a dangling pointer if attacked by something that no longer exists*, which can end up pointing to a newly spawned object later on. I've gotten monsters to target projectiles in flight and respawning items this way, but I expect it'll work just as well with respawning monsters of any type. As with any bug involving out-of-bounds memory access, good luck actually exploiting it. ;3 *As far as I know, this can only happen if an object launches a projectile attack, then disappears before the projectile hits, which no non-Dehacked objects can do, but this old game is still full of surprises, so who knows? Further study is needed, probably in the field of lost soul vs. barrel interactions...
  15. Foxpup

    fast monsters cause crashes in chocolate doom

    This is the demon speed bug, which causes pinkies to become infinitely fast (and crash the game the moment they're encountered, such as in the exit room of MAP08) when the effects of fast monsters are erroneously applied twice when loading a saved game. This has various triggers, one of which is loading a saved game while using -fast paramter while already in a level with fast monsters. The workaround for your case is to start a new game from the menu (which disables fast monsters) every time before loading your saved game (which re-enables fast monsters). Note that you must still run the game with the -fast parameter for this to work, even though you're going to immediately disable its effect, as the -fast parameter is not stored in saved games (which is one of the reasons the bug occurs in the first place). Note also that Chocolate Doom aims to be literally bug-for-bug compatible with the original DOS executables, so this will not be fixed (to be precise, the fact that the game now exits with an error message instead of completely locking up is the fix).