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  1. I really like your profile picture, it hypnotizes me

  2. Ayo where the hell you been 

  3. I haven't forgotten about all the discussions you and I had about Doom shovelware and commercial items, man. It remains among my more valuable experiences in this community. I still think back to you not having logged in for over 3 years. Hope things are ok with you, and haven't given up on the hope that we can get some closure on your absence.

  4. Here's another heartfelt post because a lot of us regulars wonder where you are. As Doomkid mentioned below, we hope you're among the living still.

  5. I hope you're still with us, Mr. Ghost. Your absence is felt!

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    2. DoctorGenesis
    3. betabox


      Late to the discussion, but I very often wonder if everything's ok with greyghost. I was thinking of creating a thread in EE about this. Is there any way someone can find out more about how he's doing?

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      I miiiiiiight have an idea.

      In the old forum, his "website" graph on his profile was some search engine. I'd assume that he worked works (let's stay posiitive) there. I can't remember what it was, maybe someone else can help.


      GreyGhost, come out, it's not funny anymore man :[

  6. Reconciling science and dogma? Can't be done. While you're free to question and reject any part of evolution that doesn't fit you world view, intelligent design (with all its flaws) must be accepted in its entirety as an article of faith, otherwise you'll burn for eternity in the lake of fire. ;)
  7. The problem is most likely a recent .NET update, so I doubt reformatting will help, though you could try rolling back an update or two. If you have any error logs, post them in the GZDB development thread and hope for the best.
  8. GreyGhost

    How to add avatar?

    That changed last month And it looks like the title that appears at 50 posts has changed. EDIT - nope, that's a custom title.
  9. Aha - so the key inside that fake rock in the garden bed is a decoy!?
  10. GreyGhost

    What's inside those boxes?

    They're full of unsold copies of Daikatana, which is why there's so many boxes.
  11. GreyGhost

    Custom avatar post requirement is now 50

    Ask Phobus, that was his custom title a year or two back.
  12. GreyGhost

    No, you can't survive ww3 by hiding in a fridge.

    Irrespective of the number it's given, a full scale nuclear exchange will most likely be the Last World War.
  13. GreyGhost

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Disguised as a Ferris wheel? That's an interesting example of adaptive camouflage. I wouldn't get too close, it might be carnivorous. ;)
  14. GreyGhost

    Red Cross Changes

    Assuming no-one here is worried about being excommunicated and burning in hell for eternity, how about stretching the foot of the cross to turn it into a crucifix? Heh - a little research suggests scalliano's sprite recolour is heading in the right direction.
  15. GreyGhost

    How to find a mosquito in a room?

    If there's not a lot of background noise to contend with, track it by ear and wait for the pest to land.